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I spent the morning reviewing ‘survival’ websites again and found the same highly disappointing, extremely misleading and misguided ‘advice’ as what I’ve read (and written about) long before. Why this meme is so full of idiots and wanna-be ‘survivalists’ who embrace truly stupid ideas is a mystery that I’m going to comment on here.

The usual fare of heavy advertisements for useless crap nobody needs or uses, empty promises and claims, SHTF bogus ‘scenarios’ (that never happen), “bug out” bullshit claims, and idiotic rants (read the comments). Most of these websites are in severe decline, with a massive drop in readership, comments and post views. A great many blogs have totally disappeared (links to these sites lead nowhere). Those that remain have become heavily commercialized and apparently, attract almost the exact same people found elsewhere.

In other words – the whole ‘survival’ meme has precipitously declined and become infected with bad writers, bad ideas, ridiculous advertisements and false claims. You know – the usual long-term outcome of incessant capitalistic exploitation to any once-successful idea.

So very, very much of the survival meme is just complete bullshit. You can really pick up on this if you read the older articles and consider how incredibly far off the mark they proved to be. None of their fears, claims, hype or propaganda came true – none of it. And the newer articles are still promoting the same kind of stories with the same half-baked content and spin. Which means they’ve yet to learn from their past mistakes. That’s a very bad way to live for a real ‘survivalist’. If you do not learn from your mistakes, you’re dead.

Failure to adapt is a poor survival strategy. If humans had failed at this life-essential ability, we’d have gone extinct a long, long time ago. This would explain why so many websites and blogs have failed. They couldn’t adapt and survive online. I’ve  found that it was absolutely essential that I change my views, beliefs and ideas as I gained my experience and awareness of what worked, and what didn’t. I’m still here, on and off again, but still here, still publishing and still trying to make a go of it. But many aren’t. Many, many people have just given up and quit. I don’t know what they are doing, nobody writes to me and fills me in on what happened to them. I’m guessing they just tossed in the towel like so many others online have.

Most of the people in this meme don’t realize that the majority of the news and events going on in the world are microscopic ‘inventions of fear’. By focusing in on a specific topic, event or news story, it appears that something bad is going to happen, and by extension, we’re led to think it might affect us is some negative way, and react accordingly (with fear, paranoia, distrust and anger).

We all do this. But we don’t all always do this. We burn out, get tired, or wake up and realize that most of this stuff has no real relevance to our daily lives and never will. We move on. But some people don’t. Some people stay stuck in the same ruts, year after year, living their lives in fear and paranoia. This describes most of the survival ‘meme’ today. They’re still trying to promote the same level of fear and paranoia and they can’t seem to move on and abandon old, dated and ill-conceived ideas and claims. So they’re still recycling the same crap – and the same bad ideas.

There also not staying up on the actual events with any accuracy. This is another bad personal survival strategy. You should be aware of what is relevant to you. You’ll need to make an effort to do this. Everyone knows that I’m not a fan of any kind of any social media platform since there is so much noise, dishonesty, useless chatter and outright garbage found there. But you can stay informed anyway you like. The things that are relevant to you are generally local, then regional, then national and then world stories and news. But what much of the news and especially the so-called survival meme chooses to concentrate on is at the national and world levels, with little to no real relevance to anybody here in America.

This is a type of false ‘projection of concern’ that practitioners pretend to claim ‘matters’. They don’t realize that a) it doesn’t; b) there is nothing that they can do about any of it anyway; c) their still feeding their fear-monkey (screaming from the tree tops); d) they’ve got nothing better to do (which is dead wrong). They’re wasting their time – and their lives.

These characteristics, found virtually everywhere online now, reveal how false these so-called ‘survivalists’ are real survivalists. They’re pretenders, engaging in endless hours of silly conversations and ‘discussions’ about non-relevant stories. Authors, bloggers and writers alike are pandering to these emotions and promoting this silly chatter by churning out endless articles to keep promoting fear, distrust and even hate. Long gone are the days of real practical, relevant topics and discussions that deal with real survival or practical preparations. In their places are poorly written, ill-conceived pablum pieces of how to be ‘prepared’. It’s all just so much garbage that it boggles my mind.

Do I need to say it? Most of these sites and stories and articles are a complete waste of time. If this is really the level that you are operating at – then you have a long, long ways to go to grasp ‘survivalism’ and what it actually means in real life. As a meme, it’s dead. It’s been co-opted by hucksters, profiteers, bad writers and bad ideas years ago. And for the most part – it’s irrelevant to everyone.

Survivors of events, disasters, economic decline, collapse, climate change, job loss, etc., – run TOWARDS help (civilization), not away from it. This basic fundamental truth is still lost on the hucksters and wanna-be’s with no practical experience. Survivalism isn’t about ‘living off the land’ and ‘bugging out to the woods’ (where you will die), but about being able to adapt to events and strategy to stay alive – which means in this day and age – return to civilization.

I’ve beaten this topic to death: Survival Stupidity, The Fallacy Of Bugging Out – Part I, The Fallacy of Bugging Out – Part II, Survivalist Challenge – Putting The Bullshit To The Test

There are many more articles similar to this on this blog. I found out (by trying) how incredibly hard it really is to grow your own food: Growing Your Own – It May Not Be What You Think

I also found out over the years, that our notions of “self-sufficient” and “sustainable” are seriously, seriously distorted from the actual truth. Nobody in this country is self-sufficient as claimed. Nor is anybody actually living sustainably. We’re all surviving (living) because of what civilization produces for us. Take any part of that away – including for these self-described ‘survivalists’ and a lot of bad things are going to happen, quickly. Yet few of these realities ever make it into the ‘survival’ meme anymore. They’re still promoting what doesn’t work, and what has never worked in the modern world, and using terms like ‘survivalism’ and ‘sustainable’ completely wrong. And their often focused on totally irrelevant topics. What passes for ‘survivalism’ is really just political and cultural ‘rejection’ posing as pretend ‘survivalism’. It’s quite ridiculous.

I hold zero hope that the survivalist meme will change. It’s stuck in the past, incapable of adaption. It’s dying now (as it should) but will probably never go away (there’s just too much money to be made off of people for that to happen). The failure to educate themselves and adapt to the changing realities means the meme will remain misinformed and misguided indefinitely.


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