Survival Acres Blog – What Is It?

The point and purpose of this blog, unlike any other “preparedness” blog or website, has been to help inform readers to some of the factual, serious issues facing humanity. Over the years, I’ve taken the time to cover a lot of topics, avoiding a few on purpose and focusing on others that I’ve come to accept as urgent and important.

What Survivalism Really Means TodayIn particular, this blog has focused on the impacts of climate change and just how serious this topic really is. No other preparedness blog does this.

This blog is not a “survivalist” blog like any other, whose bread and staple of many (not all) is to promote endless conspiracy theories and a cornucopia of sidebar advertisements to buy “preparedness” products.

I have never found any of this information on such blogs particularly useful as they have little relevancy to real life or a situation in which I would find myself. And I’m already well-versed in what I would do if I did.

I’ve even ridiculed some of the really bad advice that gets spread around, as this will get a lot of people very dead, very quickly. It’s occurred to me all too often to not even bother at this particularly thankless task, since idiocy needs to die out anyway. Perhaps I should do nothing. Just let it happen and take its dreadful toll.

I don’t agree with the marketing I see in the survivalist ‘community’, a virtual assault upon the senses and reason, many with truly asinine claims, or the incessant festering fear-mongering specifically designed to keep you permanently “hooked”, participating and paying to “prepare”.

Personally, I’ve found most of these sources to be replete with short-term, illogical conjecture, straw arguments and an endless series of dangerously wrong assumptions, written with wild-eyed alleged “authority” by self-appointed ‘experts’, some who have never even done the things they claim.  Failed “predictions” never coming true by these fake turds does little to dissuade the authors or their legions of followers swallowing this shit. Some think this is safe and only “entertainment”.  I think it’s deception and lies, and not without harm.

Eating shit isn’t for humans, it’s for bacteria and flies. It breeds pestilence. This crap is a disease in the making and many will succumb to it, believing that they’re actually gaining immunity!

It is self-evident that if these authors and hucksters actually believed the garbage they publish, they’d have long since abandoned the Internet to hide out in their woodland bunkers armed with their AK-47 rifles and cans of Spam to await the “end of days” and the rivers of bloodletting to come. I can just see the glee on their shit-shoveling grins. Or they’d have gone on a bloody rampage, in a suicidal attempt at “setting it all right” in accordance with their own doctrine.

Yet this never happens. None of their predictions have ever transpired. Even so, these story lines continue to be churned out from an endless stream of profits and pundits, flourishing with the adulation of hundreds of thousands of paying fans, while sites like this one languish for lack of readers, participation or support.

The problem with the “end of the world” proponents is there’s just no satisfaction if you’re never proven right.  The pent-up frustration they experience must be fucking unbelievable.

This makes me a minority of one online in this genre. Such a stance is counter-intuitive to predatory, capitalist practices of “motivating your prospects to buy“.  I really don’t care. I never will. Money only motivates the greedy or the needy, and I am neither.

I do not expect this to change. And this isn’t a whine, I don’t need your money — just a general statement of disgust. The ENTIRE survivalist community needs to wake the fuck up and do some house cleaning.

In short, I have found myself at odds with the very “community” that is represented in the title of this blog and domain. However, I’ve came to realize a long, long time ago that no such “community” actually exists, except in the minds of the keyboard commandos and wanna-be mall ninjas. It’s a farce in other words, which reveals itself anytime one of the “faithful” is in trouble.  Many of these individuals are now gone, broke, homeless, closed up shop or even languishing in jail, completely forgotten. The “community” doesn’t actually offer much of anything except ether. I once knew a lot of churches just like that, best of friends, “brothers” if you kept up your attendance, but you were “back-slidding” and ostracized if you didn’t.  Faithfulness is only rewarded if you keep paying or playing. It’s no different online.

Making matters even worse, every survivalist website or forum is infested with agent-provocateurs and undercover cops, searching for the next “lone wolf” or group who’s stupid enough to reveal themselves. Many, many do. I simply cannot believe the stupidity that I see posted online by such people.

The problem with the “survival community” is general ignorance. For a group that oft-claims “situational awareness”, there really seems to be no concept of what this means. I guess it only applies to everything inside their “defensive perimeter” (perhaps a 100 yards for the inept) and not the actual developments going on in the world.

Locked and loaded? Check! Safety off? Check! Wife and kids in the panic room? Check! Gate locked? Check! No, wait! Is that the UPS truck coming up the driveway? Or ??XX!!?? Ah shit!!! Blow ’em all away, just to be safe!!!

They become “fixated” on specific (and sometimes irrelevant) topics, while ignoring others equally or more important. They’re incredibly unaware that life will go on. There’s also little to none prioritization, which is occurring because of this fixation. Pick any website or board and you can swiftly identify what their authors and members consider most important (money takes the #1 spot, the ads are a dead give-away) and what they emphasize as important to them. It’s unbelievably narrow, excluding quite a lot. The world-view they profess, that many of them want back very, very badly, simply doesn’t exist anymore (and never will).  Be careful trying to point this fact out.

The survival community is not well-read. Some of them are, but many are heavily surrounded with Bubba Joe Beer Bellies encamped like demi-gods around their bloody altars, ignorant and as immobile as their bursting waistlines.  And they’re proud of this general ignorance, ruthlessly gutting anyone who would point out their logical inconsistencies, straw arguments and conjecture as the falsehoods that they are. How dare you defy our doctrine! They don’t like outsiders dropping by and checking them out. You ain’t invited to our  barbeque!  And barbeque they do, spreading slander like cole-slaw on a pigs butt at a picnic, denigrating, insulting and attacking anyone they don’t like. Rarely do you find actual rebuttals with real facts and evidence, instead you are bombarded with even more assumptions and inconsistencies. In other words, they don’t learn a damned thing apparently from anybody that tries, and take pride in remaining biased, ignorant and uninformed.

I have seen this countless of times. I’m sure some of you have too. Their not all like that, but plenty of them are. I gave up trying any participation, realizing that this was an utterly pointless exercise in futility. You can’t educate the inbreeding at such places. The genetic disposition found there isn’t designed to improve, it’s intended to control the information in accordance to preference and bias of the site owners and major participants. Many are really, really stupid. Follow their advice and get yourself killed. Or wind up in prison. It has gotten better in the past ten years, but only just. I’ve been online a long, long time and have seen many of these sort of websites and forums come and go.

You can only ignore it. They’re unlikely to go away. These will be the woodland “survivalists” that are planning to show up around your country homes, replete with R.V.’s and high-power rifles, poaching the wildlife into extinction after they’ve “bugged out” and now face certain starvation.  And then they’ll come knockin’ on your door demanding ‘some assistance‘. Refuse, and they’ll simply kill you. Help, and they’ll be back.

We’ve definitely got a problem developing here. My suggestion is don’t let them show up. You can’t afford it, and neither can your community (or the local environment). If these idiots ever do “bug-out” en masse, you are going to have a virtual crazed paranoid heavily armed army on your hands that is operating under the assumption that “all bets are off” (anything goes, including rape, robbery, mayhem and murder). They’re publicly declaring this attitude now in case you don’t know. Many have professed that they will simple “take” whatever they have to, but fail to identify that they are self-made refugees, refusing the responsibility that comes with that, acting out of desperation. For a group that demands private property rights, respect for others, and even “self-sufficiency”, they’re planning on swiftly discarding such notions when it comes to their own “survival”.

You really do need to start thinking about this, because this is likely to actually happen. Think “road blocks”.  Most can’t waddle more then a quarter-mile anyway or to the nearest McDonalds, whichever is closer. But I digress. That needed be said, but I’d like to get at something at the heart of survivalism and today’s survivalist movement.

There is a dark side to “survivalism” that nobody ever talks about. I’ve never seen it in print. I’ve never seen anyone even discuss it over a campfire. Some of us know it’s there, if we’ve been around long enough, or if we’ve already paid the price for “living the life” with family, friends, job or even law enforcement. Survivalism is vogue right now, “popular” only because of the incessant bleating of so many trying to make a buck off of its promotion. Talking heads like Jones, Beck, Snyder and many, many others have assumed the fellatio position with affiliates and suppliers, whoring themselves out while feeding you lines of absolute bullshit. Nobody seems to see anything “wrong” with this, gobbling it all up, but it’s prostitution, pure and simple. Except you’re the one who is being “screwed” while they make bank selling you endless reams of useless shit you don’t need. Yeah, really.

How’s that? Because you’re not where you are supposed to be. More on this farther below.

Yet this ugly profiteering isn’t what I’m talking about. Survivalism can lead to a path that is very dangerous and very dark. It can even be deadly, as in get you killed. How many of you know what I am talking about? I’m talking about the one-way street of survivalism, that if actually and fully embraced, is a trap. The one you embarked on many years ago, when you first “heard the truth” and became interested or excited. Or even alarmed. That’s the “hook” everyone “uses” on you. It may have even been a valid hook, a legitimate concern (and often is) that got you interested in the first place. But this led to more, didn’t it? And then more still? Eventually some people become truly “caught” (up) in the whole movement, geared out and cached up, ready to go, “locked and load baby“, you’re ready! Are you? I think not. The incredible blindness that this type of person exhibits could fill volumes. Many of the articles on this blog talk about this.

By then, if this describes you or someone you know (or knew), they kept reeling you in by changing the bait, the story line, the latest “alert” or the latest conspiracy breathlessly aired over the shortwave or plastered on a connedspiracy website. You’d have wised up (maybe) if they didn’t keep changing the chapters of this fiction so often, or just got tired of it all, but that won’t sell you any products, so the story / fear lines keep getting changed — and changed often. It’s all very deliberate to keep you ensnared. And it works.

Now look at that.  Still ranting about the other side, and I missed my own point. Sorry about that. Guess I need to lay some foundation down to help my thoughts along.

Here’s what I REALLY want to lay out for you all — Survivalism, if embraced to the degree that many are heavily promoting, will lead you down a one-way street of despair. If this has not yet happened to you as a “survivalist” or a “prepper” or “awoke person”, be glad. I personally know of thousands that it has happened to — because I helped them get there. And I witnessed first-hand what others did.

The despair comes because of the expectation of events that they were told would “happen” that did not transpire. If these things were to happen, it would then (finally!) justify everything they now truly believe. When they don’t happen, there is no confirmation or validation that their chosen path was the right one (thus the need to change the story so often) and you can find yourself in despair. There is no validation. This can be a very dark (and lonely) place. Extraction from this darkness can be very difficult, and even impossible for some.

Taken to the extreme, the hardcore wanna-be survivalist will have accumulated a mountain of near-useless gear for “the day” (enriching the hucksters mentioned above), alienated wife and children and wallowing in a mountain of debt trying to pay for it all. Or have isolated self and family (I know many that did this), existing deep in the backwoods, paranoid and afraid, holding secret meetings and burying clandestine firearms caches and reading low-quality, often dishonest information from highly questionable (or entirely bogus) sources in the out-house.

Is any of this necessary? Well, that depends on your point of view. And I’m not knocking “being prepared”, but all things must come in balance. Extreme survivalism can lead to a need to constantly engage and participate in endless fear-mongering to feed the hungry demons you’ve created within. You can see this in the comments on many website, how “prepared” some of these people claim to be, or ready to “do battle” with the ‘ungodly’. Their lives are miserable fearful caricatures of what they could be living. There is a lot of postings from these same people, over and over again, demanding “attention” and seeking justification and validation of their world-views from others online. They’re easy to pick out because they blabber so much.

This is actually being widely encouraged (some sites are fronts for government agents). It’s part of the “divide and conquer strategy” to divide people into smaller and smaller controllable groups. Many websites owners also encourage this sort of activity and level of participation – ignorantly or not — but there is little effort to stop it by the site administrators. They don’t step in and try to educate their commentators and keep them on topic, on track. Most probably don’t even know how. Many are simply watching for page counts. This is their “validation” and profits.

There is a really strange sort of logic that gets oft applied by such posters.  Just because “it hasn’t happened yet” is “no proof that it won’t happen“.  True enough (even a broken clock is right twice a day) but this also leads to circular reasoning attempting justification.  The absence of evidence is taken as evidence of proof.  Religions and the religious do this sort of thing all the time. Just because they can’t find the evidence doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist — it means that it must exist!

The spiral deepens the further down you go, the deeper you are in. At the bottom, which is a very real place, is a shadowy reality known only to those who have actually been there.

I have seen this up close and personal. I have been witness to their lives, the daily existence, the fear, the paranoia and the conjured conspiracies. I’ve been witness to the squalor, crowded hovels and bunkers they’ve crawled into. It’s a dark, dark path that often leads to serious trouble or in really extreme cases, death. This happens because they’re deeply afraid, and through fear, make many bad decisions that pile up on top of each other like a gigantic inescapable weight that eventually crushes them. They’re cornered and they don’t even realize it. It’s not unlike trying to go faster and faster down a twisty mountain road with your headlights off, stuck in 4th gear. The turns in life are simply not navigable at these speeds, and the only thing that can happen if you do not recover from this is a devastating crash.

Several went to jail. Several committed suicide. Almost all lost the jobs, wife, husband (women were very often caught up in this), children, houses, land, life savings, reputation, credibility and integrity. They’ve even lost their minds (went crazy). The devastated ruin of what remained of their lives isn’t pretty. You do not want to let this happen to you.

Earlier in this post, I’d mentioned:

…that if these authors and hucksters actually believed the garbage they publish, they’d have long since abandoned the Internet to hide out in their woodland bunkers armed with their AK-47 rifles and cans of Spam to await the “end of days” and the rivers of bloodletting to come.”

In truth (because actions and “doing” always speaks louder then mere words), these authors and hucksters don’t actually believe what they write, they’re simply promoting it to convince you to become their client (customer). They’re smart enough to avoid the “dark side” of survivalism — but not all of them are. Dozens have issued “red alerts”, claiming that everyone should head now to their bunkers and prepared retreats (if you don’t know about any of that, good for you — stay away from these clowns). Some of these promoters actually bugged out themselves (for a short while), only to crawl out and lamely explain why the proclaimed “imminent” event didn’t happen. Some of them have learned from this deadly mistake and don’t do this anymore. But they’re still actively engaged, on a daily basis, with ‘alerts’ and ‘updates’ and new yarns and stories in endless cycle of keeping you afraid and hooked to their stupid propaganda.

Americans are a fearful people. Ridiculously fearful. What the fuck are you really afraid of? There is simply no reason to live in fear. Grow some balls and stand up for yourself, you’d be surprised what this will do in your life. I’m not suggesting that anyone pick a fight (if you must, choose your battles wisely), I’m stating STOP LIVING IN FEAR. It’s absolutely completing f*cking pointless. Our nanny state government encourages this fear, because it plays right into their mind control techniques, making hundreds of millions of Americants into quivering bellies of melting Jello. It’s unbelievably pathetic. But so is much of the Stupid Net these days. Fear sells tons of utterly useless shit to these same people, fear gains gigantic readership, followings and online participation and strokes the egos of the authors who like seeing those high page views (and advertising revenues). Fear is an American currency these days and has been for the past twenty years. The higher they can take it, the more they make.

Living in fear (or listening to those who are promoting it) only leads to a darkness, with repeated bouts of paranoia and even acts of desperation, making bad decisions and royally fucking up your life. One day, some of the things these huckster claim may come true, but so what if they do? Pick what you think is likely and factual, act rationally and calmly and do something about it today. And then get on with your normal life, whatever that is.

Ever been to a preparedness show? A gun show? A meeting of constitutionalists? A militia meeting? Met with any ‘conspiracy nuts’? Tinfoil hats? Alien abductees? Their lives are very, very  different, filled with darkness and fear, trying to hide in the shadows, scurrying about, always looking over their shoulders. Or in some cases, their REALLY vocal and even active, trying to change what’s wrong (good for them). But most are NOT like that. Most are actually deeply afraid, so much so that for some of them it affects every waking moment of their lives, making a series of life-choices and decisions that continues to lead them farther and farther down this path.

I’ve SEEN the end of that path and have actual experience with it myself. And I’ve seen what it has done to many others. And I’m stating for the record — don’t go there. Don’t let anyone take you there either. Be careful what you read, what you accept as ‘gospel’ even from your favorite authors. VERIFY their claims – because the fact of the matter is – most of it is BULLSHIT. I’ve dived deep into these stories and connedspiracies and have found almost all of them to be complete lies, with many fabricated whole-cloth and then to be endlessly repeated again and again. One particulate lie that really rankles me is the bogus FEMA letter promoted by several websites trying to promote food sales. It’s entirely made-up bullshit. But so is the “boxcar shackles” and “Russians living in tunnels in Mexico” and all the other wild-eyed wacko connedspiracies.

I’ll let you in on a little secret — most of them don’t know anything more then you do (if you’ve applied yourself and fact-checked). Many don’t use any common sense. Many are ignorantly unaware of other established facts and evidence, or simply promote a highly biased lop-sided view of the world because they’re constantly operating in a state of fear and paranoia. Some are really great authors, coming across as ‘informed’ and articulate, but even so, you still have to think about what they’re saying. Is it true — or is it conjecture? What is the actual evidence, and is that true or just another straw argument? Don’t fall for bogus “highly placed sources” or anonymous references or claims. Keep digging, don’t let the ‘excitement’ or emotion they express get to you. Emotion is a powerful thing and good writers can easily break down your barriers by preying upon this. They may be right — but they may also be quite wrong, and in this genre, almost always are.

Look back over the past twenty years during which this crazy fear was escalating to insane heights – what, if anything actually happened, as claimed? How many of these clowns were right – about anything? How many more were dead wrong? It’s been twenty years – and frankly, they were all wrong about everything they claimed “would happen”. You would think with that kind of broken track record people would have learned to abandon them, but there is a well-known psychological conditioning that actually causes these same people to keep supporting them. It’s called cognitive dissonance.

Fear feeds on itself, breeding more paranoia and conspiracy as the “food energy” it needs to continue to survive (this is well understood by promoters) and feed the fear demons cultured within. Fear can become a soul-sucking energy drain on your life, and if not properly contained, can consume you, disabling your cognitive abilities and decision making for years and years on end, affecting virtually everything in your life. The results can be totally disastrous.

I shouldn’t need to state this, but somebody is bound to come along, even years from now, and claim that I don’t believe in preparedness or in conspiracies. Sure I do. Read the damned blog if you don’t understand that. I’m a very strong advocate of being prepared for what is real. Follow your own lead. You are the only person that can do anything for you anyway. Don’t expect anyone else to do it for you. Don’t create demi-gods, don’t expect to follow anybody anywhere, you will surely be disappointed. Keep a balance in your life (very important).

The world does not operate on the level of ‘survivalists’ or ‘preppers’ — or on the same thoughts about what they think about or talk about (take note here) — I think most of us know this. Deep-cover survivalists certainly do. It may be vogue and still growing, but it’s still a very alternative lifestyle. Nothing wrong with that. More people DO need to be prepared. But there are still woefully too few, even among the seasoned that understand that this is really an endurance race. The race is your life and how you will live it. It must maintain a balance in both mind, body, family, relationships, money, job, future. Living in constant fear and conspiracy and paranoia is none of these things.

I am a ‘survivalist’ in the sense that I am prepared for a lot of things, although I refuse to call myself by that title because it conveys too much misconception. Survivalism has been absolutely ruined by morons and idiots grandstanding for television and hawking books. However, preparations and being prepared is simply a very good idea. It’s common sense (although not a common as it should be). But as I’ve said several times before, I don’t find myself in agreement with much of the survivalism mindset that is expressed online (or offline). It’s seriously warped. Some of it is dangerous, offering no future whatsoever and if somehow, someday “realized”, these crazy ideas would offer nobody anything, not even ‘survival’. Some of it is misguided and not so dangerous. And some of it is just plain bad advice. You can do far better.

Survivalism and many of the sites that support it has become a haven for conspiracy theorists, right-wing ideology, Christian theology, and even racist bigotry. Anti-abortionist, anti-feminist, climate change denialists, Constitutionalists, Dominionist, end-timers, flat-earthers, John Bircher’s, nationalists, militia, gun owners, patriots, preppers, the Rapture Ready Remnant, whatever idiotic newfangled catch-phrase that they dream up (its all been done before, endlessly) — virtually anybody and everybody that has an interest in ‘survivalism’ or an axe to grind. They find plenty of like-minded others to support their views, a sure indication that these locations aren’t really for just ‘survivalists’. On plenty of websites, survivalism is not really the main topic found there at all, but connedspiracy is (I coined this term long ago, and it simply means con-man conspiracy).

In other words, real survivalism has gotten a rather bad rap, because it has become the magnet in a failing world for many of the extreme viewpoints of our society. This is actually too bad, because it doesn’t deserve this sort of unwarranted attention in reality.

You could rightly say that the entire ‘movement’ such as it is today, has been co-opted and subverted, and indeed it has, even if was entirely ‘accidental’ by the site owners who allowed this. This is why there is no real ‘community’, it’s a very divided group with a diverse mindset, with individuals and clans (often found in specific forums) only interested in their own ideology and self-promotion. They feel like they’re a “part of something” through their online participation. The ‘community’ created and presented online is actually fake, entirely artificial in reality. It’s a “screen reality” that does not reflect much in real life, just a bunch of half-crazy individuals babbling online. And like all things Internet, it will probably remain that way (but not here, I would simply never allow it).

My rule is simple — “stick to the topic”.  This blog is not about ‘survivalism’ and never has been, it’s far broader then that. Don’t inject your asinine conspiracies here. Contributions are appreciated, but they should be relevant.  And this blog is no home for trouble-makers, argumentative types or wing-nuts.

Survivalism and survivalists need to realize, if they don’t already, that survivalism isn’t an answer. Survivalism isn’t a solution to anything either, it’s actually a method and nothing more. Encompassing mindset, skills, training and experience, it permits the individual survivalist to endure (ideally nearly anything tossed their way) — including wilderness survival. However, the goal is often unstated and even completely misunderstood, which is to make it back to civilization alive where you can actually continue to survive.

That definition doesn’t actually sit too well with today’s online survivalists or the survivalism ‘movement’. In fact, it’s terribly inaccurate when describing what you generally find online — which is why I state the obvious — the entire movement has been deeply corrupted and co-opted into something else altogether. It shouldn’t even be called “survivalists” or “survivalism” anymore (unless they’re staying true to what it actually is and there are indeed some that do this). It would be more accurate to call these people “conquerors” which is actually what they fully intend to do. The story line generally goes like this:

Sometime in the near future, it will all fall apart. We’ll either bug-out to the wilderness or to our retreat, or maybe stay put in our fortified bunkers right here. We’ll simply outlast, outgun and outwit everyone, including all the professional soldiers they’ll be sending our way. When you’re all dead, or rounded up in FEMA prison camps, or sent to the cities or farms as slaves, we’ll come out of hiding (maybe) and “take over”, wiping out the blue helmets among the surviving “real Americans” who didn’t get Raptured, setting up our own government (kingdom) right here in Babylon The Great. Oh, we’ll also repeal all the laws we don’t like (and enact lots and lots of new ones, especially against anyone who doesn’t like us). Get ready, because we’re coming!

Their not particularly brave conquerors you see. If they were, they’d already be doing it, but they’re waiting for a “trigger event” to kick-start their movement. The “you go first” mentality is strong with this group.

As far as “survivalism” goes, that’s pretty much what you’ll find published online. It’s embedded in their story line everywhere, online and on the air.  This is clearly not “survivalism” and has virtually nothing to do with survivalism, but something else altogether.

I’ve no doubt at all that much needs to change in this country, but this isn’t how it will happen. Those that hide will mostly starve, or become roaming bandits themselves, employing their “survival skills” learned at the gun range on paper targets. Should this happen, please keep your kids indoor during this time frame. Be prepared for a long wait.

Those that chose to stay home or “endure” at their fortified retreats they escaped to will also try to band up with less luck due to the roadblocks in place. Unwilling to abandon their $50,000 pickups, they’ll quit as soon as the gas runs out and then they’ll try to sneak back home, perhaps stopping by your place first. Meanwhile, a whole lot of distrust, bloodshed and anger will spill over the rest of the country, with enemies everywhere. Nobody will be safe if this happens.

Is that the postman at my door, or is that another one of the crazy end-timers begging for food? Better grab the gun Marge, might be more then one of them this time!

Actually, I don’t know how it will all play out. Nobody really does. But I do know that what most survivalist seem to “expect” is pretty far off the mark of what is likely to happen. The reason is they’re (still) somehow failing to connect all the dots correctly. When it falls apart — there will not be as much movement around the country as everyone thinks, which is good for everyone, including these dunderheads. It’ll help them from killing too many strangers or vice-versa.

What is more likely to happen, and in all seriousness (I can’t help myself), is as various components of our national infrastructure fail, this will prevent many from enacting their plans. Either lack of electricity or food (more likely), fuel or even troops would cause most people to stay put. Very likely there will also be a monetary collapse, and that will cause “lock down” of the population too. There is also family ties and connections (family and friends = familiarity) to places we already call “home”.  It’ll actually be better for most people to stay where they’re already at and make the best of it there. I’m not saying it will work well, or even at all — only you can know that and make that decisions based on your own thoughts and conditions. But you’ll likely be better off right where you are — where you are “known”, accepted and have some support (including from the government you hate so much).

I do expect cities, especially those with a large criminal or gang population to be a huge problem. Did you see the Black Friday videos of smash and grab, now a yearly event? Think this on a scale of a few million urbanites in baggy pants packing pistols and Uzi’s going ape shit all over the town (and countryside when they either flee or get bored). Wipe the bastards out if that happens.

Anybody that is not prepared for criminal elements now is simply waiting to be a victim later. This is “survivalism” — being prepared for the unexpected and having the mindset to back it up.

Cities in collapse will also starve very quickly (mere days). Hurricane Sandy is our current example, but so was Katrina. Help was “on its way“, but not fast enough. If this happened on a national scale, they’d never get the country back together. Everybody and his brother with a beef would have taken the opportunity and made the most of it, driving a gigantic wedge driven by millions of angry (and starving) hands right dab smack in the middle of any “recovery” attempt that would have been made. There would have been gun battles everywhere with a ton of victims, innocent and guilty. Rebuilding would be nearly impossible under those conditions.

Those of you in the city are in a perilous position because you’ve no means to either feed yourselves adequately too much competition for what little you could grow – and do you really have the time to plant and harvest? What will you eat in the meantime? Many city dwellers probably no place to go. What can I say? Stock up on lots of food while you still can.

Food remains the entire point to the function and purpose of civilization – and why humanity “beat back” the wilderness and tries to overcome the environment. It’s all about food production. But food is also the first item to disappear when things go bad, whatever the “reason”. If there is outside logistical support, from another state, region or even country, this can be the lifeline needed to keep down riots and starvation, but is that something anybody should always count on?

This too is survivalism — being prepared for what can go wrong, especially for the bloody obvious (you’ve got to eat). No, this is not a promotion to buy something from me, go to Safeway or whatever you’ve got in your area and don’t let your house have less then several weeks of food stocked up at least, at all times. I advocate 1 year minimum food supply, per person, but don’t try that with supermarket food, you will regret it and waste your money (shelf life is limited).

Put some water aside, rotate it as needed and also get a quality water filter. There’s much more that survivalists and preppers or those who intend to be prepared need to do, this article isn’t going to go into it. Cooperate with your neighbors for mutual protection and support (if you can). If not, figure out how you’re going to keep them out.

I think what most survivalist are seemingly preparing for is actually the least likely to happen. Being prepared is important, good advice and something the entire country should embrace. I’d like to see the websites, boards and forums concentrate a lot more on this then all the conspiracy crap that nobody can do anything about anyway. Or shut the fuck up and go fix the problem their apparently so concerned by instead of running off their trap night after night on the boards, spewing forth the same inane nonsense. It’s unbearable, incessant whining, so I don’t bother going there anymore. Why regurgitate endlessly, over and over again? What has that EVER accomplished?

There is absolutely no doubt our country, our nation is in deep trouble, having run its Empire way out beyond the bloody edge, plowing right over a blood-filled chasm of innocents. Most of us are amazed the wheels are still turning. Never doubt the creative criminal minds that run this country, they’re definitely not stupid, just indifferent to what they’ve done. Despite the claims that they’re going to suddenly and massively “reduce population”, do your own well-thought out critical research on this topic. Every single one of us can survive on a lot less (of everything, including food) and that is FAR more likely to be the real “population control measure” enacted and how any population reduction could happen.

And it will happen, or at least I’m really sure of this occurring because of resource depletion and climate change, which (updated 2019) is (still) the single largest threat humanity has ever faced. It’s right on track to wiping us out within a few decades now. We’re simply not going to be able to maintain what we’ve got much longer. That’s actually already happening, but we’ll see quite a lot more of this I think. The news describes this daily — lower wages, layoffs, foreclosures, companies closing shop and moving overseas, increasing levels of homelessness, extended families living together, parents still having to support their grown children, immigration and refugees, power shut offs, higher and higher levels of crime, many, many acts of desperation occurring everywhere. Yet most of us are still here — we’re just getting by on less. This will continue. There will be no “recovery”, there are already too many people out of work for this to probably ever happen again (in your lifetime). Government figures lie — quite a lot, the real rate of unemployment is significantly higher then they’re claiming. Anybody with eyes to see or a “friends” list on Facebook knows that.

What survivalist and survivalism need to prepare for is decline. Of virtually everything. And eventually, even the disappearance of critical supplies and support as the unraveling continues. This is why “survivalism” is not the answer so many think it is.  Sustainability is the real answer. Survivalism and survivalist rightly embrace self-sufficiency. The true end-goal of self-sufficiency is sustainable living.

Never mind all you’ve read and heard about the double-speak being used around the term “sustainability”, start thinking for yourself on this one. You know what it means. It simply means living within the means of the local environment. This can be modified through agriculture, farming, permaculture or any number of methods to increase the “natural yield”, something that is critically necessary in today’s highly depleted environment. Plenty of survivalist have no clue as to what sustainability really means or how they could achieve it — but they should, because it is the real solution to what they are seeking. Survivalism needs to embrace sustainability also, as the end-goal to survivalism itself. There simply is no other answer.

I categorically reject the notion that self-sufficiency is going to work in the wilderness anymore. It’s a short-term tactic at best for a tiny few. But it is no solution to anything. I’ve covered this topic at great length before because it is indeed at the heart of what every keyboard “survivalists” thinks they’re going to do. If you need reminders why, start here.

Now you know why this blog does NOT embrace survivalism or the survivalist movement. Many years ago I managed to identify for myself why survivalism was so pig-headed and doomed to fail. Professional survivalist already understood this, they all know that everybody is going to try to head back to civilization and what it can produce as fast as possible – precisely because they recognize what is keeping us all alive today. But what if civilization fails, for whatever reason? This too was identified as likely. The answer to this and all the other issues regarding the human race that I’ve long tried to express on this blog is sustainability. A term and an understanding that needs to be used in its proper context to convey its real meaning, just like “survivalism” must if it is going to attract the right kind of effort.

Today’s phony survivalist movement is woefully uninformed about what they’re actually advocating, especially when it comes to how everyone is supposed to endure what is clearly headed our way. Let me make this perfectly clear: What many are advocating will not work. You will not be where you are supposed to be — where you can actually survive. You will be out of position, desperately trying to hide and stay fed, cut-off from your support group, neighbors, friends, connections, far from everything you actually need to “survive”. And when what you have stockpiled runs out – you will die. The things that need to be done for true survival need to be done right now, at home. Not running off into the woods in “bug-out” mode, hands on the trigger, awaiting the end-of-days. Such expectations are patently ridiculous, does it really need to be said?

It takes years of hard work to develop even a small measure of sustainability. It’s utterly foolish to waste it on hiding out. When you come back, if you come back (unlikely), you would be unwelcomed, having neither helped or participated in all the effort being expended by those who stayed put. Your own expectations will also be badly skewed — the rest of us are still here, for starters. That’s the most likely thing to happen (but not the only thing). Secondly, what you wanted, your “kingdom” opportunity, will simply be squashed. Do you actually think anybody is going to allow that? Or allow you to simply take anything we’ve done for ourselves? No group of refugees is going to have the political clout, numbers or power to pull this off (or anything like it). Communities that have a “survivalist problem” will be ready for you, and so will the stockade.

The survivalist movement has been badly hijacked and co-opted into something that is warped, twisted and off-base, clearly not “survival” or even “survivalism”, but more closer to a quasi-religious, ideological, political belief system that intends to simply “outlast” everything else (somehow, because it surely won’t happen the way their planning it) and then rebuild their new ‘kingdom’ as they fight among themselves and kill everyone else off. That’s most definitely not survivalism, but it’s a message found on every damned ‘survivalist’ board out there.

Not every survivalist intends to do this, but too many do. It’s not actually possible to define them all, and I won’t even try. But as a movement, which it really isn’t, having no restrictions for membership or even qualifications, anybody with a water filter and bug-out bag is deemed a ‘survivalist’ it seems (but not really, you’re only fooling yourself if this describes you). Real survivalist survive by practicing readiness and personal preparation, the actual art of survivalism — so they can return to civilization alive. Somehow this last fact is often overlooked. So if civilization declines or collapses — what does that mean to the survivalist?

I’ve provided the answer, the only answer there really is. Sustainability is in fact, the end-goal of every survivalist, the art of self-sufficiency put into practice where it will work, and the only hope this nation actually has to truly endure what is now happening.

This blog is titled Sustainable Living and Common Sense, not survivalism or survivalist living. Everyone of you whose managed to read to the end should now know why.


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9 thoughts on “Survival Acres Blog – What Is It?

  • November 25, 2012 at 2:29 pm

    Another dynamite, common-sense polemic — nice job. Now if you could only reach the masses who need to hear it and act upon your suggestions.

    Let’s say you CAN “fix stupid” with a percentage of the “survivalists” who might read your blog. (Have you investigated becoming a guest poster on Daily Kos or Zero Hedge or some other outlet, by the way?) We’ve all heard about the hurricane-zone residents who rush to Home Depot the day before landfall to buy generators, plywood, flashlights, and water containers — only to return them for refunds when the storm has passed and they find they “didn’t need them.” That is, shall we say, a DIFFICULT mindset to change.

    How might a mall ninja or clueless sheeple become motivated to practice sustainable living? Baby steps, baby steps…

    Keep preaching the message, in multiple ways. I do my part personally on my two acres (and have a farmer’s daughter background that makes sustainable living second nature), and I hope you will continue to play Cassandra with at least a modicum of optimism that your essays are being shared and possibly changing lives out there in the world of the paranoid and fearful.

  • November 25, 2012 at 9:09 pm

    Thank you for your kind comments.

    I don’t think I’d “fit” with Kos or Zero Hedge, they’re still clinging themselves to non-sustainable and I’m way too controversial, nobody will publish anything I write.

    “Fixing stupid” could only happen if people voluntarily abandon the predominant paradigms that govern their lives. Absent that (most likely I think), it’s simply not going to happen. The “Twinkie” debacle imaged above is as good as any evidence that (too) many humans refuse wisdom. These fools will take the rest of us down with them and there isn’t much we can do about it now.

    I just put up a book link above that I recommend, “The New Complete Book of Self Sufficiency”, which can inspire some to go forth and actually “do it”. It’s a small investment for those who need guidance.

    • November 26, 2012 at 10:42 am

      “…nobody will publish anything I write.”

      Well, your message is simply too important not to try every conceivable way to get it out there to those who need to hear it. What about a site that prides itself on guest posts on controversial subjects?

      “Intentious is not a slave to political correctness. Intentious is a controversial news sharing site solely dedicated to reporting on important current news and issues that breed strong opinions, contention, bias, debate, discussion and conflicting personal interests. Our team of editors select content to deliberately incite a passionate response from our readers. Your blood may boil at times, or you may feel that sharing your opinion on an article is simply unavoidable.

      Intentious aims to provide a platform for the free expression of the voice of the people through uncensored commentary and provoking opinion.”

      I agree that the recent Twinkie debacle is enough to make ANYONE throw up their hands, say fuck it, and just withdraw from the human race, lol.

      • November 27, 2012 at 11:58 am

        I contacted them, we’ll see if there is any interest

        But I was quite serious, nothing gets published anywhere (not even comments I try to post). It’s a rare day in a hotter hell that it is allowed. Even Climate Progress and many other similar sites do this. Desdemona is the only exception I can think of.

        I think there is widespread suppression of information being exercised across the board. Many “negative” (non-supporting comments) expressed by commentators simply disappear. Site moderators are ensuring that only certain acceptable views are posted by the public — this is VERY widespread.

        Romm for example, continues to express an oddball “optimism” on his own site that defies what is actually occurring:

        “Clearly we are on a path for the very worst”

        And then says this:

        “So I am delighted to report that despite those doomsayers at the New York Times and New Scientist, the United States of America, at least, is finally making some big-time Climate Progress.”

        Why these widely-read sites don’t wake the hell to the reality of what is happening is staggering. On the one hand, they admit near-zero progress, but keep on expressing optimism with nothing (no real life facts or events) to back it up. This is DENIALISM or what one person said “soft denialism”.

        I’m definitely one of those “Doomsayers”, finding tons of evidence now that optimism is seriously misguided because it is leading to continued INACTION.

        See this: UN talks seen falling short despite climate change fears – ‘Ambition is very low’

        The evidence that optimism is actually the false narrative oft-expressed is very clear, yet it continues to be embraced by people that should know better. It’s a dangerous viewpoint to hold. It’s just as ugly as outright denialism and is leading to the exact same place, assuming several critical points that are simply untrue: “we have time”, “we can fix it”, “it won’t be as bad as we think” and so forth. Such views are inherent in optimism that has no supporting data to back it up.

        I’ve had the “luxury” of sitting back and digesting it all and then doing what I could to connect the dots together. Now, there are more and more scientists who are in agreement, having done the same thing. But this information is still not getting through at the level it needs to.

  • November 29, 2012 at 11:30 pm

    Well, sorry to say, it’s just as I thought. Absolute silence.

    Other sites where I’ve tried to leave comments still remain unpublished.

    I can take a hint. This blog will be the only place anything I write will get an opportunity to be read.

    I am not offended. You have to let that happen (that’s something you do to yourself).

    Update: I just stumbled across this post – What We Know. Pretty much sums up how we’re defining the debate and the knowledge.

        • November 30, 2012 at 9:22 pm

          Sorry to hear that the website owner turned out to be just another hypocrite paying only lip service to the concept of “controversy” in the essays he chooses to accept.

          Hell with him — I agree with ThePrisoner that videos are the way to go. You could change lives just by sitting in front of the camera and READING what you’ve posted on this site (suitably disguised, of course).

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