Surveillance Capitalism – Part II

[This post isn’t about climate change – Admin]

CNN has a few ho-hum articles about how climate change is going to impact civilization. Here are the article titles posted today without linking to them (on purpose, read why below):

Trump tweets climate change skeptic in latest denial of science
The ‘ecological foundations of society’ are in peril, a massive UN report warns
Climate change will make a walk in the woods a much rarer pleasure

If you have bothered to say informed on the topic of climate change and the future, you will not learn a single thing new being added to the discussion. All three articles are reruns of the same poor pablum reporting. And all three articles are dead wrong.

The ‘soft reporting’ on the reality of climate change continues, but this post isn’t about climate change. There is no reason to link to the articles, because they’re still pretending that we’re going to get out of this just fine with minimal harm and that growth can just go right on like before.

They’re lying. All of them are lying.

Oh, we’ll still have growth, of that I have no doubt at all. But not without terrifying consequences (happening now, guaranteed to be worse in the future).

Finding out the real truth about our ‘climate future’ and how it will impact civilization and our ability to live on this planet is never going to happen in the ‘fake news’ media. Even the scientific reports are being grossly distorted with virtually every single word being wrangled over to ensure the publication even makes it into print. And Trump is a fucking idiot and lies about everything, so definitely no ‘news’ there.

I’ve read over 100 pages now into Surveillance Capitalism, and so far, the author just might have missed something critical. Behavioral modification and the incessant spying being performed by Google, Facebook and many others doesn’t entirely explain the social destruction that I’ve seen. Specifically, the target I’m referencing would be too tempting to ignore. Why just sell behavioral analysis and predictive services when you could actually program people instead (and get better results)?

What if they’re controlling most of, or even all of the news cycle? The headlines? The stories? The information that is published (and withheld)? Imagine living in a world where you have no idea if any of the stories you read are actually true. Imagine if nobody was even aware that this was going on. Imagine today.

It’s a great book. But it’s also a big book and we’ve had one hell of a winter here. Just got another massive dump of snow, so far, I’m guessing over 5 feet this year. Whatever it was, I’m having to plow and shovel all of the time. I’m also still reading up on other topics of keen interest and making my spring plans. I’ll get through the book and will report more on what else I’ve learned, but it has definitely occurred to me that the reason we cannot be told the the truth on any subject anymore is because it’s being withheld to shape human behavior.

Not just for profits, which are absolutely enormous already. For control. If you can control an entire population, then you can do much more then just convince them to buy useless shit or sell targeted advertisements to companies willing to give you millions just for the predictive data. No, you could control how they vote, what they think, what they do, what they support, what they don’t support and how they feel, react, think or say about any subject or topic. In other words, you would be able to completely and totally program them through incessant ‘feeds’ through televisions, media, radio, cell phones and the constant Internet / social media brainwashing that is going on.

Something has to explain why the real, whole, unvarnished truth about any subject never sees the light of day. Fair and balanced reporting has been long gone. All of the major media networks have now become virtual mouthpieces for the status quo. Even a casual examination of these sources reveals the vast majority of ‘stories’ to be absolutely useless garbage with no relevance to anybody or anything. This is ubiquitous now and we’re all totally desensitized to it. We’re being constantly bombarded with absolute crap when it comes to ‘reporting’. The American media outlets are now so bad that I’ve recommended before to simply stop reading them all, period.

And to top this all off, read the commentary (where allowed). Brain dead ignorant idiots, fools, morons, shills and paid trolls stuff the commentary either in support of the published pablum or against it. Earlier today I was wading through a toxic set of idiotic postings on an article that dealt with cell tower radiation and the stunningly high number of cancer cases popping up at the local elementary school. It was instantly clear that industry trolls were ‘defending’ the alleged safety of being constantly irradiated. None pointed to any particular studies, but I’ve definitely read studies that indicate that EMF radiation isn’t good for anything, especially living tissue. So in this case, they tried to stack the commentary with pro-industry bullshit.

Frankly, I’m absolutely disgusted with this forward march towards oblivion. I’m constantly reading that we can ‘have economic growth and protect the environment’ bullshit. This mantra has become so pervasive that it has become a granite saying and it’s a total lie. But the important point here is this is the type of crap that gets into print.

I can’t get my commentary published anywhere so I don’t bother anymore. Voices like mine that disagree don’t get published. Its the ONLY reason I’ve kept this blog alive, not because a few of you will bother to read this far, but because I can’t stand the fact that the ‘published material’ found everywhere today is so incredibly dishonest.

So why is this happening? Are they controlling all the media sources? Are they programming vast segments of the population?

If I was a young person today – I’d throw away my cell phone and never get online for anything, ever. I’d never get within a 1000 feet of a social media platform. I’d read BOOKS. I’d keep my distance from any kind of electronic tethering and surveillance. They’re not offering us a better world – they’re creating robots.

Want to know something interesting? Within two days of publishing the Surveillance Capitalism article promoting the Shoshona’s book, I received a personal email from Google, a first in several decades of being online. They claimed that they were very interested in ‘helping’ grow a vertical market for the Food Assets business I support. What makes this notable, to me anyway, is they revealed some information in their email that they shouldn’t even have. I’m guessing that they’re interested in gaining some kind of control over what I’m publishing. Or it’s just a coincidence, but I’ve learned to be distrustful when someone uninvited wants to ‘help’.

Google is the main target in Surveillance Capitalism because they perfected this behavioral modification technology. It was emulated and copied by Facebook too. I’ve warned for years that social media is DANGEROUS and should be abandoned. People think that they’re only giving up ‘a little bit of privacy’ and that ‘it doesn’t matter anyway’ but they’re quite wrong about this. They’re giving up their humanity and their ability to be unprogrammed human beings, capable of independent thought and action. The predictive technology Google and others have now developed means they understand you better then you do yourself, and now even your own thoughts are not entirely your own, they are the result of the constant exposure to the flowing streams of information that they’ve fed your way.

Long ago, technology was ‘benign’, it didn’t intend to harm or spy or control or even be ‘required’ to be used by anyone. Not anymore. Not even close. Technology now is being specifically designed to gain control over your life and even your own thoughts. Being connected in your car, your home, your cell phone, when online, or just walking in and out of a building, you’re being much more their spied upon. Vast reams of non-stop information are being compiled without your knowledge or permission, to be used to program your behavior, thoughts, actions and deeds. Yes, they’re ‘predicting’ what you will do next, where you will go, what you will say, what you will buy, and even what you will read, but that’s not all. Behavioral modification means they’re programming your actions and taking subtle control over your life.

I also suspect that this is why we’re having such a terrible time with ‘truth’ these days. It’s far more profitable to appease the sheep and keep them from panicking by publishing a constant steady stream of pablum – even when the science and the results say otherwise. Between the terrifying conclusions and assessments and predictions that can be made from the study of Earth systems, and what is actually being published for public consumption and dissemination, lies a vast and stunning difference in impact, wording, meaning and alarm. I’ve noted this problem here many times before, but am now beginning to grasp the deeper fundamentals of what is going on.

I’ve always believed that ‘they’ (those that control the news and the media, and the powerful figures behind them) would really never accept a fundamental status-quo change necessary to save humanity from collapse, nor would they ever admit to, or even allow to be put into major media print that devastation and deep collapse that is headed our way. Alternative websites that have attempted to publish such findings are generally ignored and disbelieved. What does make it into print is ‘speculative’ and often filled with hopium bullshit, and because of this deliberate misdirection, we cannot have a serious conversation about what we need to be doing. We’re still dicking around with absolutely stupid ‘debates’ about what is real and what isn’t, what is human caused and what isn’t, and we’re constantly bombarded with utterly useless distracting GARBAGE when planetary survival should be the primary discussion of our time.

Holy shit… just got another personal email from Google (for real). Fuck these guys. Not interested. I suspect they’ll be pissed about this post too.

I believe that the world needs a new type of Internet. Not the Dark Web which is nearly useless for obtaining factual information, but a entirely new, privacy oriented, fact-based platform that run totally independent of the monstrosity that we have today. But I doubt this will be allowed to happen. You can’t fight trillions in profits with a few lonely voices that shout out that something is seriously fucking wrong here. We will be swallowed up, drowned out and ignored. It’s nearly impossible to gain any kind of an audience these daze [sic] when you don’t agree with the prevailing winds (on much of anything), so it would be impossible get the grass-roots movement to build a new Internet. Voices like mine wind up talking to a vacuum. Nobody is listening.

All I can do now is warn a few readers about what I think is going on. No, it won’t be enough and it won’t make any difference, but at least I tried.


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3 thoughts on “Surveillance Capitalism – Part II

  • March 13, 2019 at 3:33 pm

    Whistleblowers Say NSA Still Spies on American Phones in Hidden Program

    Meanwhile, the bulk of the NSA’s surveillance and “offensive” information warfare capabilities remain completely unknown.
    by Nafeez Ahmed

    “Why would anyone believe a bloody word of what NSA says about their mass domestic surveillance programs?” said Tice, who was the first NSA whistleblower who exposed unlawful surveillance and wiretaps of American citizens as early as May 2005. “They have lied repeatedly in the past and they are likely lying now. They have been collecting metadata and content, word-for-word, both voice and text, for some time now.”

  • March 14, 2019 at 4:35 am

    Very interesting reads (links too). It appears to me (is my thinking being manipulated?) that the argument is between Kafka and Orwell. Much of the surveillance state/corp appears to be like “The Trial” or “The Castle” (and to me opaque and somewhat disorganized) as opposed to “1984” where everything was tightly scripted. Again I reiterate that I don’t know if my thinking is being directed or not (it might be but we all like to believe we are independent volitional actors). I think we have much to thank Snowden for (and he has sacrificed greatly for it). I don’t think the USA government (or Google and other social media) is that focused on individual behavior of each citizen (China is going there it seems). I do think they could go after you or I if we became a problem. I do think they are interested in manipulating the narrative (be it science, climate catastrophe, collapse, etc.) although I again am not sure if it is conscious or just supportive of the Normalcy Bias, BAU everyone around me is infected with. Things don’t get published, comments get narrated out, but I think it is much more of a BAU group think rather than some nefarious individuals (except maybe the Kochs or Murdocks) manipulating from behind the scenes. However, I also think the NSA and its minions (social media) have collected much data with which they could target you if they so choose. On a personal level I hate how Google keeps sending me little reminders to review places they know I have been by tracking my phone (I have turned off location sharing on the phone but doubt that stops them). I don’t use social media – big time waste. What is really scary is what happens as collapse proceeds and control of divergent elements becomes both more necessary (by the powers that be) and more problematical. All the more reason to try to stay below the radar as much as possible (and by thus they have controlled you).

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