Supreme Court Say’s Strip Search EVERYONE

Unbelievable.  The Supreme Court approves the strip searching of anyone and everyone, even for the most minor ‘infraction’ (like the time you told the cop that you know your “rights” and then he arrests you on the spot for “threatening behavior”).

Strip Searches For Everyone

Did you notice the figure “13 million people being sent to prisons on an annual basis”?  I did.

Justice Anthony M. Kennedy writes that courts cannot second-guess how correctional officers decide to handle incoming detainees at American institutions. Kennedy acknowledges in the opinion that even with 13 million people being sent to prisons in the US on an annual basis, it is still often in the best interest of law enforcement to subject all suspects, regardless of the severity of their alleged crime, to strip searches.

Do the math:  300,000,000 “citizen slaves” / 13,000,000 = 4% of the population is being put in jail, every year.

This is WAY higher then former estimates I’ve seen (2.5 million in American prisons). But from what I’m seeing of the police-state knee-jerk to numerous political and victimless “offenses”, probably true.

So, another “bend over and take it” from our supposed “protectors”.  Don’t get a parking ticket, don’t protest, don’t object, and bring Vaseline everywhere you go, since you’re just as likely now to be probed, prodded, stripped and searched for even tiny ‘infractions’ against Big Brother.

Don’t expect common sense to ever return to America, it’s dead obvious to everyone now that our courts are not here to protect any of us.

Oh, if that doesn’t thoroughly pisses you off, this should: SWAT Team Kills American Hero

60 bullets in his body, coverup and convolution by the Sheriff’s department, and clearly left to die (they made VERY sure of that by refusing medical treatment).

And get this: No Charges Against SWAT Team

So along with your VASELINE be sure to wear a full suit of body armor (to bed and everywhere else).


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