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3 thoughts on “Summer 2013 Drought

  • August 1, 2013 at 9:03 am
    I’m very much in the Northern Rockies red zone. Almost no wildflowers left (most species never even tried to bloom this year). Young trees are all dying except for the Junipers. Grasses all died by mid-June. Birds have literally disappeared (all of them, including raptors). Even the packrats, mice and rabbits have largely vanished, to say nothing of their predators. Local farmers/ranchers gave up years ago.

    So-called ‘normal’ here is 16 +/-1″ /yr. In 2011 I got 9.76″. In 2012 it was 7.49″.
    To date in 2013, I’m at 4.79″ (1/3 ‘normal’) and will be damn ‘lucky’ if I reach 6″ by year end.
    On Monday, I had a spot excavated for an almost 23,000 gal cistern.
    On Tuesday, up-slope ground was prepared for a 4,300 sq ft catchment ‘basin’ which will bring total catchment area to almost 5,400 sq ft and total storage to just over 24,500 gal.
    That’s 450 cu ft (3370 gal) per inch of precip. When its ready, the local (so-called) Fire Dept (aka Pyromaniac Club) will fill it for free (and have access in emergency provided they refill it). I’ll minimize evaporation with a floating lid and also a tarp in summer. So, If I get just 5″ precip and limit evaporation to 1″ or less (net +4″/yr), I can use all of 37 gal/day and still have at least 10,000 gal or more at all times for emergency purposes. I was hoping to ‘do better’ but its all I can manage and far more than I’ve become acclimated to having. Should even be able to have a small greenhouse in near future too if I remain highly conservative. If I get more than a net 4″/yr, I’m set. Total cost of tank and catchment including hired help = approx $5,300 (w/o fire fighting equipment). The swimming pool will be free bonus that I’m very much looking forward to enjoying. If I do say so myself, not too shabby for a broke-down, wore-out, used-up, spit-out, poor-old curmudgeon! So, what are you doing to stay ahead of the plummeting curve?

  • August 1, 2013 at 9:11 am
    OTOH, I just noticed on this map that western South Carolina is shown in the red zone. This is in direct contradiction to reports from a life-long friend in Aiken SC. He’s lived there 65 years and says he’s never seen this much rain in his life. Some of his prized landscaping plants from China have literally drowned (in sandy soil) this year. So, that part of the map is highly suspect IMO.
  • August 1, 2013 at 2:23 pm
    Water INSECURITY map:

    The headbanging statement for me from the study:

    The study notes that a 99% population increase since 1950 combined with a 127% increase in water use has further decreased water availability, making it increasingly difficult to replenish water supplies after a drought.

    Um, those numbers SERIOUSLY don’t compute. Yet I saw no mention of this study in lamestream news outlets.

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