Suing Their Way to Prosperity

Wyoming has decided that it can sue other States that somehow harm the coal industry:

A new Wyoming law that sets aside money to sue states whose policies hamper the use of Wyoming coal was passed in part with Colorado in mind, the sponsor said.

The bill recently signed into law allocates $1.2 million to the governor’s office for lawsuits against states with laws and regulations that impede Wyoming’s ability to export coal or force the early closures of coal-fired plants in the state. Wyoming is the country’s No.1 coal producer and the move to more renewable energy because of dropping prices of wind and solar power and concerns about climate change has battered the Cowboy State’s coal industry.

One of the major problems with the so-called ‘conservative’ party is they’re pretty damned dumb. This would be like the meat industry deciding to sue vegans for refusing to eat meat. It’s just stupid.

It wouldn’t be the first time Wyoming sued to protect its coal industry. The Casper Star Tribune reports that Wyoming and Montana have asked the U.S. Supreme Court to consider its lawsuit against the state of Washington for denying a permit for a coal-export terminal.

Industry simply doesn’t care about the future of Earth habitability and couches their concerns around profits and jobs while expected wage-slavers to continue making them rich. Stupidly, there are hordes of people still lining up for these dirty jobs. If it appears that virtually everyone is working against a habitable Earth, you’d be quite right. The rape of the planet continues.

Not particularly informative for the informed, but for those that aren’t:

There’s a lot of false hope in all of the promises of ‘net-zero’, fixing climate change, and the future habitability of the planet. The necessary attention and care to fundamentals is still absent, fixing the planet actually means fixing the human race and the insatiable greed that comes with our species.


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One thought on “Suing Their Way to Prosperity

  • April 24, 2021 at 11:19 am

    I don’t normally use the term Climate Change; I either use Planetary Overheating or Planetary Meltdown -which are far more descriptive of the actual predicament.

    The notion that there is a technical fix for Planetary Overheating is absurd, especially when it is focused on ‘carbon capture’. Using energy to capture carbon dioxide is a road to nowhere, as is the promotion of so-called renewables that are actually a subset of the fossil fuel economy.

    What almost nobody is prepared to do is to make the lock-step connection between Planetary Meltdown and the economic system, which is predicated on infinite growth on a finite planet -clearly absurd! Yet that is exactly what ALL politicians and ‘captains of industry’ believe in and promote.

    I personally do not think the globalised economic system will last more than another 3 or 4 years (maximum) because of resource restraints (especially declining liquid fuels extraction) and the cumulative damage to the Earth’s natural systems.

    There is a severe shortage of ordinary bicycles in NZ. That tells you where WE are headed.

    Wyoming’s proposal to sue anyone who stands in the way of burning coal is yet another example of the lunacy that has characterised much of the American way of life -promoted by corporations and their bought-and-paid-for politicians- for decades.

    I don’t normally spend time on Automatic Earth but came across the piece below:

    ‘Save Earth Get Rich’

    ‘…It’s all an intensely moronic piece of theater (no, I won’t insult Kabuki!), but since all the media is in on it, who would know that? It’s the biggest show on earth! Your carrots are jobs, profit, and a saved planet for your children. What’s not to like?

    Biden’s billionaire political sponsors promise to save you, but of course they do need to make a profit off it. One that is preferably larger than the profits they have been making over the past decades off of the very things they now pretend to condemn, and are still invested in, fossil fuels.

    Of course they know that will never happen, but they also know that you do not. So here goes. This intro from the Guardian, written before Ol’ Joe opened Day Two, tries some critical notes, but that’s just to lift the party mode even higher….’

    Being able to see bullshit when others cannot is a mixed blessing.

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