Stupid Climate Science Headlines and Lies

On a daily basis, I often read “Stupid Climate Science Headlines”. Most of them are designed as click-bait (read the article, advertisers get their ads shown and the site makes money). Others are still click-bait, they treat you like you’re an idiot and know virtually nothing that hasn’t already been exhaustively covered in the news cycle and they assume you can’t come to some basic conclusions yourself, i.e., we don’t need a “reminder” of the obvious and common sense.

Here as some examples from website just from today (it’s always like this):

Is global plastic pollution nearing an irreversible tipping point? – And this is “news”? What constitutes a “tipping point” for plastic in the ocean? The article doesn’t say.

Last ice-covered parts of summertime Arctic Ocean vulnerable to climate change – Wasn’t ice (anywhere) “always vulnerable to climate change”? So why the misleading claim? Everyone knows that the ice is rapidly disappearing – from climate change! Which oceans are NOT vulnerable? Duh!

Canada, US heat wave ‘on steroids’ due to climate change, say experts – Supposedly, these scientists were “shocked” but that means they didn’t believe their own data or accept their own research that said this would happen. This is just more denial by the same experts that are supposed to be advising us.

Reducing plastic waste will require fundamental change in culture – Of course it would require a fundemental change in cultural, but more importantly it will require an industry change. Why isn’t THAT in the headline? Still afraid to publish the truth? The 12 point breakdown doesn’t even mention industry, why is that, when industry is the largest plastic polluter of all? Are these scientist THAT stupid?

Over 100 fire scientists urge the US West: Skip the fireworks this record-dry 4th of July – Just 100? Why not 10,000? Or at least 1,000? Afraid? Fireworks are extremely toxic to the environment and should be banned (not even mentioned). NOBODY in the dried-out West should be using fireworks, anywhere.

‘They just kept on rising’: data reveals alarming greenhouse gas increase – Of course it keeps rising you damned idiots. You’ve utterly failed us to declare a global climate emergency! What constitutes “alarming” anyway? 350ppm (passed long ago)? 400ppm? The net-zero claims are total bullshit and lies (no such thing). So this “new study” is spewing what we already know, and still utterly failing to report the truth. What a fucking joke. We don’t need another damned “study”. We need a climate emergency declaration (for starters). Stop fucking around goddamn it.

Record-breaking temperatures mean we must change the way we talk about the climate emergency – So now, after “record breaking temperatures” that everyone knew was coming, we suddenly need to “change the way we talk about the climate emergency”? Are you fucking kidding me? What was the magic number? 500 dead? I’d like to know, because I’ve been trying to put my finger on it for years. And why should we just “talk” about this anyway? Haven’t we talked endlessly about this and accomplished almost nothing?

The rest of this article is a joke. Talking about this (more) in the public space won’t change a damned thing. Pretending that it will (now, suddenly) is the lie.

Everyone likes Hayhoe – I don’t. She’s nice, but wrong (watch the video). She’s rejected reality herself. Religion is now part of the climate change discussion? Superstition and fear? Faith in the invisible, magical Sky God? This is why I do not support Hayhoe, she’s rejected reality. As for her claim “every person in the world” already having the right values to care about the changing climate – wrong again as the evidence actually shows. Lots of people, a significant percentage don’t care at all. We’ve all read their comments, so here we have a climate scientist rejecting THIS reality too.

Promoting this rejection of reality by endorsing and promoting religion isn’t going to help or make any difference. But more importantly, it DOES NOT MATTER what the average person “believes” about religion, or climate change. Nor does it matter what the average person DOES about climate change. Your own “mitigation” efforts are PUNY and nearly immeasurable unless you go live in a cave, stop breeding and never leave home for anything (which of course, is never mentioned by these “experts”). This is just so much garbage talk that it blows my mind.

Individuals are NOT the primary problem, industry is. Civilization is. You can change all the light bulbs you want to LED or buy an electric car or stop eating meat – won’t make any measurable difference AT ALL now. So preaching to this groups of “average citizen” isn’t going to accomplish ANYTHING.

You have to speak directly to policy makers, law makers, lobbyists, businesses and industry and the military instead and convince THEM. This is the group most responsible for deadly climate change, these are the industries that triggered it and keep making enormous contributions. They are the real problem – not “average Joe and Jane”. She’s promoting her own brand of “smoke screens” she decries.

Hayhoe is part of the group of climate scientist that have REFUSED to tell it like it really is about deadly climate change when they should have (when it would have made a difference), and is among those who are now scared that they have failed in their duties to the public and to governments around the world. If the experts wouldn’t speak up (even now) – who should have? More importantly, why didn’t they? Many still won’t. Many, if not most, are still spewing stupidities and lies “carbon free”, “net zero”, “fossil free”, etc. Pretty much all of them are refusing to place the blame where it belongs, and none seek to redraft civilization itself.

I have documented their dishonesty and deceptions and lies extensively and how they have always watered down the truth to an “acceptable” and “politically expedient” levels when they know damned well that it will be far worse then what they put into their publications.

This scientific reticence, self-censorship and institutionalized “conservative” approach has allowed policy makers (same list as above) to delay, deny and distract effective actions for DECADES leading up to this present climate crisis.

A global emergency MUST be declared with no more dorking around and the so-called “experts” are STILL dragging their feet as hundreds are now dying from just this current heat wave. This delay and refusal to flatly state the truth of our global predicaments is simply unforgivable. Climate science and climate reporting has seriously let us down as a species. Worse, government and industry inaction, refusals and denials have brought us beyond the point of “triggering events” that have already happened (which they’re busy pretending haven’t happened). It’s rather unbelievable.

These facts are actually well-known within the climate community of scientists, you can read this yourself if you look hard enough. So when Hayhoe babbles on about “religion” and superstitions to the average Joe as a means of “reaching” them, she’s just engaging in more useless behavior that will accomplish NOTHING at all. Wrong audience, wrong time and wrong message.

The #1 thing we can do (allegedly) is “the exact thing we are not doing” which is to “talk about it” some more as Hayhoe alleges. No, that is not the answer, not even close. We’ve talked plenty. We know plenty. We know enough. Now ACT ON IT. But you will NEVER act on it by preaching to the public (that’s been tried, endlessly, it does not work). She’s either deliberately or ignorantly avoiding the real source of the problem and either doesn’t know the solution and is so unimaginative, she can’t conceive of it.

But that is a real problem with many climate scientists, they just don’t seem to understand enough outside of their own specialties, so they make ridiculous recommendations and suggestions that won’t address root causes. They also love to “dwell in their fields” and refuse to step up when the world desperately needs them to do exactly that.

What pisses me off is this is the kind of crap and the best we’ve come to expect from the experts that are supposed to be advising us. Seriously? No wonder we have been so gravely let down. No wonder was have a climate emergency. No wonder we are in this predicament. No wonder it’s gotten so bad and getting worse. No wonder policy makers and governments have delayed and dallied around. No wonder we don’t have a Rapid Response Team. They have no idea how to properly and urgently convey their message.

I don’t know how many posts it will take to get this message across that we are being seriously let down now.


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7 thoughts on “Stupid Climate Science Headlines and Lies

  • July 1, 2021 at 2:15 pm

    It is interesting (in a hypothetical way) that the findings and recommendations of the NZ Climate Commission (which I slammed into for gross misrepresentation) are now being challenged by a group of lawyers acting for a climate justice group. Because official policy is now to ram absolute bullshit down the throats of the populace.

    I guess it has always been that way -those at the top of the financial=social pyramid ramming bullshit down the throats of the masses- but now the consequences are not just disastrous they are utterly catastrophic.

    • July 1, 2021 at 2:30 pm

      It is painfully clear that we have no leadership or understanding or plan or anything at all to save us from ourselves. They seem to be too busy propagating lies and deception. I expected far more, but we’re not going to get it.

      Personal investments and positions and promotions and lack of understanding have become huge stumbling blocks to getting the real message out. “They know” – but won’t speak up like they should. But what they don’t know and won’t seem to admit that they don’t know is how wrong they are about proposed solutions (that aren’t being adopted anyway). So while they’re busy pretending there are solutions, busy lying to us, busy engaging in more studies, busy trying to perpetuate the status-quo and pretend that THIS civilization isn’t going away when it clearly IS, we’re wasting precious, irreplaceable time on what can and should be done (immediately).

      Literally blows my mind.

  • July 1, 2021 at 6:22 pm

    More headlies and lies:

    Canada heatwave: How could cities adapt to rising temperatures? – The suggestions within are pathetic. Doesn’t anybody do any research on these topics? Do they honestly think these are going to provide sufficient “adaption”? These are suggestions that I would have expected from a five-year old. If this is their best ideas at adaption, people are going to be in real trouble.

    • July 1, 2021 at 7:05 pm

      For the past decade or so I have recognised that the level of thinking (and knowledge) of our so-called leaders as at the intermediate school level, i.e. 11-year-old to 12-year-old.

      “Think how stupid the average person is, and then remember that half the population is more stupid than that.” -George Carlin.

      And they vote at the rigged elections (rigged to ensure only business-as-usual candidates are successful), and they drive cars and trucks, and they lap-up the crap churned out by the commercial media.

      This thing* is going to get mighty ugly very soon.

      *Abrupt Climate Chang/Planetary Meltdown; energy decline; collapse pf fiat currencies; species extinction; collapse of the industrial food system.

  • July 2, 2021 at 2:29 pm

    I regard this as one of the top websites in the world because the truth about our diabolical is told regularly.

    On other websites there is an aversion to the truth that leads to censorship of comments.

    I have slammed into the ‘clowns’ on The Daily Blog because, as we progress through this planetary emergency, all they want to to talk about is tweaking of business-as-usual and the merits or otherwise of woke activism, and whether party A has a higher rating in an opinion poll that party B, and who is offering the best version of hope.

    I have had comments that didn’t conform censored in the past, so was surprised this one got through:

    ‘I really think you people at TDB have completely lost the plot.

    The planet is super-heated….43oC in northern Washington state and nearly 50oC in Canada.

    The Jet Streams are buggered because of excess CO2 in the atmosphere.

    Lake Mead (behind the Hoover Dam) is at by far the lowest level since it was constructed, and is falling fast.

    Grain stocks i the US are down by 50% since March.

    And no mention of any of it on TDB because all you people want to talk about is irrelevant trivia.

    Hope? That was gone the day the phony NZ Climate Commission generated bullshit as a strategy…and then went on to reiterate bullshit when challenged!

    At least a few people are awake, and I hear a group of lawyers are challenging the veracity of Climate Commission report and its recommendations because they completely fail to meet the fake targets the CC is supposedly working towards (and do zilch to address anything that actually needs to be addressed).

    Not that it’s going to matter much because it is now clear that the globalised economic system -founded on covert fraud and perpetuated by overt fraud- won’t last more than another year or so.’

    That elicited this response from Chris Trotter, one of the leading feature writer of TDB:

    ‘Frankly, AFKTT, I’m over your constant doom-saying. As if the readers of TDB don’t know what is happening to their planet. How could we not? You tell us often enough!

    The problem lies in the space between what people know and what people have the power to do.

    NZ contributes just 0.17 percent of global warming. Nothing we decide to do here matters. What China decides to do matters. What the US decides to do matters. And we have no control over what they decide to do.

    In the meantime, we still have to go on living. People still need jobs and homes and schools and hospitals and transport to and from, and all the other things that make up a human-being’s existence. If those things aren’t being provided, or are being provided unjustly, then of course we should think about it, write about it, talk about it, and, hopefully, try and do something about it.

    But you, AFKTT: you appear to think that we should all just sit down, throw back our heads, and howl like demented wolves at the awfulness of it all. As if that will help.

    As for me, I’ll just go on doing the dishes and putting my little house in order, ready for the morning. Until the morning doesn’t come.

    What else is there to do?’

    To which I replied:

    There used to be such as thing as leadership in NZ, as per Lange challenging the activities of nuclear powers and their testing of weapons in the Pacific.

    Now, there is no leadership, just a bunch of ‘nothing we can do’ business-as-usual acolytes, as per your ‘NZ contributes just 0.17 percent of global warming’ response to what I wrote.

    ‘Well, actually, NZ per PER CAPITA emissions are appallingly high because we have an appallingly high per capita dependence on fossil fuels..

    And the reason China’s overall emissions are so high is because we have outsourced a huge portion of our emissions to them by getting them to make the vast majority of the goods sold in NZ. When you look at the population and the actual domestic emissions, China is doing far better than NZ (or any other western nation).

    There is plenty NZ can do…like last minute preparations for the grim future that is no longer on the horizon but is now staring us in the face.

    But the non-leadership of this country isn’t even prepared to do that and carries on with the utterly ridiculous pretence that business-as-usual is possible beyond 2022.

    It is bizarre beyond belief, but is symptomatic of the 12-year-old level of thinking that characterises both politicians and bureaucrats.

    And by not crucifying the politicians for their continuing outrageous level of inaction on the crucial issues of the times, you condone their inaction, Chris.’

    And this:

    ‘And by the way Chris, since when has telling the truth become ‘doom-saying’?

    It is a clear demonstration of a failed argument (and a failed arguer) to make an ad hominem attack instead of addressing the issue raised.’

    Fortunately there are a few other awake people around, as per this:

    ’44 south July 3, 2021 at 7:09 am

    “people still need jobs and homes …”

    No they don’t Chris.

    What they need, primarily,is food clothing and shelter.

    And the most sustainable way for people to get those things, proven by thousands of years of experience is by WORKING THE LAND.

    It is the shame of the Left that they did not devote more time and energy to ensuring that the people gained access to the land.

    But now it is too late.

    And that sad fact is what AFKTT reminds us of.

    The human race fucked up.

    There are consequences for that. Coming to a place near you. SOON.’

    I’ll leave it at that.

    I’ve got my own preparations for what is now staring us in the face to get on with.

    • July 2, 2021 at 2:50 pm

      It’s painfully clear that the lack of imagination; the lack of understanding; the lack of vision; and probably the lack of common sense permeates too many people. They have NO IDEA WHAT TO DO and cannot accept others that do. Embedded in the status-quo means you are bought and paid for, enslaved to the chains that bind you into position, unable to move left, right, up or down. It’s a harness, you’re supposed to pull – when we need to QUIT this gigantic fraud and throw away the damned plow.

      They want everyone to plow the same field over and over, do the same things, accept the same platitudes, devour the same promises, abide by the same rules, expect the same results. Good god man – can they not SEE? Perhaps they do not want to.

      Twitter, err I mean Trotter writes like everyone else – unimaginatively. Still running around inside the box, looks like he likes it that way too. ‘What else is there to do?’ Holy christ! I’d be very scared to be in his shoes with his lack of understanding and refusal. How does it feel to be a drone? I wouldn’t know.

  • July 4, 2021 at 2:12 pm

    It’s ‘The Matrix’.

    If you are in The Matrix you cannot see what is there right in front of your eyes, and you continue to feed the blood-sucking, omnicidal monster and defend the activities of the blood-sucking, omnicidal monster.

    If you are out of The Matrix, you see everything for what it actually is, and recognise the blood-sucking omnicidal monster for what it is…..bloodsucking, omnicidal monster.

    I’ve been trying to pull people out of The Matrix for over two decades. And my success rate is at about the 0.5% level.

    One of the features if my talk to the local council was to highlight the two cinemas, one with a glum-faced ticket seller with no customers, and the other, happy-faced with a long queue waiting to get in.

    The films (movies) being screened:

    Unpalatable Truth

    Comforting Lies

    Being in The Matrix used to be very comfortable and comforting. But it is not so much now, as everything progresses from comfortable to complete failure mode; houses too expensive for first time buyers to even contemplate buying; rents too high for anything other than basic living; hospital systems with decaying buildings and long waiting lists; roads and pavements cracking up and ‘no money for maint4enance; leaking pipes and near empty storage lakes, or ground super-saturated and water not draining away because the rains keep coming; droughts and fires, punctuated by severe inundations; sea walls failing; and of course money-printing ‘to the Moon’, resulting in rapid devaluation of money already in use……and out-of-control Covid variants in many locations.

    And these are good times compared to what is coming very soon.

    ‘Pure hell’: Cyprus hit by worst forest fire in decades. ‘ .

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