Stuck In Stupid

Angie’s got a fine post, which I’ve stolen a quote from: Stuck In Stupid

That’s not what she calls it, her post is How Far Is Too Far? and worth reading. Do read it, many valid points being made there.

But I really like that stuck in stupid comment she’s made. I’m seeing this everywhere. Yesterday, I got threatened again by a stuck in stupid moron who although I’d helped beyond the call of duty, was offended.

Hah! You can’t offend anybody. You can only take offense, and if you do, that’s your fault.

The stuck in stupid theme really fits the state of the world today. Maybe this is why:

I found that over on the Onion, who has wonderful satires on our American Dream, which if you’re really awake, is a living nightmare of unending stupidity and asinine behavior, from citizen to President.

Social stratification being what it is, you’d think that some intelligence would rise to the top, somewhere, but oh no, what we’ve got today is murderers hell bent on finding new toys to murder more people in more ways and stuck in stupid morons who gleefully exchange their lives and labor for the dubious privileges of making these toys and helping them be used.

Meanwhile, the war on the environment of course continues. All this stuff goes hand in hand. I think the connections are obvious, but what I think is often rejected by the unwashed masses who are still stupidly demanding their rights to things like the picture above.

Everyday, whether I post something here or not, I’ve read dozens and dozens of articles on our decline. Some say (I’ve read their comments) that it must be hard to be so negative. Correction: I’m not negative, I’m just stating the facts ma’am. And it’s the facts that people really really hate to read. The stuck in stupid low gear allows them to crawl and slither around like the worm food that they are. Asking them to double-clutch up to second gear is usually asking too much. And really, let’s be honest here, that’s what the facts are claiming. Basically, the wake the fuck up cry to the teeming masses, and to get off their fat lazy asses and put a stop to the insanity that is going on.

I mean, what else is knowing all of this information good for? Let’s discard the infotainment factor, and let’s concentrate on what it really should “mean” to be informed and aware of what is going on within the planet you live on. What are you supposed to do with this knowledge?

First off, you have to be reasonably well informed. So shitcan the television and the just as stupid web broadcast put out by the main stream media. Interspersed between absolutely stupid and senseless commercials, online and off, are only tiny tidbits of useful information. But your brain and sensibilities are so assaulted and assuaged by million candlepower smiles and fake boob jobs that you might have a hard time picking them out.

So get your news from all the alternative sources like Angie has alluded to. But let’s say you did that, and you’ve double-clutched yourself into second gear. Now what?

Well, damn girl (or guy) or whoever you are, it’s a five speed gear box. Use it. The road ahead is littered with bodies and car wrecks and road blocks and razor wire and guard towers and tank traps and even roadside bombs, so you’re definitely going to need to be careful at any speed.

If you’re truly in second gear, you’ll already know this and can easily point out these traps and danger pits, they’re everywhere. But the stuck in stupid crowd can’t see them and they fall into these mine fields over and over again. And even more stupidly, they try the same things over and over again, stupidly expecting different results while doing the same things.

So my second gear readers, here’s what you do: get off the road. It’s a rigged game as you now know, you can’t win playing by their rules and obeying their road signs, and your sure not going to outrun them in second gear anyway and not when the road is littered with so many dead and dying and all those roadblocks and mine fields and guard towers hindering your way. Get off the road. Trade up or down or whatever allegory suits your fancy, but get off the road.

It’s their way or the highway, as they say, so screw that, as it’s the same thing anyway. You don’t need the highway or even their way, because it’s a toll road anyway and it exacts a very heavy price. Those that walk it, drive it or navigate it on hands and knees are stuck in stupid, blithely stumbling farther and farther down this highway of hell towards their death and destruction. Many, many people walk this same well-worn rut never even imagining that things could be different if they’d just stop and try something else.

Those signs you see posted on the side in between all those fancy billboards advertising useless shit you don’t need? What do you suppose is behind those signs? Why more of the same highway! It’s a road to Hell and everyone on it is going to the same place. But these are concepts that are beyond the stuck in stupid crowd, as they cannot imagine any other road or any other way in which to expend their lives. The highway is all they know and to them, it is the high way.

But it’s not. It’s a road that leads to death, destruction and the extermination of all living things. The highway itself was designed explicitly to be exactly that because that is exactly what it feeds upon, its how it grows and stays in control of those on this way of death. Those broken bodies and wrecked cars and torn limbs are signs littered literally everywhere that the highway is the real road to death. But if your still stuck in stupid, you’ve been blinded to this truth. You see these things but you’ve accepted the lie that these lost lives are just “failures” in your competitive world, and those that failed to “succeed” and compete, even for simple things like food, water, and shelter are just “normal casualties”. Those broken bodies you slowly pass by aren’t meaningful to you. But they should be. If you’re still stuck in stupid, you won’t understand.

But if you’ve made it to second gear though, you’ll have come to realize that you won’t find much intelligence “at the top” and no truth at all. Actually, the opposite is true, because these guys at the supposed “top” are all highway engineers, and they’re job is to keep the highway open. And they’re quite willing to do anything and everything that it takes to make sure that happens, including stopping you from leaving the highway.

But if you don’t, you might as well just stay stuck in stupid. I know, plenty of people do this. They enlighten their minds to the truth and to the facts and to the reality of the world, but then they find that this is too hard to bear and they try to go back and merge onto the highway. And they become miserable, wretched souls who don’t fit in anywhere, grinding gears wherever they go like a teenager driving a stick shift for the first time.  You can try that if you like, but I don’t recommend it, your clutch will wear out pretty fast.

It’s not hard to stay unstuck from stupid. Not hard at all. Just use your head. Put those neurons to work. Apply a bit of thought to what you read, see, here, do and think about. Don’t just react, or you’ll be like that big lug in the picture above, quenching his basic desires with gluttony and greed, headed back to the ‘burbs, temporarily “satisfied” (satiated), but he’ll be back tomorrow for sure.

What you do with your life really does matter. It may not change the world (and I’m not advocating here that it will), but it matters to your little world, right around you. That bubble we all live in is directly affected by your actions, deeds, words and thoughts. And that is something that you alone can control. Those highway engineers that lord over everyone, even you, really don’t have that level of control like they think that they do. This is why they too are still stuck in stupid, they think all kinds of things that aren’t even remotely true, and they want you to believe and act like they are.

But you definitely don’t have to. Oh no, you really can do pretty much whatever the hell you want if you’ve put a bit of thought to it first. You’ll have to cross that damnable highway more then a time or two, but you can do it. You can avoid the guard towers and the searchlights and the machine guns and the concentration camps and the car wrecks. But you’ll have to be extra careful about those drivers who remain stuck in stupid, because an awful lot of them will literally try to run you down. They’ll run right over you if you let them too. But they’re not very bright and can either be avoided or you can politely let the air out of their tires. They’ll hate you for it, even if all you did was wise them up a bit, but hey, that’s life and you can’t really give offense, now can you?

So, now that you’re “offroad” you’re free to do things that the highway never offered you or allowed. Let your imagination run for a moment and consider what this means. All those roadsigns you abandoned? Well, they don’t apply to you anymore, now do they? Those are for the highway travelers, not offroaders. You’ll have to be careful that you don’t get stuck back on the highway though, especially behind one of those “wide bodies” that command a Godzilla like presence with a temperament to match. Stay clear of the highway, your mind and your body will definitely thank you for that.

Use your newfound freedom offroad in creative and intelligent ways. It really is a great way to live, it’s not negative at all. You’re just dealing with the facts ma’am, and that’s all that matters. Things being what they (really) are, you took the real high road, and the only one that matters in this world. All those controlled highways out there, teeming with the slow moving first-gear masses of stuck in stupid choking on billowing exhaust fumes aren’t on the high road, you are.


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2 thoughts on “Stuck In Stupid

  • June 12, 2009 at 12:55 pm

    I’m off road, and in no small part, thanks to you and other contributors to SA (notably Lonewolf, but others too). It’s great to be able to shake off the shackles of lies and disinformation presented with great regularity in our corporate-owned media. Not here though – just the facts. And much better than any self help book that dots the shelves of the nearest grocery store. Thanks again!

  • June 15, 2009 at 11:45 am
    John, this is one of the best things you have published here. I am going to share it with family and try to get them offroad as well.

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