Strike Three

Once again, I’ve learned that the science world deliberately places its head in the sand and pretends that other informed opinions do not count. I’m puzzled by this refusal to acknowledge other evidence, but it’s becoming more and more common.

Tamino’s blog posted this question:

I want to know more about where various candidates stand on the climate change issue.

What about the other candidates? Please share your thoughts on their suitability on the climate change issue. If you want to comment on their other attributes, I believe the previous thread is still open.

I have a new #1. Someone mentioned Jay Inslee (governor of Washington state), and I discovered that he is a serious possibility as a candidate. He also has announced that climate change would be the focus of such a campaign. If he’s in the race, he’s the clear #1. So far.

So, stupid me, I wrote about the reality of what Jay Inslee is doing within the State of Washington. But Tamino isn’t interested in the truth and is too lazy to bother to investigate the facts. So like all other fake “concerns” people claim to have about who to vote for, and who is really trying to do the right thing with the climate and the environment and so on, Tamino refused to publish my commentary. So now his endorsement stands as-is, which is just the way he apparently likes it – no matter what the real truth is.

He’s demonstrated himself to be another fraud in a growing list of frauds out there that are creating a totally false narrative. This has an effect, and in this case, it’s quite personal, because I live here – right here in the same town Governor Jay Inslee is trying to poison.

Jay Inslee has designated a Project of Statewide Significance for the State of Washington, giving away $300,000 in public funds to a foreign corporation (Canadian) to build a toxic silicon smelter in the town of Newport, Washington. They illegally bought public land with the direct intervention of local officials, falsified their greenhouse gas emissions, and numerous other falsified claims, faked their data sets on an entirely different town miles away with totally different wind patterns and temperatures, which have been challenged in court already, and by the local Tribe of Kalispel Indians, who have tried to stop this toxic smelter. There are also two citizen-activist groups who have filed lawsuits. The Tribe has also requested Class 1 air quality designation from the Environmental Protection Agency (still not settled).

Inslee won’t have it, he’s refused to meet with the public and hear the (thousands) of complaints, as has the State Attorney General’s Office, and is proven himself to be a fraud. He’s a “greenwash” candidate on topics that deal with the climate and greenhouse gas emissions, giving lip-service to the issue and then turning his back upon his own constituents. Numerous efforts have been launched by the citizenry to raise attention to this issue, but it’s being stonewalled at every step by local, county and State officials – including Inslee. These are not “accusations” – these are facts.

It’s all been detailed and documented on several websites, but Tamino is too fucking lazy to bother with. Apparently, you have to do the research for the researchers, which tells me that they’d rather not retract their obviously wrong endorsement then be proven dead wrong about a candidate.

My town hates Jay Inslee and every one of these poison-endorsers that stands in support of this toxic smelter. Our local officials have even tried to remove the word “smelter” from public meetings. The anger here in this town is palpable and about to explode, and  it’s all Inslee’s fault because he started the ball rolling, along with the weasel Senator Shelly Short. We’ve all been watching this sordid mess unfold and have caught our local officials illegally selling public land (in the courts now), falsifying records (invoices, backdating and hiding correspondence), chronically lying to the public, threatening the public and engaging in constant gerry-mandering for several years now to get this project approved. Their attitude here is simply this: “Fuck you – we’re going to do what we want”. Several of these officials have simply told people that don’t like this to simply move away.

This is the fourth town where they’ve tried to install this disgusting plant (three in Washington). Every other town succeeded in getting rid of it, including one in British Columbia, but the local officials here (and the State Governor Inslee) bent over backwards again and again to pave the way here for the Canadian corporation (strangely, the land prices was exactly the same as the Washington grant money the State gave away).

Their list of offenses is long and still growing. They’re not playing by the rules here, but that’s typical where toxic industries try to muscle in. Most recently, they didn’t like the “public comments” received (which they are required by law to respond to), so are attempting to throw these all out and illegally start over. They’ve done everything they can to beat down the local resistance to people that just want to have clean air to breath.

Tamino thinks these are “accusations” (even these comments of mine were highly redacted) because he’s too fucking lazy to read the court records and transcripts or ask questions or check websites or even do a Google search and continues to stand behind his endorsement of Inslee as a “green candidate”. Inslee is a fraud and he’s got other people fooled, but not here.

This demonstrates to me that people involved in climate research really don’t want to hear anything else other then their own phony narrative. It’s why they actually don’t get it when it comes to the deadly threat of climate change and what it means for civilization. It’s another reason why we’re never going to get anywhere on climate mitigation, they don’t make the effort or the connections on what needs to be done, and can’t trouble themselves to actually look. If you come along as I have documented several times now and point out something “else”, you’re just ignored or shut down.

Yeah, it really pisses me off because it’s a clear pattern now. Climate scientists and researchers are engaging in a coverup. Definitely not the way to win hearts and minds and persuade people to share their concerns or get involved. If they don’t care about the truthwhy should you?

You can find out more if you like wading through Facebook or the websites that have documented this smelter effort:

Kalispel Tribe of Indians:
Citizens Against Newport Silicon Smelter:
Responsible Growth Newport:
Pend Oreille County Health:

Somebody go to Tamino’s blog and post the link to this page. I won’t do it, I’m done with this clown.

There’s plenty going on in the world that needs to be covered on a blog like this. But another episode of censorship has me wondering about what “counts” now. Most likely, nothing does. The harder you fight for the truth, the less response it gets. We’ve entered into a very strange and weird, disturbing time where truth is no longer accountable or respected. The truth doesn’t matter to readers, writers, researchers, journalists, television personalities, politicians or even the courts.

And nobody seems to care.


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2 thoughts on “Strike Three

  • February 22, 2019 at 10:58 am

    I posted a comment on his website this morning with a link to this article. It went up “pending moderation”. Not there now, so you were right, disagree and you don’t show up.

    • February 22, 2019 at 11:08 am

      Par for the course, I’m afraid (thanks for trying). Cowardly acts from cowardly people who are trying to suppress the truth.

      I’ve given this more thought over the evening. Endorsing a phony candidate has enormous effects if your website has any reach at all, because it’s picked up by others and snowballs. So this kind of cowardly censorship creates enormous harm going forward. Imagine what it might mean if Inslee stays in office or advances his political career…

      The other cowardly act was not bothering to ask any questions to the points made. This indicates no interest, lack of awareness, indifference and even ignorance. Other people should be informed about what is happening here, affecting tens of thousands of people in the surrounding area (the pollution circumference is 120 miles), but even this fact is being suppressed. More cowardice, more phony concern for the climate.

      Denial is strong within the science community. I’ve puzzled over this for some years but my latest research (today’s post) indicates that they’re just as programmed as any other group. They won’t be leading us to salvation. Their part of the problem now and can’t deal in honesty.

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