Stop hoping we can fix global warming by pulling carbon out of the air – Scientists warn of “dire consequences for food production or the biosphere”

Desdemona posted this title and topic (which I highly recommend you read), a topic near and dear to the message I’ve long stated here. The future means starvation – for billions.

Nobody is listening to this message. It’s rather stunning.

Even the majority of scientists themselves are really not listening. Obviously, a few are, but it’s an appalling small number.

Listen to this Radio Ecoshock broadcast for an example of what I’m referring to here. They KNOW that temperatures will exceed tolerable limits, but they’re unwilling to tell the world how catastrophic this will be. Anybody can look up wet-bulb temperatures to determine what plant survival is – and when this threshold is passed (as it will be by a mile), it means starvation for billions of humans.

We do not die from heat or heat stroke first, we die from starvation. And dehydration.

Anyway, nobody will pay attention to this. Here’s what the Desdemona article says:

Scientists are expressing increasing skepticism that we’re going to be able to get out of the climate change mess by relying on a variety of large-scale land-use and technical solutions that have been not only proposed but often relied upon in scientific calculations.

Two papers published last week debunk the idea of planting large volumes of trees to pull carbon dioxide out of the air — saying there just isn’t enough land available to pull it off — and also various other strategies for “carbon dioxide removal,” some of which also include massive tree plantings combined with burning their biomass and storing it below the ground.

We’ve known for some years that the projections of the IPCC are woefully underestimating warming. Moreover, in EVERY scenario for mitigation, they have ASSUMED carbon removal from the atmosphere by some IMAGINARY means. That is to say – the technology does not exist (and still does not exist, all these years later). NOW we are being told that natural carbon removal through trees will NOT WORK.

Morever, whatever imaginary vaportech that eventually (if ever) is devised, this must be brought up to a MASSIVE scale to be even slightly effective. The reality is this: we cannot remove sufficient levels of carbon with the technology we have; we have not invented an effective means to do this; the likelihood of humanity ‘mitigating’ extreme levels of heat from the planet is now approaching ZERO. THEREFORE –  every human on the planet will be facing intolerable, UNSTOPPABLE temperature increases (and the resulting extreme weather events) leading to planetary starvation as farmland production fails.

The world does not want to recognized the planetary emergency conditions that already exist. To do so would be to stop the business-as-usual paradigm. To not do so will be to commit the human race to extinction. There is no in-between.

I am one of the very few authors who has published these conclusions some years ago. Now, climate scientists are starting to realize that this reality is unfolding upon us all. The sheer recklessness of the denial, delay and disinterest in this topic has already committed the world to extremely dangerous levels of warming (listen to the Radio Ecoshock broadcast). The intent is to push “off” any effective actions until the last possible minute – a policy of planetary suicide.

The models generating possible trajectories of climate change mitigation bet on planetary-scale carbon removal in the second half of the century

This means extinction. Nothing, but NOTHING has changed this outcome. This report is 4 years old (and there are many others on this blog far older) and the conclusions reached are as immutable as ever.

The world is not serious about this. And neither are the majority of YOU either. In America, the country has already given up. It’s almost as bad everywhere else. The LIFE Project is the only “survival plan” for humanity that I have come across (so far). But it continues to appear that there is virtually no common interest in human survival. Which leaves me at a total loss. There is no point in continuing this blog or sharing these articles. Humanity has chosen to ignore the most pressing, most dangerous, most cataclysmic issue of its entire history.


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5 thoughts on “Stop hoping we can fix global warming by pulling carbon out of the air – Scientists warn of “dire consequences for food production or the biosphere”

    • May 31, 2017 at 7:58 am

      No, the LIFE Project is something that was proposed here. It is a “Strategic Initiative for Reduced Human Survival” plan / proposal. It received little interest like most things I write. I suspect it is a few decades too early for acceptance and understanding.

      The realization that the majority of the world is going to die is too hard to accept. It is easier to ignore the issue right now then engage it.

      LIFE Project – Strategic Initiative for Reduced Human Survival

      Profound impacts on global climate, ecosystems and human society caused by climate change and the resulting effects on human civilization are projected to be serious to severe throughout the entire world. Extensive study of the published literature and science underscores a distinct possibility that human extinction may even occur, along with nearly all of the life within the living biosphere. The Life Project proposes creation of protected bio-regional zones and habitation for human and biological survival (non-human life) on every habitable continent selected to ensure continuity of life for the human race and as many other species as possible.

      Executive Summary

      The LIFE Project is a global initiative for human and biological survival to be developed in five phases, replicated, adopted, adapted and modified as required throughout the world at different locations where human habitation is deemed possible.

      Adoption and contribution towards the project goals is mandatory for all participants involved. These goals are the establishment of habitable bio-regional zones and locations, development of essential infrastructure, participation in protection and preservation of community personnel, biology and assets.

      Understanding the above habitat and biosphere changes necessitates planning in advance for reduced human and biosphere survival. This outcome will occur whether or not humanity manages to respond to climate change in any significant way (which looks extremely unlikely within the United States). It is already known that severe and extreme impacts are guaranteed to occur. Many parts of the world will become uninhabitable, rapidly increasing in size and scale as effects worsen. Dramatic population losses are deemed completely unavoidable. Species extinctions throughout the globe will be very significant. Our ability to grow food will be seriously imperiled, affecting human survival and population levels.

      Current adaption and mitigation planning and strategy by world governments is still at a nascent stage. According to the Third National Climate Assessment Report, these efforts are inadequate and insufficient, their effectiveness is not known and efforts have only been incremental in scope. This, and other published reports such as the Implications for US National Security of Anticipated Climate Change is strong evidence that an adequate response to the issue of human survival and that of the biosphere will remain inadequate and will even be outpaced by climate effects. The pace and magnitude of projected changes emphasize the need to be prepared for a wide range and intensity of climate impacts in the future. Proactive responses are urgent and necessary.

      There is also little literature evaluating the effectiveness of adaptation actions to date. Evaluation and monitoring efforts, to date, have focused on the creation of process-based rather than outcome-based indicators. It is already clear that the intended response to climate impacts is not going to be the right response, primarily due to cumulative failures to assess the viability of civilization within the known scale of cascading climate impacts.

      It is the view of the LIFE Project participants and project managers that humanity will not survive in anything like its present form as cascading climate effects destroys the global civilization. Intelligent adaptive actions for human survival can still be taken now, but become increasingly unlikely and ineffective as climate change effects worsen.

  • May 31, 2017 at 9:24 pm

    I was hoping for a rebuttal on the use of super-computers (SC’s) for CDR engineering. There may be SC’s available next year that would be 10 times smarter than current SC’s and could process over a quintillion units of info per second, (a handheld calculator may process 10 FLOPS; 10 units of info per second).

    I don’t understand why everyone from mainstream politicians to radical environmentalists have lobbed the issue of removing atmospheric carbon into the “too hard basket”. Maybe I’m stupid but how do people not see that the biosphere will live or die based on whether an innovative CDR breakthrough is invented in time?

    Does anyone consider the proposal of a 10 billion dollar prize for viable CDR as something that could be potentially helpful?
    Obviously GHGE’s will still have to be slashed and human greed needs to be reined in but the issue at hand is what is chemically possible, in a time of runaway SC intelligence, in CDR engineering.

  • May 31, 2017 at 10:58 pm

    It’s been looked at. The numbers simply do not work. It is a project that vastly exceeds anything humanity has ever done (many times over).

    Computers (algorithms) can’t dictate human actions, policies or efforts. They also can’t overcome physics. Even if there was a ‘solution’ found, it doesn’t change the scale.

    I don’t know if you’ve looked into the sheer scale of the problem, but others have and its physically impossible to remove the quantity of carbon necessary within the short time frame required (atmosphere / oceans) before catastrophic levels of warming occur. That is an outcome that is decided (immutable now). Most of the news and bullshit that surrounds this topic is couched in language that attempts to gloss it over (can’t tell the world we’re all fucked), but it is there is you look for it.

    I’ve no doubt that “everything will be tried” as the situation worsens – including using AI (artificial intelligence) and every trick in the book to try and find a answer. It is already evident that there is no single answer – but a multitude of changes and efforts required – but again, the scale is nearly unimaginable.

    Civilization would have to re-engineer itself far, far beyond what any living human today will accept. Its not just political infeasible, it is categorically unacceptable by the modern world.

    This is why something like the LIFE Project will be necessary (and will also happen anyway). It’s an unavoidable response to a unsolvable problem (predicament as some like to say). Between now and then, there will be endless bickering and debate about “what to do”, but the reality of this future will still unfold upon the world. I already see this and more and more people do too. The only thing humanity can really / truly do is to prepare for this hellish outcome. And yes – we should still be trying our damnedest to do everything else possible, but it is dishonest to claim that it will have much effect when we know already that it really won’t.

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