Still the Same

Nobody reads blogs anymore, not really, and those that do can barely spend two minutes doing it. I won’t use social media because I still find it dishonest, disgusting and part of the mind-control programming that I rail against. I turn this blog off when I’ve had enough of the lies, dishonesty, deception, deflections and stupid non-stop bullshit being spewed from every screen. I can’t educate anybody, you have to do that for yourself.

Fast forward from 2022 with my last post in August, I once again, choked on my own disgust and signed off. Probably going to do it again too. The continued lies from the same crowd of conned fools and morons is still screaming for attention. Dominion has an open and shut case against Fox News for 1.6 billion dollars, Tucker Carlson is still spewing non-stop lies and spin, the Orange Traitor is getting even more desperate to avoid prison and the maggots are still calling for civil war. Daily mass shootings are normalized, Twitter is still absolute shit under Musk, truth and integrity are all but forgotten and the world’s population is still distracted, disinterested and divided as ever.

More the same, but worse. Oh, I almost forgot – that lying sociopath Jones got his butt sued (and lost) for over a billion dollars for spreading lies. Yeah, right. Like most of us couldn’t see that coming. He’s busy hiding assets and doing everything he can to avoid paying a dime.

Damn, I say that a lot because it’s always true. Science has made some progress on issues of importance, but it’s more of the same, always worse. We know know that science finally agrees that Antarctica and Greenland will completely melt and it’s not stoppable, something I’ve claimed for years. Yet scientists are still loathe to spell it all out on how bad it’s going to be. Their predictions are worse then before, i.e., “worst case scenario” now “far more likely”, but it’s still not the alarm I’ve been hoping for.

In the end, it does not matter because humanity still won’t step up to the plate and do what needs to get done. The same level of lip-service, empty promises, rhetoric and denial still exist, if anything, it’s “more of the same, but worse”.

As I’ve long said – we can’t replace the missing ice. Tell that to those southern Californian’s that are still trying to dig themselves out from the atmospheric rivers (9 so far this winter) that dumped huge amounts of snow over their towns and mountains. That’s not ice and it’s not going to help the Arctic ice cap or the Antarctic. Global temperatures continue to rise and all that excessive moisture is the direct result of excessive heat (which causes increased evaporation… which eventually falls back down in the form of water).

Deniers are going to deny, but yes, stupidity still prevails throughout the species. Nobody is going to change that until these people are gone. Some of them managed to kill themselves off drinking bleach and refusing to vaccinate or even stupidly going to COVID parties to deliberately get infected. A millions American deaths later you don’t hear about COVID parties anymore, but those that died from their own rampant stupidity barely dented the total percentage of the population that remains completely stupid.

The Orange Grifter is still grifting and still lying and still threatening and yes, sorry to say – still out of prison, but it’s not looking to good. We’ll see. We’ve been disappointed for so long and so often on this story that it’s anybody’s guess when or even “if” he’s finally going to be sent away. I certainly hope so, along with all of his henchman, of which includes the vast, vast majority of the Republican Party STILL IN OFFICE.

What were these voters thinking? They recycled that same failures BACK into office… that was stunning to behold, and as they agonize over the color of M&M’s and bogus investigation committees and wrangle their TV time into more whines and finger-pointing, their failures to actually DO anything for America continue to mount up. They’re catering to their base who functions solely from a position of fear and privilege, which they are very much afraid of losing.

Shockingly, women were badly disenfranchised last year as American women found their wombs being micro-managed by stupidstitions and ancient unjust laws. That was grounds enough for a real revolution but it didn’t happen. Now women are being forced to term against their will and the alleged “pro-life” crowd isn’t there to help the children or the homeless or the underemployed or the struggling moms or hell, even take any responsibility for impregnation. This is the typical behavior we’ve seen over an over again from the same pathetic losers who want to control everyone else except themselves.

It’s still the StupidNet online… only worse as I’ve come to expect. Offline, it’s still the same clowns, connedspiracy, bullshit, distraction and profit-making rape as before. There’s really no much point in pointing any of this out except to say you’re not alone if you are even in slight agreement with this assessment. We’re out there, watching, wondering, shaking our heads and keeping out distance as the world continues to go insane, especially within America.

Sanity is found in staying offline as much as possible and avoiding any and all screens. Find something else to do, something relevant to your life. I’ve kept myself busy, but admittedly, it’s been a long, long winter here with early snow, deep cold and dark skies. Definitely looking forward to spring where I can get outside again, breath some fresh air and enjoy some sunshine.


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