Still The StupidNet

This is fucking wonderful! December 7th, 2022 and I just reread my August “Narcissistic Assholes” post again. 100% dead right. Since then, I’ve found nothing but ample evidence that the stupidity on life online is still completely true. What a waste.

Two links I’ll post:

NO idea how well they will age as links die, but bascially it says what I’ve said – stop wasting your life online. It’s a stupid, pathetic way to live your life. I know – I did it for decades, and I’m sorry I did.

Online changed me, but not for the better. It’s not the technology that I’m against, it’s the fact that you are being manipulated and it can’t even be helped. You lose yourself in the end. Who and what you are. What made you “you”. Brains being programmed enmasse.

I remember ‘before the StupidNet’. What I was, what everyone was. I came from the world that didn’t know cell phones, let alone ubiquitous screens and cameras catching every moment of every life. Or streaming non-stop bullshit to everyone, everywhere. It was a different world. With fewer narcissistic assholes around.

That alone made it better. You didn’t have to wade every second of your life through endless bullshit being spewed from every screen. The weight on your shoulders and your mind was FAR less.

The StupidNet can be useful, but it’s actually extremely fucking dangerous to the human mind (and spirit). So whoever reads this in a thousand years – nobody listened to the warnings.

As for the rest of the brain dead idiots that think abdicating their ability to think – I don’t want anything to do with any of you. You and your non-social media bullshit. Your 15-seconds of “fame” as you spin and twirl and pretend and posture. You’re a fucking joke.




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