Still Failing – Kevin Anderson

Kevin Anderson on our still failing efforts to actually address climate change:

This is actually an excellent interview that sums up the unfolding reality (horror show) without endorsing any of the falsehoods regarding this critical topic.

In summary:

The world is “signed up” to hold below 2C, but the reality is nobody – not a single country, is delivering any of the reductions necessary. So the impacts look bad and are set to get much worse.

Emissions continue to go up and get worse. There are no positive signs that we are actually addressing climate change.

The UK government has completely mis-scaled the significance of climate change. Most industrialized nations have failed to make the shift away from fossil fuels (and most do not intend to). We have not actually bothered to move away from fossil fuel.

Leaders are unequipped to deal with climate change. They are not prepared to accept what the science tells us.

Greenwashing is simply lying. Ministers continue to lie about climate change.

COP conferences aren’t solving the crisis. Leaders need to meet without their lawyers and economists present.

The science has won out over the denialsphere and fossil fuel industry, but civilization is unprepared to question the inherent problems with our civilization. An untruthful narrative is publicly portrayed instead without actually telling how bad things are.

Mitigation denial is rampant and deliberate, even by the experts, who refuse to address the scale of cuts and emissions required. Modern society needs to be fundamentally reshaped (redesigned). The very people that shaped the “climate agenda” are in the same group as the high emitters who are completely unprepared to accept the implications and even their own science. A fundamental redesign is evident, but still broadly denied and ignored. Significant and rapid changes are overdue and essential.

The non-scientific community is making a bigger impact (calls to action) than the science community itself, even pushing the scientific community itself to be more direct. It’s being driven by this “gaggle of civil society”.

This is exactly what I’ve been trying to convey for many years now. Both policymakers and even scientists are failing us, nobody is willing to address the root causes and fundamental problems of our civilization itself, and unless that happens, it’s just going to be more and more massive failures. The entire process is failing while pretending to be making improvements. Yet this is the only narrative that is being reported – one that is massively dishonest and deceptive. It’s far worse then anyone seems to imagine.


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