Stephen Hawkins Dies

If you want to gauge how hopeless the human race really is – just read the comments the are being published regarding the death of Stephen Hawkins tonight.

A great many of them are absolutely horrible. Absolutely unbelievable.

Apparently some people just think it’s perfectly okay to take a massive shit wherever they want. A lot of them are in England (apparently) and in America. Brain dead fools spewing hatred and vile comments. Animals – every last one of them.

It’s reminders like this that make me want to just walk away from all of it. Get off planet somewhere. Somewhere where stupidstitions, ignorance, arrogance and Trumpers don’t exist. Planet Earth is out of the question, it’s infected with these idiots everywhere now. And that train wreck announced (already) that he was going to run for office again. What arrogance.



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