Something For Nothing

This might be remembered as one of America’s first food riots:

Scuffles began breaking out around 7 a.m. with people shoving, pushing, and taking a door off its hinges, bringing police in dozens of cars, authorities said.

There were no serious injuries or arrests, police spokeswoman Anne E. Schwartz said. Nor did police ask people to leave.

Charline Britt was crushed against a door and passed out. She felt feet stomp on her back as people rushed into the center when the doors opened at 8 a.m., she said. Scuffles for Wisconsin Food Vouchers

“The food crisis in Milwaukee “” and throughout the United States “” is worse than many of us have realized,” Hines said in a statement. “We expect long lines for free food in Third World countries; we don’t expect a line of 2,500 people waiting for food vouchers at the Marcia P. Coggs Center.”

Update: here’s a pic of the breadline in Milwaukee —

There are a lot of people who do not believe the conclusions I have shared on this blog when it comes to food, climate, police state, politics or collapse.

The news links I share in support of these views are not fabrications, not by me anyway. They are the ‘evidence’ that these conclusions are happening, right now, all over the world, as a series of events and circumstances as it pertains to the collapse of our civilization.

There are a growing number of stories each day that ‘document’ these events in differing parts of the world. Americans often feel immune, even indifferent to these events, because it is not happening here. Not as badly as it is now happening elsewhere. Not yet, but soon.

Did you know that there is an energy shortage now in 102 countries? Or that today’s blog post on Bangledesh means the destruction and displacement of at least 150 million people in your lifetime? And that’s just one country.

All over the world the news is getting worse and worse as I said it would. This is what collapse means, the unraveling of our civilization down to base behavior and basic survival. Food riots in Wisconsin? Sure, just a tiny taste of what’s coming our way.

The food availability situation in the United States continues to worsen, in an already bad grain situation. Remember the “world record harvest now a requirement every year in order to feed the world” covered on this blog? Climate is having a huge impact on this non-existent goal (as in it will never happen).

There is a LOT of misplaced hope and anger “out there”. Let me state this perfectly clear: GET OVER IT AND GET BUSY ON YOUR OWN SURVIVAL.

I don’t have a dog in this race, so pointing to the messenger is pointless, it’s a sign of denial and uncertainty. It is also highly counterproductive for two reasons: you’re not taking the actions necessary for your own survival and instead are concentrating on the denial / anger aspects and two, I’m ready to stop telling the world what’s coming down.

I’ve come to realize some really big and important truths. Our future is immutable, we cannot change it now. Anyone that claims we can is either a liar, deluded or worse (they’ve got their hand in your pocket). The only thing we can change, that we can count on, and that we can ALL benefit from, is our own individual response. But that response needs to be effective, efficacious, and energized.

Anything less then this is a waste of your time. Anything “above this” as in ‘governmental solutions’ or industry ‘promises’ and other claptrap is a waste of your time. Actually, almost everything nowadays is a complete waste of your time, but I well realize the sheer futility of trying to convey that particular message. Only those that ‘get it’ and are deadly serious about their chances of survival or those of their loved ones are going to stand even half a chance of any measure of success.

As several recent links have shared, scientists are constantly reassessing the severity of climate change. This means what we all fear: starvation. If you are not working towards food production, then you are committing your future to what we are all being told is fast disappearing. Many countries around the world are in peril right now for lack of food. It can happen here. It will happen here. We’re all glad we’re “not there”, but we really all are North Koreans now.

We’d like to think we are different, but this ethnocentric viewpoint is highly inaccurate. Our technological dependency is our weakness now, and not our strength. Cuba survived a massive shortage of petroleum and food by reverting back to the land. This too is our only true hope, and make no mistake, it is a very, very slim hope in reality, because unlike the Cuba crisis, the world is now facing a ‘triple whammy’ of catastrophic proportions.

It is true that only the best prepared are going to stand any real chance at all. This is not something that can be done overnight, or even in a few years. The time and commitment investment that is required is all-out, full-time, focused and dedicated towards self-sufficiency and learning of skills. It can’t be done when writing blog entries or bitching about them. Both groups, myself included, are wasting precious irreplaceable time.

We are not going to be able to save our civilization. Every effort that proposes to do this is sheer folly. We should not try to save the civilization that created this mess in the first place. Think about it. What we need is a new ethic, encompassing the whole of the earth and human habitation on this planet. Reforming this present civilization is a total waste of time because it only engenders the same failed paradigm of the past. It is a dangerous LIE that we can make the corrective measures and “fix” our past mistakes, this is what humans have desperately tried and failed to do for hundreds of years now. The people that promote this have a vested interest in keeping you to their grindstone as you whittle away your lives for their benefit. Do NOT fall for this.

While our desire may be to continue to have the good life, understand that the good life is what killed our planet. It’s that bloody simple. It impoverished entire nations, depleting and poisoning the environment and wiped out tens of thousands of species of plant and animal life, while creating an entire world of worker-slaves for the sole benefit of the plantation owners. It was NOT worth it.

We CAN have a good life, but it will be a much different life then we have today. A more wholesome, healthy and earthy existence that lives in cooperation with the Earth and not against it. That day is far into the future of humanity still, as we must first unwind this world, stripping the gears clean. That process is going to mean a whole lot of dying by humans. This is now completely unavoidable and it will happen whether we do ‘something’ or whether we do nothing at all.

But we are wasting on irreplaceable time on a whole lot of ‘next to nothings’ or worse-then-nothings right now. The lifeboat communities are not being designed or built. The essential skills and training for a world without energy are not being learned. The conversion from a highly energy dependent civilization to low-tech, low-energy demands are not being planned out.

What this means is what this blog is all about – crash, collapse and implosion of our civilization. I gave up a long time ago to talk about sustainability, now I’m trying to convey some common sense. Connect the dots for yourself. They paint the picture of a world not very far off in our future (two years?) where we are fighting each other to the death for the remaining scraps that are still left.

Sure it’s bleak, but then again, so is reality. Get over it and get used to it. Embrace collapse and adapt — or perish. You have no other choice in any case. Denial, argument and anger are counterproductive, accomplishing nothing and wasting everything (your life, your time, your energy, your money and the world’s resources by keeping you alive). Humanity WILL move forward, through the fires of collapse, period.

Nobody knows what will be found on the other side, but it won’t be the world we have today. What will remain, what we can be reasonably sure of is that humans will once again, set about rebuilding what they can, and taking the advantage wherever they can. In other words, humans won’t have changed very much. Our cultural expectations are deeply ingrained in us, and only by the time of multiple generations of post-collapse survivors can we truly hope for a cultural change of human life in cooperation with the Earth. By then, the last vestiges of this civilization will have crumbled into dust.

In the meanwhile, it will remain business as usual. This (s)Election season promises the same failed and empty rhetoric they all do and nothing is going to change. Eventually, America will abandon Iraq to its radioactive soils and empty oil fields, self-congratulating itself on a job well done and ignoring the millions it has slaughtered. The lives lost and the total body counts will remain meaningless to all but the immediately affected. And justice will NEVER be served (how could it?).

The climate will create new wars in new lands as we compete for water, land and resources. Millions will be displaced, with the diseased, dead and dying found in every country on earth. But humans won’t have changed as they fight each other for their daily survival.

The days of democracy are already now past, but the lip-service and pretense will continue for a short while, if only to keep the natives from rising up. Democracy and resource shortages do not make good bedfellows and never have.

The days of abundance are now gone, the world is experiencing a shortage of everything. That’s because there are too many people on this rock, a self-evident truth that nobody wants to talk about, much less deal with. Don’t worry though, that problem is starting to resolve itself as starvation and disease set in. The war-mongering monstrous Neocons will also rack up as many to the body count as they can get, but don’t expect the Democrats to do any better, they won’t.

Effectively, the world and all that we know is “toast“, but this is going to happen decades sooner then everyone is predicting. This is so true that it staggers the imagination. It is absolutely pointless to go on pretending otherwise. All we’re doing is hoping to buy ourselves a little more time — and failing quite badly to do even that. All you can do is decide now how you like your toast — buttered or burnt?

But that is what is “on the menu” from here on out. A finite world mismanaged by humans runs out of finite resources rather quickly, especially when our population rabidly increases to unmanageable numbers. Toss in the exponential function (Bartlett) and you quickly realize that everything that is going on today is nothing more then a desperate shell game of sheer futility and folly. Go on and hate the messenger and pretend it isn’t so, but you will wake up one day and realize the horrifying truth of your own folly if you do not heed this message.

I well realize that there is not much you can do in reality, even for those who heed the message and take to heart what all of these connections mean. But you can do something, which is better then doing nothing, or remaining in angry denial.

You can ready yourself and your family for a world without civilizations false hope of ‘something for nothing’. This is a basic fundamental belief of modern civilization that says “it will always get better in the future”, which was predicated on things like cheap and abundant energy and technology. Not so, not this time. This time, we’re going back. That’s what you’re to get ready for, get ready to unwind the mainspring and go backwards in time to a time when life was more difficult, and you actually had to take responsibility for your own life.

Get ready for that, because that is exactly what is coming your way.

Related: Climate, Code Red (*.pdf) — “We are on course to kill off much of the biosphere”.

“The polar icecap this year floated in water about 3.5°C warmer than its historical mean”. This is HUGELY significant, since it means the higher water temperatures restrict the absorption and “sinking” of CO₂ (“CO2 is not being taken down into the deep water”).

It gets worse: “CO2 levels in the oceans will rise to a point where, by 2050, ocean acidification will reach a level considered to be equivalent to industrial waste by the US’s own water quality standards”. This means the extinction of nearly ALL marine life.

“we are on the road to a hellish future, nor for what we will do, but for what we have already done.”

A few quotes:

There aren’t many people around with the courage to present the stark brutal truth about climate change. Anxious not to scare people into inaction, or be dismissed as alarmist, even climate activists and researchers regularly downplay the urgency and severity of climate change, and the profound emergency response that it demands.

As Spratt and Sutton contend, we must be brutally honest about our situation and doubly practical about the solution(s). For far too long we have allowed vested interests, and the bureaucrats mastered by them, to marginalise our scientists, environmentalists, innovators and visionaries; those who have been attempting to inform us of the deadly ramifications of our impacts on the Earth’s climate and ecosystems.

“Climate Code Red” logically, systematically and in straight-talking language demonstrates that the science is in and our time is nearly past. Fortunately we are presented with a small window of opportunity to make the necessary transition to sustainability; the only option which will give us some chance of surviving, with other species and ecosystems, on a living planet worth inhabiting. “Climate Code Red” clearly presents the recent findings from the world’s eminent climate scientists of much faster than predicted global warming. We have a full-scale emergency; the greatest threat to life on Earth as we know it. We must act accordingly to solve global warming now. Clearly it would be madness to accept climate change policies which are compromised and likely to lead to environmental collapse. We cannot accept failure as an option.

This is a very frightening but seemingly clear-eyed, well-informed, and sober consideration of the weight of evidence and argument relating to the imminent and quite possibly cataclysmic impacts of climate change. It clearly has been written as a wake-up call and antidote to the arguably sanitised and politically nuanced and conservative risk communications officially reporting on the state of the planet in the context of climate change. The report provides a compelling catalogue of the reasons why we should be very worried, why we should be far more engaged, individually and collectively, nationally and internationally, in doing something about this situation, and, indeed, why there should be a formal declaration and acknowledgment of a global state of emergency.

It has been increasingly alarming to read IPCC reports and see climate advocacy groups effectively giving up on setting targets that will provide a safe climate. While a 2″“2.4ºC temperature increase is cited as politically realistic, what has been missing is acknowledgement that even if we managed to achieve stabilisation at this temperature cap, we risk extraordinary loss of people and species and a planet that is inhospitable to our children and grand children.

The report “Target Practice” validated my worst fears that the world is facing a crisis far beyond that which anyone is prepared to admit. If we do manage to survive this our societies, industries and economies will need to be turned inside out. The alternative is too hard to contemplate: mass starvation, political and social chaos, ecological collapse and epidemics of unseen proportions.


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5 thoughts on “Something For Nothing

  • June 23, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    Admin – this an excellent summation of all you have been warning about and of the current situation. Be assured the message has not been wasted – there are untold numbers of us who have “got the word” and are dedicated to doing what we can about it. Most of the world is blind and deaf, even reading or hearing about reality; but, some of us are not. We appreciate your efforts on our behalf. Don’t give up on us, but take care of you and yours first. See you on the “other side”. Sarge.

  • June 24, 2008 at 6:27 am

    Sarge, I also believe there is a diversity of people who agree with you and John on this. I assume from your tag and old post that you and I do not have a lot of quantity in common, but we do have a few key points of agreement of high quality that trumps the others.

    The beast is on our back and the teeth are now sinking in. The carotid has been pierced. Blood pressure is falling. The lights will be dimming sooner than I ever imagined.

    We created and birthed the beast. It is the result of our choices. It is a necessary reaction of life if it is to continue. 6, 9, 12 billion selfish egos cannot all drive SUV’s to MacDonalds. Accept and prepare. We cannot change the world. Just ourselves.

  • June 24, 2008 at 2:40 pm

    It seems one of the most difficult tasks is to try to garden intensively (now) while at the same time continue to learn about foraging. There’s never enough time in a day.
    Eventually this gardening habit might not be possible whether due to those mutant zombie biker hordes, weather freakiness, or hungry wildlife or some other anomaly. For the last two nights, something (?raccoon?) has gone into the garden and neatly severed whole, intact corn plants from their root zone–with almost laser precision. It actually appears a swift sword went through leaving the corn plant lying on its side out in the walking path. Then, the plant isn’t even eaten. Expect the unexpected.

    On a positive note, the ground nuts, Apios Americanus, are sending up vines seemingly everywhere, so many of them will be transplanted this fall out of the garden. I cannot emphasize enough how easily this high-protein underground tuber can grow, yet not even be noticed by others.

  • June 24, 2008 at 3:18 pm

    Thank you Admin for keeping us so informed.

    I especially like this line: “We are not going to be able to save our civilization. Every effort that proposes to do this is sheer folly. We should not try to save the civilization that created this mess in the first place. Think about it.”

    I blog at other forums, but mostly I blog on my local paper. Of course I’ve been censored, but much of what you print here finds its way on to the local paper blog.

    And I have the same things thrown at me that you, Admin, have thrown at you. One accused me of being a Nihlist, wanting to destroy civilization and in its aftermath, create a leftist utopia. You are so right when you say you “…donâ’t have a dog in this race, so pointing to the messenger is pointless.” But many point to the messenger. They want to say stop, turn it off, can’t handle it.

    My son refuses to listen to me or rolls his eyes. He is 18, so more is going on than a simple difference in point of view of course. But I have told him that the skills most sought after in the future will be horticulture, water harvesting, and passive energy systems.

    We live in a time of disconnection. People are only caught up in the amusement of the world to escape the drudge of their daily lives. Now take that drudge and turn up the needle. You have global warming “Code Red.” How can you drive home the point to wage slaves that we are heading over the cliff – resource depletion, poisoning of the oceans, and climate change affecting the food supply.

    You are so right admin when you say there will be massive starvation. And unless we transform our economy radically and quickly to more passive energy and “renewables,” we will starve too. The problem is, as you stated above, civilization is not worth saving. So why should we fight at all to save the planet?

    I believe the answer to that question is somewhat straightforward. All species and plant life is under attack from our burning of fossil fuels. And remember Bartlett, I think the price of oil will continue to rise and SHOULD continue to rise. I want it to rise. It will slow fossil fuel consumption and perhaps save the planet. Even the neocons are pushing electric vehicles (McCain came out in support of this technology). And I’m now reading about vehicles that run strictly on sunpower. If they can run on sunpower, why can’t agricultural machines?

    But again, I struggle when I come back to your question Admin. Should we give a damn whether civilization is saved? I don’t want to save it if it remains like it is. But I do want to save life on the planet, non-human life, completely guiltless when it comes to global warming.

    Today I was mowing paths through my forest. A baby deer, less than a week old, darted out of the high grass in front of me. Her mom met me at my small pond. She wanted me to chase her, willing to sacrifice herself for her baby. After mowing down another path, I reversed direction and came back up it. There on the hill was the mother deer. Again, willing to stand in the open to get me to chase her so that her baby could survive.

    Likewise, should we back away from trying to save Mother Earth, even if it means our own destruction?

    I am learning to garden Admin. Thank you!

  • June 25, 2008 at 4:14 am

    “We cannot solve problems by using the same kind of thinking that created them in the first place.” – Albert Einstein

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