SOFEX – Mass Murder By ALL Governments

These clips are an absolutely must watch.

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

Just for your information, this is repeated in Europe too (Defence Systems Equipment International- DSEi) at an even BIGGER location.

SOFEX - Mass Murder


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One thought on “SOFEX – Mass Murder By ALL Governments

  • January 17, 2013 at 7:59 pm

    The OUTRAGEOUS hypocrisy of the multi-billion dollar arms business, where sworn enemies line up like pigs at a trough, purchasing billions of dollars every year in modern murder machines, elbow to elbow like competing predators at a watering hole, who then ordering the sons and daughters of the world to fight to the death at their behest, while these bedecked bastards call down destruction from afar.

    You should be ENRAGED.

    The absurdity of this should be clear, especially as our deceptive President claims his country is threatened by peaceful gun-owners, who simply want to be left alone, while at least 16 major American defense contractors sell billions to America’s “enemies” and “allies”.

    Wake the fuck up people. You should be ENRAGED.

    It is not the gun-owning citizen that is the threat in the world, or impairing the safety of the country.

    It is the politicians, lobbyists, governments, generals and murderous mentality embraced by all these rotten evil bastards and the “defense” contractors and every son of a bitch that is involved in this cycle of death for profit that threatens YOUR SAFETY WORLDWIDE.

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