Sliding Downward Still

Hehehe, no surprise here – U.S. Fails To Measure Up On ‘Human’ Index.

One of my elderly customers, who is 91 offered me some advice – eat very little beef or pork. She’s got friends near 100 and that’s their secret they claim. I don’t doubt it, considering all the crap they put into our food these days. If you eat store bought meat, you’re really eating a pharmaceutical companies wet dream.

Here’s more on the #1 country in the world – American inequality highlighted by 30-year gap in life expectancy.

American’s just aren’t getting any breaks, are they? There is a reason why we’ve slipped in standing on health, economy, morality, lawfulness and of course, freedom and human rights. Amazing what a Beelzebub for a President can do for the country.

While Shrub gets plenty of my ire these days, he’s not alone by no means in the decline of the American empire. He’s joined by the entirety of the federal government, State governments, city bureaucrats, US military and all of corporate America. My level of absolute DISGUST (in bold, capital letters) really is pretty broad, but honestly, it’s not just limited to American indifference and malfeasance.

Once again, we are blatantly lied to by the American media, Congress and every capitalistic whore in the country. The critical issues of our day remain almost entirely unaddressed and are too unimportant for journalistic honesty or ethical stewardship.

To be quite frank, I cannot stand the business as usual model any more and can barely bring myself to write about it. I can’t even think about any of this without it boiling my blood. Our impotence as a people, as human beings, to expect the right things anymore is maddening. We’re like grasshoppers with our arms and wings lopped off, all we can do is loll around and munch down on whatever is available.

I really don’t even want to talk about any of it anymore. It’s all so utterly worthless. All of it. Flapping our gums and pounding on our keyboards, over and over and over again, accomplishing exactly zilch, while everything goes literally to hell all around us. There are killers running loose and we don’t seem to be able to stop them.  I can’t hardly see the point to it anymore, or even if there ever was one.

And I don’t know why I should talk about any of this anymore, I don’t know why anyone should. Business as usual in this god-forsaken country means we are all dead men. It means that we will go on raping and pillaging and destroying our way in the misguided quest to the ‘good life’ for as long as we possibly can, and to hell with everything else. Don’t you dare question whatever is wrong with this country, we’ll gitmo your ass to Guantanamo!

An intelligent species, especially one claiming dominance would adequately respond to the global issues and emergencies popping up all over the world in some effective fashion or another, before it was too late, but such is not going to happen among the vast majority of homo sapiens, who remain as fixated as ever on ‘a dream’ of vaporizing reality.

The rest of us who are keenly interested in doing whatever we can remain far too few in number with a less then zero effectiveness to do anything of real significance, except employ desperate measures geared towards our personal survival, which is what I’ve been doing, working my butt off everyday. This means that we will also go down with the ship, since when civilization collapses, so will most of us.

I’m trying to lower this cause and effect calamity in my own life, staying very busy focusing on personal survival preparations and strategies. But I think we’re all really totally screwed if you want an honest opinion. Our survival instincts neatly match up with our real survival options (zilch).

In reflection, with the clarity of hindsight, we can see the warning signs that were ignored 20, 30, even 40 or more years ago. Our failure though isn’t just that we are failing to change in time, our failure also means we’ve failed to recognize that we’ve never changed in time. Disaster comes and it is now apparent that this was never going to be avoided.

It’s a really lousy world we are leaving for our children — Seymour Hersch, The Nation

The news is full of banking failures, which are nothing more then symptoms to a much greater problem plaguing our civilization. Banks fail due to loans that are not repaid, which is a sign of a faltering economy (and bad policy). Economies fail because of resource shortages and more bad policy, such as exporting jobs and manufacturing overseas. But even these practices are all tied into the availability and costs of resources (including human capital).

The vile American LYING media is behind much of this loathing and disgust. NOTHING these lying scumbags report can be counted on as accurate, truthful and sticking to the facts. I am starkly reminded of deliberate ineptitude as I scan the daily headlies.

We’re constantly being fed a stream of outright lies and fabrications, ‘detainees’ aren’t really entitled to any rights or due process since we’re too damn dumb to even consider them human beings. They’re illegally held civilian prisoners being denied rights to council, visitation, and due process; imprisoned without charges, denied media access, and tortured repeatedly until they confess to everything from shooting JFK to masterminding September 11th.

Once again, President Beezelbub illegally declares ‘executive privilege‘ and most of the lapdog media continues to soft-peddle this pornographic abomination as deserving nothing more then a ‘sharp protest’. A sharp protest from Congress? A ‘contempt of Congress’ is about as effective as wet napkin placed over the end of a rifle barrel.

The real crimes of Beezlebush have yet to be fully revealed, but we’ve caught many of the stories linking Bush to heinous crimes throughout the world. I suspect it’s highly doubtful that this mass-murderer will every be held accountable by any court of law anywhere in the world.

Here at home, Americans are at risk: The Power To Imprison U.S. Citizens Indefinitely, Without Charge, but even this pales in comparison to the tens of thousands of lives now extinguished by executive order. We also have more government surveillance, where once again, Congress rolled over for Beezelbush.

It’s beyond weird that the American Congress has proven to be so compliant, as is the general public acceptance of this ongoing travesty. But it does little good to complain about any of it anymore, which is one reason why I’ve toned it down lately, it’s just so terribly unproductive.

I’m much more interested now in turning my back on all of this and working towards issues which are practical, achievable and much more satisfying them tossing more words into the blowing wind.


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11 thoughts on “Sliding Downward Still

  • July 18, 2008 at 3:51 am

    I know, its frustrating to all of us. My only comfort is that there are people who are beginning to wake up as more and more people step forward and speak out. The late George Carlin has been telling us these truths for years…many people laughed, thinking it was funny, but it helped some of us open our eyes.

    Practical, achievable and satisfying work are, of course, best for everyone…but there’s nothing wrong with speaking out during the coffee or water cooler break.

  • July 18, 2008 at 8:06 am

    An interesting read over at Potential Future Hyperinflation

    Dollars are very vulnerable in this environment. If Treasuries are dumped, the Fed will monetize debt to make up the difference. Inflation will then accelerate, multi-trillion dollar deficits will worsen things, and a “self-feeding cycle of currency debasement and hyperinflation” will follow.

    Cash as we know it will disappear. A barter system and black market will replace it or possible introduction of a new currency. Since most money today is electronic, not physical, chances of it adapting “are practically nil.” With hyperinflation, electronic commerce would completely shut down and economic collapse would follow. Gold and silver will be invaluable. Holders could exchange them for goods and services.

    Physical goods will also be precious for survival and as a medium of exchange. Anything with a long shelf life may be stocked in advance, and providers of essential services could barter them for goods and other services. Forewarned is forearmed. Safety and liquidity are crucial. Anything retaining value is essential. Real estate, other currencies for example. Foreign equities and debt to a small degree because US financial assets hammering will spill everywhere.

    With all that to deal with, consider another dilemma – the likelihood of painful political change, civil unrest, disruptive violence, and utter chaos. If Williams is right and hyperinflation arrives, Katie bar the door on what may follow. Revolutions are possible with three notable last century ones to consider – in Russia, Weimer Germany and Nationalist China. In each case, the old order ended, everything changed, but not for the good. How does Williams advise? Evaluate one’s own circumstances, use common sense, and forewarned is forearmed. That will help, but hard times hurt everyone.

  • July 18, 2008 at 10:34 am

    “hard times” may hurt (and/or kill) everyone to a degree BUT NOT the ones who have deliberately orchestrated the capitalist fraud/slave state nearly as much.
    They’ll be just fine in Dubai, St Moritz, Monaco and Paraguay.

  • July 18, 2008 at 4:08 pm

    Bastille day didn’t turn out so well for those at the top of France’s pyramid scheme to finance an unpopular war… Eventually everyone gets to reap what they have sown.

    Most of the people preparing for the actual upcoming reality seem to be sowing: increased awareness, continued hard work without our reward, clear analytical thinking, and collaborative problem solving. No matter how unlikely it seems, that is what we will reap.

    Whatever Beezelbub and the blathering craptastic does now, ends up being totally irrelevant to our future lives. (damage was done, all they are now is annoying and a potential distraction.)

    When the media sets all the rules for discourse, if we participate in any way, it only energizes their narrative and enables them to talk about it more. The only winning move for us, is not to play. (and we have our own game afoot anyway that is a lot more productive and infinitely more enjoyable.)

  • July 19, 2008 at 4:00 am

    The facts speak for themselves. We are one hell of a dangerous third world country. Armed to the teeth, military everywhere, and a failed experiment in democracy.

    If we think clearly about it, it seems pretty clear that our government has two primary purposes. First, to secure financing through taxes on small businesses and its citizens for its purposes (or just print money). Second, to spend those taxes pursuing the interests of businesses of sufficient scale to bribe the power structure.

    You and I are not in the game except as one more revenue center. “Of, by, and for the people” is total bullshit. It is one more consensus meme trotted out to polish our egos while screwing us. We are the victims of economic “slash and burn”, and the big players are just moving on to greener (unburned) pastures.

    There is probably no point in talking about it. We are not in the game. Do we do this because we imagine we are in this game? Does understanding the nuances of how we are indelibly screwed make any difference?

    My wife and I are now searching for a home we can own outright. Any look at the real estate market makes it clear that lives are crumbling and the fraud of the American Dream is finally being experienced. But nobody talks about it. We are a big ass dysfunctional alcoholic family hoping dad is just a social drinker. We see what we wish to see while those who have tried to negotiate with reality are losing everything.

    It is very hard to witness the suffering.


  • July 19, 2008 at 3:38 pm

    I still wonder why other people can’t see the system for what it is (rigged, lopsided and truly evil to all life and living and happiness).

    The system IS the game, designed to extrude all productive capacity and personal growth and health from every living human on the planet while enslaving us as ‘connedsumers’ from birth till death.

    Any organized effort always follows the same failed approach: reform the system by modifying the system, which means its a total waste of time and effort and doomed to fail.

    We’re not even picking the right ‘players’, those that step up to the plate to swing the bat fail to hit the ball or even understand that game is rigged from the start.

    Every single proposal commonly accepted as a possible ‘solution’ is inadequate and doomed before it even starts. EVERY SINGLE ONE. There is no solution in the system — how could there be?

    The system needs to die — all of it. As soon as possible. Anything and everything that proposes to keep it alive a minute longer is working against all life on this planet.

  • July 19, 2008 at 5:26 pm

    Is it the system thats needs dieing or the people in the system? Without people the system or a system would just float there in space, kinda speak. It’s the human element that has screwed up everything that they have touched on this earth.

  • July 19, 2008 at 6:41 pm

    That depends on your point of view. Just watched a video with Robin Williams in it, one of his lines was “People are ok, it’s the business that I don’t like”. Too true, but this thought doesn’t go far enough.

    It’s really the people too. Americans are terribly spoiled and very soft, too many believe in their divine right to destroy everything as the ‘necessary price’ for their grandiose living, taking everything and giving absolutely nothing at all back. This is totally contrary to nature and cannot last forever without implosion. We could do without all of these people just fine.

    But ultimately, it is the system that needs to die, because the system creates and supports this type of person and lifestyle and perpetuates it to a higher and higher degree, which is really a form of death. It’s why we have fifty-thousand copies of everything in every imaginable shape, color, size and performance. There is no valid reason why we should have such environmentally expensive variety, it’s only making some careless corporation rich while depleting our world of critical resources.

    We’ve accepted this as how life is, ie., business as usual, capitalism, the free market and all that rubbish, but do we REALLY NEED this? No, of course not. If we were intellectually honest, we’d start counting the true costs of our environmental demands for every single human product manufactured. But we dare not, because it would challenge the very basis of our present existence and the system that supports it.

    We are really still the same peoples we were 10,000 years ago when the system that creates this terrible imbalance of life didn’t exist. Since that time, we have destroyed most of the natural environment that once kept us all alive FOR FREE and developed an entirely artificial expectation of the world. All of our institutions today are built around promoting this ficticious belief. “Get a job, have a career, work towards retirement”, what a load of absolute RUBBISH this really is.

    Such a world will never be in harmony or cooperation with the real world, the natural world that sustains us all. This is a glaring truth that must finally be acknowledged (but probably won’t be yet). The system and all that it contains is actually against all life, even ours. We are taught to believe otherwise, but it is simply not true.

    Only life that promotes all other life is true living. A life worth living is a life that values the living. But on the same hand, not all things living like the things that are actually destroying us should be left alive.

  • July 20, 2008 at 5:23 pm

    It is absolutely true that the system is rigged from the start. Most of us did not realize that years ago and it took me a long and gradual period of years of eye-opening to realize that it’s all a scam. Total scam. Voting. Paying taxes. Institutionalized everything. Money. And more. We are like guinea pigs or maybe even cockroaches to our handlers–just warm bodies, our children being fodder for more wars, fought to steal more resources.
    Once you realize the scamness or riggedness of it all, the blinders come off and it’s like a new day, a new dawn. You can look at the world in a very different way.

    And no, it doesn’t mean you’re no longer in the crosshairs of the global elite, but with a different perception of it all, you are better armed for the world of the future.

  • July 22, 2008 at 7:09 pm

    No, I don’t read anything of Deyo’s, no matter what it is. I know him from way back and I simply won’t read anything he writes because I know what he is.

    However, Lonewolf gave me a heads up on this. I received a letter from Mountain House a few days ago myself, they are done selling #10 cans through 2009, they will limit their remaining production to the chosen few I guess.

    Well, it’s always good to know which side your bread is buttered on. Take it for what it’s worth, food shortages are very real.

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