Site Changes

I’ve been busy the past few days making changes to the website. The 2008 prices are coming out in just a few days, and I’m finding this is taking up plenty of my time.

Also, there are a lot of minor changes that are being incorporated into the existing site, corrections, etc. This is always a time I’m pretty busy with the new year changes and I’m not updating the blog much.

Plenty of snow here, staying warm and dry. My new woodstove is performing better then my last, glad to reduce my level of smoke inhalation. I’ve also been sick, treating myself with amoxicilan in the hopes I effect a cure, otherwise, I’ll head off to the chop shop.


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One thought on “Site Changes

  • December 23, 2007 at 10:11 pm

    May the Holiday Season and New Year bring us all much peace, happiness, health and propserity. Thanks Admin for all you do to facilitate the engagement here.

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