Signs of Collapse

Not a day goes by where there isn’t some foreboding sign of collapse being reported in the news. Here are today’s:

ATLANTA – Ponds and swamps are becoming eerily silent. The familiar melody of ribbits, croaks and chirps is disappearing as a mysterious killer fungus wipes out frog populations around the globe, a phenomenon likened to the extinction of dinosaurs.

“This is the precedent of a disease working its way across an entire species on the scale of all mammals, all birds or all fish,” said Joseph Mendelson, curator of herpetology at Zoo Atlanta and an organizer of Amphibian Ark. “Humans would be absolutely stupid if they didn’t pay attention to that.”

Amphibians “” of which frogs make up the majority “” are a vital part of the food chain, eating insects that other animals don’t touch and connecting the world of aquatic animals to land dwellers. Without amphibians, the insects that would go unchecked would threaten public health and food supplies. Amphibian ‘Ark’ Planned To Save Frogs

A desperate attempt to prevent or lessen global warming is being battled by planting trees, preferably billions of trees:

“Worldwide, the rate of deforestation stands at about 13 million hectares per year with trees cut for timber and fuel amounting to 3.1 billion cubic metres in 2005.”

“And while it may not be possible to halt climate change, efforts must be directed to adaptation with the focus being on the most affected groups and in this case, the farmers. For if these fail to adapt then they are likely to perish.” A Million Trees? No, We Need A Billion.

The housing market is also in noticable decline in at least 40 states:

“WASHINGTON – The slump in housing deepened in the final three months of last year with sales falling in 40 states and median home prices dropping in nearly half the metropolitan areas surveyed.” Housing Sales Drop In 40 States.

And here at home, the dissent is reaching new height:

“President Bush and many of those around him are violent and delusional psychopaths. They have absolutely no conscience about what it is they are doing. They are natural born killers. They represent a clear and present danger to themselves as well as to others. They meet the clinical definition and every criteria for the involuntary civil commitment of the dangerously mentally ill. They meet the requirement hands down and on all counts. And every other elected leader in Washington D.C. has a responsibility to get him off the street and out of the seat of our government no matter what it takes and without another second’s delay.” Mr. President, Look Out

There is, of course, much more, such as the troop surge in Afghanistan now underway. Bush’s brand of democracy obviously included these people.

How can this be possible? How can people continue to permit the global destruction, wonton death and indifference? Maybe this is one way how it’s being done – mind control (video).


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12 thoughts on “Signs of Collapse

  • February 16, 2007 at 1:35 pm

    You’ve never been as prolific as you are now. You are simply mirroring the events of the outer world as they happen in rapid fire succession. The singularity is fast approaching but the next 3-4 months will not witness the onset of doomsday. Some key indicators to watch out for are the price of gold (around $ 1,000.00 and ounce) and oil (at about $ 100.00 a barrel WTI). The other key number is the amount of oil production in OPEC and particularly Saudi Arabia (they are currently at slightly less than 9 million barrels per day) – if Saudi oil wells and their supergiant Al Ghawar cannot ratchet up production to meet rising world demand (esp. China and India), then something will give. DEmand destruction will lead to societal and economic desruction and then the great unraveling will begin in earnest and I believe it will be a fast crash (and not the slow crash or the long emergency that you along with others predict.) Why I believe it will be a fast crash is that the only thing supporting the vast infrastructure known as global capitalism is people’s faith and belief that the system will keep on running day after day as it has for the past 500 years. But once the realization dawns on them that, Oh shit we’re in in a real f*cking mess, then that’s it game over, head for the hills, buy gold. Get clear of the collapse.

  • February 16, 2007 at 2:47 pm

    MUST WATCH – REALLY really really – WATCH

    “Nick Begich; Are You a Manchurian Candidate?”
    Simultaneously chilling and exhilarating in potential and consequence
    I don’t know whether to sink or swim, laugh or cry, shit or go blind, piss or puke, et al.
    … talk-about “mind-blowing”

    I downloaded this for ‘frequent review’ – haven’t yet ‘dug further’ (my hole deeper).

    1. this ‘could rather explain’ ‘a whole world of shit/hurt’ – both regional, global and personal
    2. ‘positive’ applications – ‘maybe’ (yeah, right) – if (unlikely) we have the time left (‘civ’ remains intact)
    3. EVERY technology ever developed by man has been intentionally implemented to yield (maximum) harm ( usually to sieze/maintain ‘power’, weatlh, control, subjugation, dominance, hegemony, etc) – AKA, Always.
    4. Evil (always) prevails in the affairs of man because as Burke admonished, “All that is necessary to the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing”
    This will/can be no different since man has not changed since when he defecated in the very cave he ate, copulated and slept in.
    5. NTM, “unintended consequences” – such as, to the biosphere, to other lifeforms, to our genome, to/in evolution, et al.)

    Holy Shit, Bushman!

    This ‘rather makes’ RFID chips as (potentially) irrelevant as potato chips – or buffalo-chips (cow-pie) in “The War on Us” – n’cest pas?


    Quick – NOBODY panic – at least not together
    (zero chance of that as few will notice and far fewer even want to know (anyfreakingthing)

    BTW, if ‘they’ can “download” to the brain, ‘they’ could probably develop a process to download from a brain – even your brain, perhaps even store ‘consciousness’?
    ( that is, IF anyone could actually find rational human brain ‘worthy’ of the disk space)

  • February 16, 2007 at 3:08 pm

    I’m just connecting the dots. The collapse is a process, not an event, and already well underway, thus “slow”. I’m not a fan of gold either, since it’s not edible, but others are (edible fans:)

    I watched the video twice, picking up more each time. Do we have the answer now why the apathy is so great? Why a tiny percentage of “unaffected” people are awake and aware of what is going on? Why so many nutcases believe in such bizarre futures?

    I don’t think a lot of this debate matters anymore. Fast or slow, mind control or not, the evidence of our common calamity abounds everywhere.

    My focus will now be on preparation and skill development, since I cannot do anything about any of the rest anyway.

  • February 16, 2007 at 3:39 pm

    “… preparation and skill development …”

    several ‘types’ of preparation and personal development are required

    speaking (only) for/of myself

    Strike 1: mental – (knowledge/information and rational synthesis)
    I already know too much – 99.99% of which is soon to be abundntly irrelevant. ANd, any alleged rationality is felt increasingly fleeting and continuously jeapordized.

    Strike 2: physical – health, vigor, strength, stamina
    again speaking for myself – forgedda’bout it, after a certain age (well past), uphill climbs are contraindicated.

    Strike 3: psychological – aka attitude, expectation, et al
    I’m gonna die ‘bushing’ anyway so why not just get it over with – and no one else gives a flyingshit (aka, bush), so why should I?

    You’re outta here, batter.
    Inning retired

  • February 16, 2007 at 6:59 pm

    I am reading into your replies (both lonewolf and SA) an excess of ego and personality. SA -you are better prepared due to your youth and your preparedness but you just as cynical as lonewolf nonetheless. Lonewolf – you seem to revel in the prospect of having one foot in the grave. You know too much, you have stared into the abyss and it is now staring back at you. (Actually you are just seeing your own gloomy reflection and it doesn’t look good.) You think you have 3 strikes against you, but it is not necessarily the bottom of the 9th inning (maybe the 8th). You still have another at bat. You always still have another at bat. The fat lady ain’t singing. Make a bet with Pascal that just for you yourself tomorrow will be better than today (intellectually, physically and psychologically). You are far too valuable an interlocutor to SA and to anyone else listening to disappear when TSHTF or when TEOTWAWKI arrives.

  • February 17, 2007 at 2:21 pm

    I think the collapse is drawin very close. But I agree with SA that it is a process. But the events in the process may potentially happen very quickly. That is my hope anyway. A faster crash will make the environmental destruction as a cause of opportunism in the wake of the collapse less significant.

    A prolonged crash is by far the most dangerous to me personally, since that would give people time to catch up with me.

    There are truely many horrible things that is going on these days. I think this may be the year when things start to go really wrong. Declines in Saudi Arabia is mentioned. Cantarell is proved to be in rapid decline. Put in a defeat of the US fleet in the straits of Hormuz and the shit is hitting the fan bigtime.

    I think I have an idea of how at least the Norwegian society works. When the stockmarket crashes, which will happen only a short time after a such an event, people will be asked to calm down, continue the business as normally as possible. Not letting the terrorists break us (haha).

    Dissent grows with empty shelves. Having no backup plan, the government will order all storages to be opened and food poured out, including farmer’s livestock to be killed and distributed. When the things fail to normalize, having eaten all the food, the dieoff begins.

    Hopefully the people with no livestock, crops or anything will due to lack of redistribution go to the cities where the food is distributed from the storages. When the food is gone, the people will be trapped there, killing eachother for food.

    One never knows however, demand and supply may break the system alone, but if civilisation is going to go to hell in 2007 and 2008 I think we need a nearly full scale defeat of the US fleet. 😉

  • February 17, 2007 at 5:43 pm

    OOPS! Watch the clip Stolen Kids Turned Into Terrifying Killers.

  • February 17, 2007 at 7:53 pm

    Let’s not.
    BUT, say that I did

    3 questions (multiple choice)

    1. Were you stolen – or a ‘Turner”?
    2. What’s your point?
    3. What’s in it for me?

  • February 17, 2007 at 7:54 pm

    Hereâ’s my ‘two cents worthâ’ on what has become a very interesting thread. The US naval force in the Middle East will not be defeated—because the firepower necessary to do so would need to include Russia and China—and would ultimately destroy the entire planet. There are more efficient ways for major players to checkmate the United States.

    Further, the most powerful world economic forces have an interest in milking the status quo for as long as they possibly can. They will simply continue to tell lies to the sheeple, who will—as readers of Survival Acres will understand—consume what they want to hear like hungry dogs being thrown a bone. There will come a time when the world population no longer serves the financial needs of the elite. The coming military conflict is not that time.

    I believe physical realities will create the collapse—those SA mentions in his post, plus more. The sea levels will begin to rise faster than anyone expects, destroying coastal cities, while the continents begin to turn into deserts—unable to produce food. At the same time, worldwide petroleum production will decline to the point where the current paradigm is no longer cost effective—and world populations no longer create wealth for the elite. Then collapse will be swift and devastating. These events are on the horizon…they will happen within our lifetimes.

  • February 17, 2007 at 10:19 pm

    bigfoot -you are watching the bouncing ball very well, but you are optimistic in thinking these events will happen in our lifetime. How much time do you have left? 20 years , 30 years? The event horizon is 5-6 years. The end game is more than half over – it started on 9-11 and it will end no later than 2013. We should all be in panic mode, but our lethargy won’t let us see the enormity of the impact or the rest of the world coming to realization that the 500 year game known as industrial/financial capitalism is coming to an end. It will happen when the investors , the rentier class, cash in their chips on a triple witch Friday sometime in 2007 or 2008. A quadrillion dollar derivative meltdown will occur that will render all assets (except gold and silver) virtually worthless. If you have a million dollars in presumed paper assets it will be worth no more than a ten dollar bill in terms of current purchasing power. Then the thermonuclear global war begins because that is the last resort that the capitalist class has to defend their position. It will truly be last man standing with the whole earth rendered into a wasteland – the only survival locations being the far polar regions and the underground and remote mountain bunkers that that the rich have prepared for themselves.

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