Signposts of Collapse

“Retail food prices are heading for their biggest annual increase in as much as 30 years, raising fears that the world faces an unprecedented period of food price inflation.”

“Market observers warn that food inflation over the next 18 months could have serious consequences in poor nations, where affordability could become a significant issue.” Fears Over Food Price Inflation

The increased prices on gasoline, food, housing, electricity, water and other essentials is fast outpacing the pitiful rise in wages and income. The transformation of America will result in depopulation, migration, political disintegration, cultural drift, and ecological change (Glimpsing the Industrial Age). A global depression is in the works, possibly triggered by China.

However, this news isn’t sinking through the public consciousness, still. As it turns out (surprise!) almost nobody wants to willingly change their lifestyle habits despite all of the warnings.

All of this information falls exactly into place as I’ve long said. As the collapse progresses, the ability to simply live will become harder and harder. A trigger event isn’t really needed. And has anybody besides me notice the tension and problems that are developing among everyday kind of people? It’s kind of strange, really. Anger, violence and serious clashes seem to be on the rise.

People seem to be having many more problems then usual too. Whatever this is, it seems to be related to the collapse, a collective disorder of discontent and outright evil. As the collapse deepens, these stress fractures are compressing to the breaking point and eventually, something will snap.

What I don’t think people are really preparing for is how these stress fractures will affect their lives, and how they intend to cope with them. I don’t know of much that really will prepare you for the coming fractures in family, friends, neighbors or even your relationship to ‘authority’ figures. But these issues are very real and are becoming more noticeable everyday. There are a ton of new police abuse videos online as the crackdown against dissent and free speech begins. I fully expect to see much, much more of this in the near future.

To put this into perspective, imagine if was America that had been invaded and attacked by a foreign power. The justification could be “terrorism” or a “rogue nation” (all which happen to be true) or perhaps something else. Many people in the world would support this action, until the bodies started piling up and the death tolls rose on both sides. Then, perhaps, public opinion would swing the other way and an outcry to stop the war and the slaughter would come to the forefront.

But what difference would that make to you and your family? Public opinion is effectively meaningless (it doesn’t actually prevent anything). What really matters is how you’re being permitted (or restricted) on how you live (or if you live). In the scenario above, war would bring gigantic stress factors which we can readily learn about by studying the current war in Iraq, or any other nations that has undergone war. But the damage would have already been done.

In the case of Iraq, America has created a huge chasm of animosity and hatred for it’s actions there that will never be forgotten for a thousand years. Our actions will reverberate throughout the Arab world for centuries. I doubt America is truly prepared to deal with that in all honesty. Ours has always been the quick fix, easy solution without regard for the long term consequences. This is in the opposite tradition to centuries long hatred and resentment held by other nationalities. We’re quick to make friends, and even quicker to make enemies. This type of behavior will come back to haunt us many times over.

I’ve used this analogy of war on purpose, because this is indeed what is going to happen here in America. America will be engaged in a war on it’s own soil. I’ve long dealt with signposts of collapse on a global perspective, and on specific issues such as drought or climate change in countries around the world. But war has a special significance to those who are faced with it’s consequences.

“A great civilization is not conquered from without until it has destroyed itself from within.” William Durant

America is collapsing, largely in part to it’s own inept behavior and decisions. Multiplied a hundred million times over, the consequences of this behavior aren’t that hard to predict. Even Americans are being disenfranchised nearly as rapidly as our so-called “Arab enemies”. How much longer can this go on before the pot cracks?

As global resources become scarce, and suppression of dissent increases, tensions will rise internally and externally and eventually, it will explode into a violent cauldron of pent of anger and frustration. This is a foregone conclusion, it doesn’t take a prophet to figure this one out.

And long before this happens, the internal tensions in this country will become unbearable. Of that, I am sure. It will be very hard to do anything. As I’ve said so many times, our world is diminishing, even in our relationships, our trust, our friendships and our families. We’re seemingly unable to regain control over these things. Apparently, this is true as the decline continues. And it’s no longer imperceptible anymore, but measurable with open, blatant actions and reactions now occurring everywhere.

Collapse is most often accompanied by war, so my allegations should not come as any surprise. In your preparations, you will need to take this all into account. Collapse won’t be easy, it won’t be quick and it won’t be without a lot of pain and suffering. And it won’t be avoided, as much as we may want to. Our collective behavior has now ensured it’s reality, and unfortunately, we’re going to have to endure it.


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4 thoughts on “Signposts of Collapse

  • May 24, 2007 at 2:56 pm

    personal observation

    Nabisco cookies at WalMart have be $2.00 per package for years. Last Monday, the sheif had some of less than 25% of the priduct line AND the price for each package is now $2.77. That’s an increase of 38.5% above the former price overnight.

    GV (wallyworld brand) 2% Milk was $0.40 per gallon higher (from $2.97 to $3.37)

  • May 24, 2007 at 3:11 pm

    So far in 2007

    gas to town plus $6/trip
    2 trips/mo in summer $12/mo

    milk plus $4/mo
    cookie plus $8/mo

    Just the above is plus $24/mo

    gas for generator to operate refrigeration
    1.25 gal/day

  • May 24, 2007 at 4:08 pm

    So far in 2007
    MY gas to town plus $6/trip
    2 trips/mo in summer $12/mo

    milk up $4/mo
    cookie up $8/mo

    Just the above is plus $24/mo

    gas for electrical generator (mostly to operate refrigerator)
    1.25 gal/day or 38 gal/mo
    increase jan-may 07 $0.50/gal = $19/mo

    INCREASE IN cost- just in 2007 (so far) – for me to have ‘milk and cookies’ before bed = $43/mo (increase) – which is:
    1. 140% of my Federal “cost of living” increase for 2007.
    2. and 4% of monthly income (Veterans Disabilty Compensation, service-connected, totally and permanently disabled (! ‘pays’ at “70% rate” !)

    $1.42 INCREASE PER DAY in 4 months per person JUST to have my glass of milk and 4 to 6 cookies for a bedtime snack!

    NTM other increased costs (e.g. Copper +500% in 3-4 years, all metals double or more, Portland Cement up 1000% if/when you can get it outside of China)

    Every stinking ‘thing’ is UGLY when it laps upon YOUR shores (crashes thru YOUR door, dumps in your lap,

    This shit (war) is, and always has been, PERSONAL (very few want to know/notice) this basic FACT, from what I can tell.

    BUT NOW, the accerating pace of flying shit has become all TOO personal – directly impinging on specific, general, functional and holistic well being (aka health, including sanity).

    LockNload MoFos
    UGLY is coming coming at dinner, and atbreakfast, and at bed-time snack, – to a home, school, church, box-store and interstate exit NEAR YOU. You can not run. And Can you even Hide (survive collapse surrounded witless sheeple who are thirtsy, hungry, terrified, panicing, clueless, morons, selfish, greedy, ignorant, delusional, rapture-ready, scared shitless, zombies, crazed, psychotic, paranoid, schizoid, and ARMED. Good luck with that!

    Okay, I feel better now. My odds of getting thru whats coming has improved substantially. I’m too far away from serious danger (aka naked bipeds) and any that may reach here will be tired, sore, weak, thisty , … Also shot without posted notice or verbal warning. Survivors will be shot again.

    Want to put up a sign (at the ‘right’ time)

    —- Pearly Gates Dead Ahead —–

    at this juncture I find myself revisiting ‘upgrading’ energy delivered at distance (1000-3000ft) with ‘extreme’ (flat) accurracy. Supposedly, there are several highly skilled gunsmiths reasonably locally. It’s now become time to do more than talk about perimeter protection. Wondering how much time it would take for milling/mounting a custom barrel on top quality receiver and custom stock. scope, bipod, ranging, muzzle brake, recoil absorber … weeks? months? year?

  • May 29, 2007 at 12:17 pm

    I can tell things are on a long, slow slide downhill, and have been for a bit now. The pace is quickening a bit, as things going downhill have a tendency to do.

    As Dmitry Orlov said recently (and correctly):
    “Because collapse will not be televised,
    you will not know that it has happened.
    You will only know that it has happened to you.”

    It is already happening to some, and is encompassing more daily. Look for it near you.

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