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I’m a regular reader, and really enjoy your writing and insight. In response to your excellent post, “What Are We Doing?” I was motivated, along with two good friends, to start a very simple movement– stay home on October 17th. Just call in sick. For some, it is a very salutable sacrifice. But, for the most part, we are asking those who would do the least, to do exactly the least– stay home and do nothing. We feel that it is the least that they could do, and in this case– we support that 100%. If some folks want to extend the Strike Period, we will certainly give extra credit points, and support them!

What we are asking is very simple. There is no need to make a sign; no need to get on a bus and go anywhere; no travel costs; no confrontations or arrests… Just stay home with your pets/family. Personally, we’d love for the Teamsters to park their trucks in the roads to encourage participation on the prescribed day– we’ve written letters to National and several Locals, but their “official” participation is yet to be known. We’ve written quite a few Unions and groups to encourage participation. We’re preparing for a spot on the Head-To-Head Radio (internet) Network.

We hope that you might mention this idea at your blog, and if you, or someone that you know would like to become a contributor/writer, please just let me know, and I’ll add you/them to the permissions list, and send you/them the keys. The more, the better actually. This is a community thing– a nationwide community thing.

We Americans have tried everything else on the “appetizers” menu of Civil Protest, We hope that this action (inaction?) will wake them up. If not this one, then the next one.

The link to the SHUT IT DOWN 17OCT2007 blog is:

All writing, graphics and codes are completely in the Public Domain, and we encourage circulation. Heck, send a “bumper sticker” slogan to fit above the date, and I’ll customize to your Local needs.

OK. This is getting long, and you’re a busy person. I bid you Peace, and thanks in advance.

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  • September 20, 2007 at 4:44 pm

    From the Shut It Down blog – The 25th Anniversary of The Solidarity Movement protests and strikes that shut down Poland, and brought down Communist/Soviet rule.

    That’s why October 17th. I’m definitely game. I’ll be CLOSED on October 17th.

  • September 21, 2007 at 9:45 am
    consumate cynic crossing ahead
    ( proceed at your own risk )

    Nice ‘happy’ thot – that positive, life-affirming change can be had/forced/forged/created/developed – but ONLY just a thot – as in an speculative willful illusion of overt optimism (albeit in response to sheer terror) acting/lashing out. A “thot” is not thought (a process/result of cognition). A ‘thot’ is more similar to a fart – albeit the brain gas of ‘mental’ (emotional) dysentery – vaporous denial exhaust.

    Not even 1/100 of 1% give a flying ‘bush’ about anything except for instant (and continuous) gratification of their own base desires and personal illusory ‘visions of their unque ‘eternal ‘righteousness’ and ‘worthiness’ (aka delusions, private and enmass). PERIOD. Same now as It always was – only more of it and faster.

    And (so), some website wants them all to do what – for 1 bushing day – HA HA HA Bushing HA HA. One God Damned Mother Bushing day – OMFG – whatever will we ‘bushing’ do? ROF One would likely effect far more ‘change’ if they (we) were all to piss on our socks. This is so laughable/ludicrous as to defy congnition – I.m literally crying through the laughter.

    Now, if 50% did absolutely nothing for a week, that would likely have an effect (Marshall Law imposed for starters). If 10% did squat (nadda) for a year, it would be a good start (not unlike 10 million lawyers on the bottom of the ocean). 0.1% could go to the Capitol Mall in DC and set themselves on fire (literally) and it would make the MSM “News” for perhaps a week. After that, who the fuck (could/would) care? Not me. If 1% did so every day for a year, well, that would be different.

    None of which is EVER gonna FUCKING HAPPEN and anyone who would ‘think’ so is an even bigger bushing moron than bushing Bush.

    [Don’t ya just luv the sound of squishy-wet socks (urine or petrol) in the morning?]

    However, ‘in the interest of’ continuing in a vein of wishful optimism (aka perpetual fear), I say that much better yet would be


    repeat for emphasis


    aka: tear it down – tear it ALL down, kill the beast, keep it down, stop the mesic [sic], get this show off the road, … render dust unto dust and asses [sic] to ashes, “git ‘er done”

    “I should like to see, and this will be the last and most ardent of my desires, I should like to see the last king strangled with the guts of the last priest.”
    (J. Messelier of Paris, 1733)

    IMO, the sooner that and the ‘harder’ that H. sapiens ‘crash and burn’, bugger off, (self-immolate), the ‘bushing’ better.

    This waiting and watching shit is getting SO OLD – NTM revolting.

    Think I’ll go throw-up now

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