Severe Disconnect From Reality

If you want to get your barf on, Scribbler’s article on the Tesla 3 release ought to do it – A Beautiful Machine to Change the World — Model 3 to Transform Global Automobile Markets, Open Pathway For Rapid Energy Transition (I do not link to Scribbler because he censors comments – a despicable practice he endorses to support his false narrative).

This idiocy really stood out – which prompted my futile efforts to comment:

For if Tesla is able to meet this visceral demand for a truly renewable vehicle, if the company is able to ramp up to 20,000 + vehicle per month production rates, it will, by itself, more than double the size of the U.S. Electrical vehicle market in just 1-2 years.

Sounding more like a company sales pitch, Scribbler apparently STILL hasn’t figured out that more technology will never be renewable. These comments on his site will of course, will also never be allowed:

What a ridiculous article, hyperbole and sales pitch – while ignoring virtually all of the important details. Do you even know what a “truly renewable vehicle” actually is? Apparently not. There is – and never will be – anything “renewable” about a product that is mined out of the ground, built with fossil fuels and maintained with fossil fuels. All for “just” $44,000 too. Absolutely ridiculous.

Scribble has long subscribed to a false narrative – one which continues to make less and less sense and contradicts itself, but he keeps at it. This is especially bizarre and true when you read his previous article, “New Study Finds that Present CO2 Levels are Capable of Melting Large Portions of East and West Antarctica.

Very odd. Apparently Scribbler’s concern about C02 does not extend to manufacturing. Or the realization that constantly enabling more civilization (ie., “must go faster”) is another false narrative.

This kind of severe disconnect from reality presents numerous opportunities to only emphasis what is wanted, ie., the false narrative. It’s tunnel-vision of course and omits critical details and their associated (severe) ramifications for planetary survival.

Alternative energy and electric vehicles aside (which I support) further enables more mining, manufacturing and production, accelerating resource destruction and massively contributing to existing greenhouse gas levels all along the way because it still relies on fossil fuel. Ignoring this (as he always does – it’s literally censored right off his blog) Scribbler’s has always been a techno-unitarian but is apparently incapable of understanding his fundamental mistakes and the false doctrine which he is constantly devising – which will only continue to contribute to our collapse. His methodology is not in any way a pathway forwards towards human survival, it’s a backwards cornucopian step towards more destruction – while wasting incredibly precious time within the false narrative.

No matter. There will those that grasp the fundamentals and those that simply cannot (or will not).

Since closing the blog down (and continuing to write here privately), I have noticed a massive uptick in the false narratives being promoted all over the web. There is very little real honest truth or disclosure to be found. It’s as if the net-surfing humans of the world are being deliberately deceived by millions of distracting stories and claims. It’s always been like this through the main-stream media (television, radio and print) for a very long time, but even in the so-called alternative media sources found online, it’s become impossible to find clear, critical – and correct – information being shared.

The control of the false narrative(s) seems to have dramatically accelerated. There must be a reason. Those that have tried to share truth and accuracy, dispelling the disinformation specialists that now dominate the online world have been driven out – just like I was. Just like others have. I continue to ponder what this means – and what can be done.


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3 thoughts on “Severe Disconnect From Reality

  • August 6, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    Well, there is as one might expect, more stupidity from Scribbler. Now he’s whining about George Monbiot’s article “attacking electric vehicles“.

    Hardly an “attack” as the Monbiot’s own words actually show. Monbiot rightly pointed out what was wrong with the trend and government failures. But Scribbler won’t allow anyone to even mention the problems with electric vehicles – probably because he’s sunk his entire financial future into this.

    He won’t allow this to be posted – and he won’t explain his false narrative either:

    I wish I could down-vote this article. How do you propose to –

    “The big, heavy lift all just boils down to halting fossil fuel burning as soon as possible. This is our best hope, our best means, of removing future carbon from the atmosphere — never burning the fossil fuels at all. Leaving it all in the ground.” (your words, not mine)

    1) Mine and smelt ore (for steel, batteries, glass, silicon, etc.) for the new machines without using fossil fuel?

    2) Produce the thousands of plastic products required for the machines, factories and parts – without using fossil fuels at any time in the entire lifecycle process?

    3) Manufacture the millions of parts required – without using fossil fuels to support this process?

    4) Maintain the machines that produce the machines; and the factories – without using fossil fuels?

    5) Distribute these parts, machines, people and technicians all around the world – without using fossil fuels?

    6) Maintain this entire apparatus of mining, smelting, manufacturing, production, distribution and innovation – without using any fossil fuels anywhere in the process?

    You’ve left out a critical element in how stuff actually gets built – and what type of energy source is still required. You’ve glossed right over it – as if it wasn’t even there.

    Explain that.

    Well, he can’t, so he won’t. And he censors. His narrative is flat-out false, factually misleading and disingenuous while wasting time, money and resources pursuing non-answers.

    Scribbler does not recognize civilization, population, technology, growth or even capitalism as the bane of sustainability and planetary destruction. His fan club doesn’t either – and he’s hell-bent on making sure nobody challenges the false narrative.

  • August 6, 2017 at 9:02 pm

    A lot of these technologies seem to require rare earth metals. I’m going to guess that Tesla cars are no exception?

    There’s a growing push among our American elites for a confrontation with North Korea that may be connected with the need for these elements. Supposedly, North Korea has trillions of dollars worth of rare earth metals under their soil!

    Survivalist and blogger Varg Vikarens delivers a short lecture on this here. Varg and his videos aren’t for everyone, but this one is pretty tame compared some of his usual stuff:
    * Why the USA (or China?) May Attack North Korea | Thulean Perspective | YouTube

    Articles on rare earth metals in North Korea:
    * Largest known rare earth deposit discovered in North Korea:
    * North Korea May Be Sitting On $6 Trillion Worth Of Rare Minerals:
    * North Korea May Have Two-Thirds of World’s Rare Earths:

    Without reading the Scribbler article, I’m going to guess he also leaves out the need for rare earth elements in the fashioning of his green techno-utopia? And doesn’t suspect we’ll probably have to fight for them?

  • August 7, 2017 at 7:27 am

    Good grief! Look what greeted me today as I signed in to my internet feed:

    North Korea Vows Harsh Retaliation Against New UN Sanctions:

    I’m reminded of Orwell’s “Two Minutes Hate.” Somebody sure wants us proles to get primed up.

    Anyway, back when North Korea made its famous peace offer, I couldn’t figure out why the Obama Administration didn’t accept it:

    “In January 2016, as in many previous years, the North Korean government specifically stated that it would end its nuclear tests if the U.S. and South Korea end military exercises and sign a peace treaty. The U.S. responded that until North Korea ends its nuclear weapons program, the U.S. will not talk about a peace treaty. So there is a deadlock….”

    It’s time for the U.S. to negotiate a peace treaty with North Korea:

    Perhaps the “impasse” is due to these rare earth elements North Korea is reputed to possess? Another piece of the puzzle, anyway….

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