September Surprise!

Surprise, surprise!!!

If you’ve been waiting for the Blood Moon, Shemitah, God’s Judgement, the September Surprise, or whatever ‘filter’ you routinely apply to unfolding world events, keep waiting. Nothing is going to happen. It’s glaringly obvious that the ‘grand delusion’ is landing dab smack square on the profit [sic] crowd.

But if you’re one of the rare few who is grounded in reality, there are an increasing number of severe ecological and environmental events now occurring well worth paying attention to and why being prepared for real events still makes sense.

Scientists warn of Catastrophic Permafrost Thaw


They’re still trying to get a handle on what this means, but scientists are expecting the Arctic to stop absorbing carbon (altogether) and start releasing carbon within 20 – 30 years, with “the permafrost to release 120 gigatons of carbon into the atmosphere” by 2100 (uh, that’s not survivable folks, it’s spelled f.o.o.d. and there won’t be any of it).

However – there is also this dubious ‘nugget’ – at this rate (graph above), the permafrost “would go above zero degrees C (i.e., melting) at a depth of about 20 meters in 2045.”

If that estimate proves to be true, or even anything close to it, that is a LOT sooner then some of these other projections. 20 meters (65+ feet) of liquefied permafrost represents gigatons of carbon being released into the atmosphere in just a few years from now. Which has already begun.

I’ve long been wondering exactly “which” tipping point is going to finally do us all in, because it’s pretty clear that we’ve already passed several while the world dithers and the rapture ready rubes still hope their escape plan will work. Rest assured – nobody is getting out of here, we are all going to have to face what is coming.

Evidence of a Canfield Ocean Now Appearing (purple waves in the Pacific ocean).

Uh oh – could it be that once again, the expectations of the world’s best minds are still behind the curve on exactly how fast we’re going to see some truly catastrophic events unfold within the world’s environment? Sure doesn’t seem like nature likes our ‘timetable’ or agrees with the conservative predictions.

Is there are over-reliance upon the models – and too little observations taking place? (yes). But it won’t be the models that matter in the end…

I’m sitting here day after day, night after night in choking smoke wondering exactly how much the burning forests (It’s Global Warming Stupid) are adding to the atmospheric loading of carbon. Some no doubt, not enough to truly accelerate things but it is already a given certainty that the world cannot release any more carbon into the atmosphere. Which we all do, every – single – day, being unable (and unwilling) to do anything else.

Arctic Emergency – Scientist Speak on Thawing Ice & Global Impacts – (must watch)

Natalia Shakhova – The sediment in the East Siberian shelf is up to 20 kilometers thick… 2,000,000 square kilometers in size. And it’s warming up, releasing methane.

Affecting the future of food is also this – Pesticides Killing Bees: Study Shows What Everybody Suspected

I’ve zero interest in selling food to people who are reacting in fear. I think a ton of people are taking advantage of other people. It’s going to be mighty interesting to watch these charlatans unveil themselves as they get everything wrong, wrong, wrong. So for some humor, watch this for a little ‘reality’. Be sure to watch at minute 11:00 and beyond. The scams being pulled by these religious hucksters is unbelievable.


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