Senator Dodd’s Speech at the U.S. Senate

Suggested reading, just so you can keep everything in proper perspective:

But when you’re through, the facts will still be waiting for you. Controlled death. Outsourced torture. Secret prisons. Month-long sleep deprivations. The president’s personal power to hold whomever he likes for as long as he’d like. It is as if we woke up in the middle of some Kafka-esque nightmare.

Have I gone wildly off-topic, Mr. President? Have I brought up a dozen unrelated issues?

I wish I had, Mr. President. I wish that none of these stories were true.

But, we are deceiving ourselves when we talk about the U.S. attorneys issue, the habeas issue, the torture issue, the rendition issue, or the secrecy issue as if each were an isolated case! As if each one were an accident! When we speak of them as isolated, we are keeping our politics cripplingly small; and as long as we keep this small, the rule of men is winning.

There is only one issue here. Only one: the law issue.

Does the president serve the law, or does the law serve the president? Each insult to our Constitution comes from the same source; each springs from the same mindset; and if we attack this contempt for the law at any point, we will wound it at all points. Senator Dodd Speaks Out


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One thought on “Senator Dodd’s Speech at the U.S. Senate

  • June 26, 2008 at 6:53 pm
    Thank you Admin for putting this out there.

    I could not believe Dodd. The way he railed against the lawlessness of the post 9-11 police state.

    Just found out that the Legalize Corporate Criminal Behavior bill (otherwise known as the FISA revision) has been delayed until after the July 4th recess. While those of us that have rightwing Senators view contacting them as a supreme exercise in futility, those whose Senators are on the fence should be urged to vote against this legalization of criminal behavior – an act which on its face is unconstitutional.

    (Sorry Admin – I know you believe political action is futile – but my belief is there are some fence sitters out there that might sustain a filibuster).

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