Selling The Apocalypse

Salon has an article about doomsday preppers and the hucksters behind this movement. Some may not agree, but the article is dead right. I’ve publicly come out against the false reasons that so many have embraced and the liars in the movement that are behind this. And I was right and still am – not a single ‘event’ that was claimed happened. But the prepper movement has died and hucksters are desperate to find another way to shove their products at you while fleecing your pockets.

The prepper movement is now still-born. It’s dead. Unlikely to revive. The reason is fear-fatigue. And people are still quite broke (the stats regarding this lie, as they always do). Prepper promoters have been shutting their doors in droves. Even the gun industry is collapsing in a yuuuuge way. All the lies the hucksters and promoters Jones and Snyder types claimed never happened. People are dead tired of being constantly deceived. However, pointing that out here again and again as a topic never earned any readers or support, just more misguided hatred.

One more time (the last time most likely, I’m done here) – people are STILL preparing for the wrong thing. The manufactured fear that has motivated the prepper movement has always been almost totally false. Most of this is made up, manufactured end-time fantasy bullshit.

People prepared for the wrong thing while refusing to recognize the right real things (like this) that should be reinvigorating “preparing”. Its been quite stunning to watch this all play out. What has been entirely imagined and made-up has had a far greater influence then what is actually real.

I’ve come to realize over these many years of being in the business and then writing on this blog, that propaganda is immensely powerful and can literally sell anything. Even wars that kill millions of real human beings can be “sold” through timeless propaganda. Propaganda is of course, nothing but thinly disguised lies and misdirection to avoid truth. Placing thoughts and beliefs and opinions into people’s heads is actually pretty easy to do. One technique is to incessantly repeat slogans over and over again like “make America great again” while doing exactly the opposite. I prefer the French version, which is “make the planet great again” because we all live here and we all need the same things. But as propaganda goes, the former version has far more sway here in the land of the zombies then the latter.

I’ve decided to stop publishing. I’m not a propaganda artist. I do not benefit in any way from espousing endless lies and deceptions. It has been clear for several years that this was the direction that if I was to succeed here (and in life), I would have to take, ie., become one of the deluded, distracted, disinterested and deceived. I simply cannot do that.

Instead, I made a sincere and dedicated effort to expose the lies and the deceptions and root out the false teachings being promoted. Over the years, the audience here dwindled to nothing. The support was always very low and now has become non-existent. Propaganda and the people behind this have succeeded where I have failed. The millions of parroting morons have categorically refused to self-educate or learn from experience or listen to any voices of reason and critical thought.

There are many other very good writers that have now chosen to do the same thing. They too received little to no support. Their audiences also dwindled. You can read their closing statements or write to them privately about why they abandoned the field.

You only have yourselves to blame. There is no other excuse. Failure to help those who were trying to help us all leaves us all standing alone with only the idiotic mouthpieces shouting for attention. And we can’t stand out here alone forever. I was smart enough to corral my resources while I could, which is why I’m still alive right now. But they’re quickly dwindling, selling them off and consuming them. It very much appears to be a long four years of escalating idiocy and denial ahead. I won’t last that long and there is really no reason to believe that Americans will finally pull their collective heads from the asses and do the right thing next (s)Election. That is a proven track record with miserable results.

You get what you support. Millions supported Trump. Their still quite rabid about how great he is, but I’ve seen virtually nothing to applaud. It’s a stunning admission of blind stupidity and the perception level of the walking dead. Here we are, six months later, and Trump has scored a big fat ZERO to date. But the fan club continues to cheer.

Trump was only the public face of a much, much larger problem. He’s put a face – and an attitude to the real problem within America. When you see or hear Trump, a great many of you are looking in the mirror at yourselves. Blustering, fake, phony, pussy-grabbing, selfish, ignorant thugs. Probably not any of my few remaining readers, but the rest of you – what you want to be, what you probably are, what you disgustingly seem to continue to admire – is this disgusting piece of shit that Trump exemplifies.

I can’t look beyond all the horrible things Trump is and what he represents. Or what so many in American have now come to represent. And why should I? The entire character of the nation seems to have changed and become something that is totally unacceptable and nearly unrecognizable.

It’s easy to pick on political figures, but that would overlook the real point to concentrate on just the man. It is the nation that has become vile, sick and disgusting. It is the nation that is made up of what appears to be millions of people that represent some of the worst this country has ever seen. And now this body-politic is in charge (thankfully, temporarily), running roughshod over the hearts and minds of decent, good people, spreading even more lies and propaganda, spouting endless connedspiracy and religious stupidstitions, shouting down and controlling the media, embarrassing the entire thinking but dwindling part of the country that cannot wait for this nightmare to end already.

You get what you support. You are not supporting the right things or the right people or the right agenda or the right authors. Imaginary fears and fearful fantasies continue to govern your actions. It’s all still bullshit of course, just like the vast majority of your belief systems. You’re living in your own end-time fantasies that exist only in your heads. It is pure unadulterated crap that you have conjured up like some dark, corrupt wizard and brought forth into the light, trying to shove this unadulterated shit upon everyone else. Well, to put it as plainly as I can – I utterly, categorically and FOREVER reject this crap, because it is as false, phony and fabricated as it gets. It is not real – and never, ever has been.

In the meanwhile, the real world continues to turn and burn while this absolutely critical topic continues to be called “faked” by the stupidstitous. How unbelievably stupid millions have become. The topics, points, arguments and essays I’ve shared here continue to be correct. The lies you’ve embraced continue to be wrong, your “heroes” continue to manipulate you (fleece your pockets while you smile stupidly on), making prophets [sic] for “God” into newly minted end time fantasies. Millions of you are gobbling up this disgusting goop up as manna from your heavenly “leaders”, utterly ignorant of how easily manipulated and fooled you have all become. None of your fears were ever realized – so new fears and new propaganda were manufactured, always good for profiteers, readership levels and support. Almost none of you caught on to this ongoing scam and appear to be forever caught in this grand delusion.

Oddly, almost none of you want to escape this morass of fear, paranoia and deception. You don’t want to wake up to truth and reality. Your confirmation bias has been constantly exposed and you reject all the help you’ve been given. You have fully embraced multiple levels of false narratives and built a world-view that directly contradicts the true meaning of life, compassion, conservation, conservative, sustainable and so many, many more terms I’ve used here for years. You think you’re “survivalists”, but what you really are is destroyers. Of everything.

Many of you think that the answer to the future you’ve helped unleash upon this world is actually death, something you actually long for so that you can meet your imaginary maker, but not before you Triump over your so-called “enemies” first. You’re utterly pathetic to the bone and stupid to boot. Hypocrisy is your middle name. You represent, support, embrace and teach nothing but death for everyone and everything. That is your “answer” while categorically refusing any responsibility. An incredibly STUPID doctrine for life. I’m sure that this astounding contradiction you’ve embraced is totally lost on you. You really are “beyond salvation”.

I’ve tried to help. But I have to find another way now. I’ve left you the tools to assist you, for now. Once that expires (money runs out), I’m deleting this blog.


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