Self Interest Protectionism

In my last post, the government “disconnect” was mentioned. There are always countless present-day examples of this effect at work, or how not to work.

A lot of people still believe the illusion that one of the main roles of government is to protect us.  I challenge that notion, because protecting us has never been the actual agenda.  What is being protected isn’t “us”, but the business interests including private and public business interests such as government itself.

If you look for it, it is not hard to spot.  Government always places government first. This self-interest would be acceptable if these entities were actually risking their lives or even their livelihoods, but that has never been the case. They’ve successfully gotten others to do that for them.

If government was protecting us as alleged, then we would in point of fact, live in a very, very different world then we do today.  Instead, government is actively engaged in protecting business, all over the world, and even here in the United States of course.  Almost all government activity is designed to ensure that business continues to operate and function.  This is why there is such a gargantuan amount of legislation pouring forth from government, and why we can never change anything in accordance to the will of the people.  Business always comes first.

Some present day examples:

Federal Government Halt’s Sand Berm Dredging

The government seems hell-bent to repeatedly do the wrong things in the Gulf.  But when you realize that business comes first in almost all cases, then you can understand why that happens.

Business is only interested in more business, making money.  The illusions that are promoted that this is always in the best interest of the people is false.  We do not always need to be focused on making money, sometimes we need to protect those things that cannot be priced.

This is one of those times, obviously.  The Gulf Spill is now raining oil.  It does not take much of an active imagination to realize what this is going to mean for the Gulf States.  Also check this, Methane In Gulf A Million Times Above Normal.

Maywood to lay off all city employees, dismantle Police Department

This story may seem like government is dismantling itself, attempting to save some money.  But that is not really what is happening here.  The paltry sum of $164,000 “saved” per year could have easily been saved with by other means, such as volunteer efforts.  The citizens of Maywood could maintain their own parks for example, or even setup neighborhood patrols to police their own neighborhoods.

Instead, the city government contracts these services out. Note that “excessive insurance claims and financial abuse and corruption” were listed as one of the reasons they are doing this. The citizens are enraged, and rightly so.  Government always seeks to self-protect, irregardless of what the people themselves may need.

I have a fair bit of inside experience with this by the way, and have seen some really serious levels of corruption, nepotism, lying, cheating, threats, expulsions and blacklisting take place.  Those experiences showed me just how hopeless government can be, and how hopes at “reforms” are almost always complete and total pipe-dreams.

Also remember that the the major media, what you will see as the “MSM” (mainstream media) is in league with all of this corruption and self-interest.  The media itself refuses to report what it uncovers unless it furthers their own self-interest.  But more often then not, government and the media work hand in hand with business, promoting and furthering whatever agenda is in vogue at the moment.

Business is most definitely not always in the people’s best interest. But with government and the media and the actual businesses themselves always focused on “business first” (a.k.a. business-as-usual), the people take a back-seat to all this activity.  In effect, we are fed the crumbs that fall from their tables, and if it’s not enough to keep us alive, or keep us safe, or keep us healthy or to allow for a safe, clean environment to live in, then too bad.

And we almost always wind up “taking what we get” from them, even being grateful for the small crumbs we’ve been allowed.  We’ve learned to ask them for permission in everything, which is exactly the opposite of how this was all supposed to work.  They were supposed to ask US for permission, and yet never do.  Mostly, they just do whatever the hell they want, ignoring the restrictions that our own laws and Constitution placed upon them.  But we on the other hand, are held to a higher double-standard then they, expected to always comply and follow the letter of the law.

I’ve written on all this before, but not for a while now.  The point here is examine with a critical eye why things are happening they way that they are.  It is not the people who are being protected, but business.  Always business, and always the players in business, which includes government themselves.  The government is also a business and is very much interested in self-protection, promotion, expansion and control.  What other entity also fits this description?

Business does, especially big-business.  Multi-nationals, corporations and gigantic juggernauts that rove the world in search of more profits, more power, more control, more resources.  They have all worked very hard to feed us the lie that they are doing this for our own self-interests and needs, and even got many of us to believe that “this is what you wanted” as they bring to market their toys and trinkets that they claim “the people demanded” of them.

But this is all total crap, coming right out of the bowls of some ad-executive hell.  Nobody wants to see our planet destroyed so that we can drive a 600 hp family sedan. Or be indebted for their entire lives making payments to faceless corporations that hold guillotines over our heads if we fail to pay on time.  These things are most definitely NOT in our best interest, but they are very much promoted by all the players I’ve mentioned — government, media and business.

It seems as if it has become “their job” to enslave us all to accept the illusions and lies that what they do is for our own benefit.  But this is certainly not true in most cases.  There are exceptions, but they are paltry compared to our forced servitude at their tables.  We are required to participate in this crumb-feeding they’ve “offered” us, and when they stumble and fall, we’ve even been required to pay for their own mistakes.

I already know that this little diatribe won’t change anything, I only hope to open a few eyeballs to what is really going on here.  Nobody has your back.  Nobody has your self-interest in mind better then you.  And nobody, but nobody is really interested in making sure that you are going to be properly protected, that your life is not endangered, that you can make a safe, healthy living, that you won’t be indebted up to your eyeballs, or that you can ever have any confidence that what you have won’t simply be taken away from you by the very organizations and entities that were supposedly meant to protect you.

God forbid what your children will have to endure.  If history is any teacher, it will be significantly worse then what we’ve seen.  Government and business and the media need to disengage from each other instead of working in league.  I do not have any answers on how to do this — I do not accept or believe in the “vote” scam, or efforts at internal reform or even more legislation that never works.

All these activities are things that are truly outside of your own power, scope and influence (even the vote is). I have always advocated doing things that you yourself can actually do, such as taking full responsibility for your life, disconnecting and unplugging from all the lies and illusions and dependencies forced upon you.  None of this will change the world, but it will change you. And that’s a start.  Hopefully, you can teach this to your kids too.

This is a multi-generational problem of which there really is no escape.  Humanity is virtually chained to the business-as-usual approach to life on this planet and all that it means. The option is to refuse to participate wherever possible.  I believe that this is in your own best self-interests.  This is also called dissent, which some have mistakenly identified as being non-patriotic.  As in most things, just the opposite is actually true, dissent is the true bastion of freedom and the highest form of patriotic action. Non-dissent (compliance) always leads to overbearing totalitarianism.

Stop asking for permission. Don’t give up your own authority so easily.

To politicians: If you don’t already know what the right thing to do is, then you are in the wrong line of work and you should step down and let someone else do the job.


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