(S)Election Fraud 2016 – The Evidence

The (s)Election fraud of 2016 is well underway. Perhaps you are aware of this, perhaps not. But it will have a huge impact on the next 4 – 8 years in America and on the world.

The list of crimes uncovered so far is quite extensive, affecting tens of millions of voters, including closed polls, missing ballots, missing registrations, wrong ballots, broken machines, miscounts, no paper trail, skewed search results and exit polls and even the media calling the Democratic nomination a entire day ahead of important primaries when nobody had even voted. There is also the superdelagates who decided on their vote as much as 10 months in advance, disenfranchising and nullifying the efforts of tens of millions of voters in the Democratic campaign.

Even Google got in on the action of (s)Election fraud, restricting its search results to hide disfavorable results such as “crime” and “indictment” with the term “Hillary”.


Broken machines, incomplete voter rolls weren’t the only problems reporter, but one of the most shocking was how the media called the nomination for Hillary Clinton a day before the polls even opened in California with millions and millions of voters being deceived.

How 107 Superdelegates Robbed 11 Million Democratic Voters

But the most egregious violation of voting rights of all is the super delegate system setup by the Democratic Party – a system which ensures the party that they can forcefully dictate who the Democrat nominee is (your vote does not count). By now, everyone knows that Hillary was ‘declared the winner’ in California, but that isn’t what happened since most votes for Bernie Sanders weren’t even counted.

Hillary Clinton Favored By Election Fraud In Democratic Primaries: Federal Lawsuite Filed Against Officials To Protect California Primaries

Greg Palast has penned an article depicting the (s)Election fraud, revealing the ridiculous and hidden “rules” required for No Party Preference voters.

Many CA Independent Voters Left Out Of Presidential Primary

Voter Fraud Probe In California Turns Into Voter Intimidation Boondoggle

Recommended Reading: Election Fraud Mega Edition. There are a bunch of important links to (s)Election fraud articles here, so be sure to read. And be sure to read this: Hillary Clinton and Election Fraud if you don’t have time for anything else.

The Democratic nomination is not yet over, not until July. But there are still reports coming of voter fraud in other states.

Voter Fraud Exposed In New York Primary! Whoa…

It is the sheer consistency and scale of the reported problems and clear manipulation that brings the (s)Election 2016 into severe doubt. Not every report is necessarily accurate, but there are just far too many oddities, omissions, misrepresentations and reported problems to believe for even one second that (s)Election 2016 is fair.

According to Real Clear Politics Clinton eventually received 212,550 votes in Kentucky to Bernie Sanders’ 210,626 votes for a difference of only 1,924 votes.  The 4,000 vote discrepancy gave Clinton the Primary.

I am quite confident that these reports will continue through November and beyond as voters, workers and officials report on their observations. But it’s already too late for Americans, something that many people claimed early on – the “fix is in”.

As of today, Friday June 10th, 2016 – Hillary Clinton does NOT have the required number of votes to claim the nomination. The media has counted the superdelegate ‘votes’ (by telephone) which have NOT been cast yet. Their actual votes happens in July. They can vote for whoever they want – they do NOT have to vote according to how their state voted and they can certainly change their minds between now and then. Clinton’s supposed nomination relies upon the superdelegates defying their state’s voters (and they already have). This is as clear a case of voter fraud and misrepresentation as there can ever be.

Consider these facts and the dishonesty of the superdelegate process:

  • In Utah, where Sanders won by a 79-20 margin, two of the state’s four superdelegates are backing Clinton.
  • 11 of 16 superdelegates in Minnesota are supporting Clinton, even though Sanders won the state’s March 1 caucus by a 62-38 margin.
  • While Sanders blew Clinton out of the water by a 73-27 margin in Washington State, Clinton has 10 of 16 superdelegates. Sanders has zero.
  • Six of Wisconsin’s ten superdelegates are supporting Clinton, while only one is backing Sanders. The Vermont senator won the Badger State’s primary by 14 points.
  • All nine superdelegates in Rhode Island have committed to supporting Hillary Clinton, even though Bernie Sanders defeated the former Secretary of State by a 12-point margin.
  • Sanders also has only one superdelegate in Alaska, same as Clinton, even after winning the state by an 82-18 margin. One Alaska superdelegate backing Clinton patronized and belittled a Sanders supporter who asked her to cast her superdelegate vote with how her state’s residents voted.

Must watch (seriously, watch this to see how manipulative and deceptive the mainstream media really is)

The fact is, no matter who wins the (s)Election 2016 in November, even if it was ‘your’ candidate (Hillary, Bernie, Trump, Bidden or whoever), (s)Election 2016 is a fraud, a sham from the get-go. Which means that the eventual ‘winner’, whoever it winds up being, isn’t your President.

The people behind all of this are earnestly trying to execute a coup in the United States – and so far, they’re getting away with it. They will be challenged, but like past (s)Elections, there is a good chance these efforts will be ignored, delayed or derailed and the candidate will be ‘installed’ as President as planned. Since this entire (s)Election is fraudulent, this person will not be duly and fairly elected, and therefore, not my President and not yours either.


It goes without saying that the fraud is being skewed almost exclusively in favor of Hillary Clinton. President Obama has now endorsed Clinton which makes him complicit in this fraud. But this is not the will of the American people, and unless we stand up against this, they’re going to get away with it.


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