Why (s)Election 2012 Does Not Matter

I’m going to try and experiment — to prove a point. 

Here are the details:

I’m not going to watch the polls. I’m not going to read the (s)Election results.  I’m going to make every attempt to not know who was (s)Elected.

I want to demonstrate that whatever the outcome is, it has virtually no relevance to my life (or yours).

Tomorrow I’ll wake up, but not check the news. I won’t listen to the radio, or watch television. I’ll ask my family to not inform me of the results.  You are also asked to NOT tell me the outcome.

Here’s what I expect to happen:

My life will go on just like before. Nothing will change. Wednesday will be just like Tuesday. This week will be just like last week. Life goes on.

After the inauguration in January, I expect that my life will also change very little as a result of the (s)Election. Of course, by then and probably much, much sooner, I’ll inadvertently find out who was (s)Elected. That can’t be helped unless I completely isolated myself.

The Commander in Chief is not responsible for my life. He is not responsible for my decisions. He is not responsible for how I make my living, what I do with my time, or how I raise my family. In fact, the Commander in Chief really has nothing to do with my life at all and never has. The same goes for whatever “party” is declared the “winner”.  They lost me at “party”.

I really don’t care who “wins”, my candidate wasn’t even allowed to run and never would be. Ethical, moral, incorruptible aren’t political “picks” anymore. The two-party system kleptocracy known as “democracy” in America has never represented me or my interests. It never will.

Therefore, it remains as irrelevant as ever who “wins”. This is the deception. Nobody actually “wins”, certainly never the people. Only the “pick” wins. I’ll let you figure out what that is for now (and the explanation of why hundreds of millions is spent for a job that pay hundreds of thousands), but it’s usually spelled g.r.e.e.d. and m.o.n.e.y…

The U.S. government will remain just like it was before the (s)Election, a few names will trade places, but that’s all that will actually “change”.  The Commander in Chief will still take his orders from corporate America. Monied interests will still control this country and our government. Corruption, ineptitude, nepotism and greed will be just as bad as ever. In short, America will stay the same exact course as it did before the (s)Election. It always does.

A lot of people get really wrapped up in these things. I think it’s quite ridiculous. Life is too short to worry about who is (s)Elected. It has no relevance to my life anyway, or yours. I get angry about politicians, especially their constant deceptions, but in the end, they’re just people, doing what people do. Once they get into the halls of power, it all goes to hell and to their head. They think that they’re somebody important because they’ve got all this power now at their disposal. So what do they do with it? They practice corruption, deception, deceit, destruction, murder, assassination, genocide, greed, ineptitude, nepotism, xenophobia and a whole host of other evils, none of it good.

What they don’t do is provide leadership, ethics, morality, decency, humanity, compassion, kindness, concern — all the things that the people of this world actually need. They could do these things, but they don’t, because in truth, the people do not matter. They’ve never mattered.

The inertia and momentum of the American government will remain exactly the same, only a bit worse then before. We will most certainly see more destruction, decline, corruption and wars. Forget about “saving” anything.  It won’t happen.

I’ve literally zero “expectations” from the anointed one, whoever it is, and I’m quite certain to not be disappointed.

The assumed “relevancy” of government, or “who runs the government” to individual lives is a lie. Only the barest of  effects can be felt and experienced by the individual from the (s)Elected. Instead, what we experience, the onerous burden that every American shares, comes from an entirely different non-(s)Elected source. The bureaucrats and the corporate controllers of American government. Their the ones who are making our lives difficult, interfering in our individual freedoms and liberties, making demands and expectations from us. They’re the ones who are not being replaced, not being voted out, not being chosen based upon popular “vote” or by the people’s choice. They’re still in power and there they will still remain — irregardless of the outcome of the (s)Election.

We cannot expect any relief from these non-chosen ones either. The Commander in Chief, whoever it is, refuses to even address their functions and roles and how they affect the individual American life. The focus of the Chief is always elsewhere anyway, just follow the money if you want to know where.

I’ll let you know how it goes. I’m betting that not knowing will be the same as knowing. Which is why not voting is the same as voting.  It has zero effect upon me or my life. It has zero effect on your life, yet they really want everyone to dance to their stupid tune.

My dance partner left a long time ago, and I can’t even hear the music that’s playing. It all sounds like sheer noise to me, shouting and shoving. There is no tune, no rhythm, no lyrics that I can even recognize. All I can see and hear is a twisted, warped reality fabricated upon deceptions and illusions, talking heads and empty promises and the soon-to-come series of endless betrayals. I have no interest at all in being asked to play a bit part in this, as infinitesimally small as it would have been, I already know what the outcome will be, was absolutely certain to be.  It’s simply not relevant to me or my life and therefore, does not deserve anything from me at all.

So — nobody “inform” me please.  I’m not sure how long I can stay in the “not knowing”, probably not long, but the point of this experiment is to demonstrate simply this:  IT DOESN’T MATTER AND NEVER DID.

The monkeys are quite appropriate.  You are the monkey, which I say kindly enough.  We’re all being asked to “see no evil”, “speak no evil” and “hear no evil”, which of course is impossible to do unless your dead. The evil that has become the U.S. Government and its sham democracy as it wages war all over the world, killing innocents, and destroying our only planet in a constant quest for power and control (and the inviolate “American way of life”) is not to be seen, heard or spoken of. But you should “vote” anyway as the saying goes.

The (s)Election plays directly into this deception, by way of ensuring that no qualified candidate to stop these atrocities is EVER allowed to ascend to the highest office in the world. Therefore, we monkeys are expected to participate in this sham and go on pretending that the evil will “finally go away” if our candidate “wins”. Of course, this has never happened in our entire history and will never be allowed happen either, but our role is to play along and pretend like the good monkeys that we are. Even a monkey can be instructed to “vote”.  Yet we’re still in the cage they’ve designed, grateful for the hands that feed us, but never free, never to escape from the illusion that our gilded cage is anything but a prison for our existence.

The only freedom from the prison is to escape in your mind from the illusions they’ve fabricated. Then STOP PARTICIPATING. Your participation is the support they demand and need. It’s enabling. It’s not changing anything. This “avenue of democracy” (voting) allowed to the people hasn’t change anything, and it never will. It’s part of their game plan, their rigged “rules” that give us the illusion that “we’ve done our part” and therefore, we need do nothing else. This is the lie. This is the deception.  You were never offered anything from the beginning. You’re choice was between Bad Choice #1 or Bad Choice #2.  That isn’t choice, it’s fixed, ensuring that nothing ever changes.

Vote if you want to, that’s your right. Just don’t keep falling for the deception that this will change anything.


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