Scientists race to save U.S. government climate data from Trump

This is actually ‘old’ news (it’s been underway for a few months) – Scientists race to save U.S. government climate data from Trump

I tried – and failed – to post an anonymous reply on Desdemona. That damned “character” count bullshit used by Blogger does not work right and never has. Any reply that contains more then one link, or has any embedded html formatting for emphasis gets reported as being “too long”. You have to take an axe to your post to get it to pass the character count.

Blogger SUCKS and like Facebook, Reddit, Disqus and every other social platform, it “owns” the blog posts and comments, runs whatever ads they want, tracks your history, profiles, bookmarks and Net activity and so forth. I’m bringing all this up because as you will see below, I’m going private.

So this is the reply to the article linked above that nobody else is going to get to see:

Any “scientist” worth a damn would be speaking out anyway (job be damned). A good analogy of this is when a building inspector walks into a theater full of people in a different state where he has no license or authority, but he notices that the place is about to fall down, killing everyone inside. Does he sit down and watch the movie – or does he warn the people inside anyway?

Presidents and Ministers can only “muzzle” scientist that CHOOSE to stay muzzled. Nobody can stop them from speaking up. I realize that the article is about their data and preservation efforts, but I also realize that scientists are CHOOSING to stay muzzled because they’re putting careers ahead of critical PUBLIC WARNINGS. And that pisses me off to no end.

I’ve read endless volumes of climate research, reports, stories and assessments. We are still getting the watered-down version of what is unfolding world-wide. There should be a united voice from from all scientists now calling for a global emergency, “muzzling be damned”. From some recent comments here:

Many more available, but you have to read through endless layers of bull to grasp the whole picture and understand its true meaning. Civilization is going to collapse, horribly. The emergency message is however, still not being declared. It’s very doubtful now that scientists will ever find the courage to even bother as they weakly try to preserve their jobs – temporarily.

I do blame them for this failure, policies be damned. They are the only ones qualified to issue the warning, based upon their own research and conclusions. These warnings cannot just come from ‘anybody’, they will not be believed. They already know enough to start screaming the alarm, but are still choosing to save their careers over the public interest.

I now believe that this failure is intentional across the board – that no public warnings will be issued from any quarters. It is perhaps the only way some semblance of control (an illusion of course) will be maintained. The people are on their own. They’ll have to decide for themselves what to do. When the waves lap at their doorsteps, they’ll finally realize they need to move, and so on.

But it’s far, far worse then this. This is not about losing Miami or New York, it is about losing global food production and the resulting global impacts this will cause. We ALL die from
starvation, globally as temperatures destroy our ability to farm and raise crops and we fight among ourselves over what remains. This is already happening in other countries and the effects are escalating. It will happen here within a single human lifetime.

I have now developed a blueprint document for this global emergency – but who do I give it to? Scientists reject their own conclusions, cautioning themselves from becoming “too alarmed”. Politicians are woefully uninformed to the actual science and measurements and too easily persuaded by lobbyists and corporate interests. Corporations are only interested in making tons of money by any means possible. And the public is easily misled with well-honed tactics of distraction and disinformation. It’s already clear – only private interests are going to take an interest of any significance.

It is obvious that humanity is not truly interested in saving itself from its own folly, and that our institutions and experts cannot be bothered either. We are poorly designed as a civilization to save ourselves from our own destructive ways. But I’d be interested in saving some of us from an indifferent humanity, if at all possible.

I have to publish this anonymously. I’ve discovered that trying to work with the public is a real waste of time and effort, so I’ve gone ‘private’ myself.

It is ironic that I have been forced into this non-public position after years of trying to bring attention to this issue. Those of us that understand what is happening are having to protect ourselves from everyone else. I have become just like the scientists who have failed to warn – incapable of drawing too much attention to myself, but the difference is I never deceived anyone or watered the ‘message’ down. It’s been the same message for decades.

In reality, the ‘competition’ for survival has already begun.

It perfectly obvious that we cannot save everyone and we may not even succeed in saving anyone. I am now recruiting only those who will make a sincere effort, but this will never be made public. By sharing this message, my intentions are for others to realize that you are on your own. If you intend to do anything, do it now.

I am not going to make my ‘blueprint’ publicly available. It will not be published here. This blog is only effective in a very limited way for basic information sharing, and it has severe limitations on how participants are selected (similar to my comments above about social networks).

I do not know the future of this blog. It is not my main priority now. In a similar way to the scientists going private, racing to save their data, they’re having to abandon their public exposure (for now). I still believe it is pointless to spend precious time on blogging what we already know is going to happen.

It is not the Trump Administration that concerns me (and there is nothing I could do about this anyway). It is the public that concerns me. The brain-dead morons that will demand ‘salvation’ while doing everything possible to ensure it cannot happen. There will be plenty of fools who will gladly step up to the plate and offer / dictate / demand their breed of ideology, but I personally want absolutely nothing to do with any of that. Climate change is a people problem.

I may realize something that will take a very long time yet to become public knowledge. Even knowing it makes me dangerous to everyone else.


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6 thoughts on “Scientists race to save U.S. government climate data from Trump

  • January 20, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    Somali President Appeals for Assistance as Drought Worsens

    As Somalia faces its second major drought this decade, the government has issued an urgent appeal for large-scale, life-saving aid.

    Holding a joint press conference with the country’s National Drought Task force on Thursday, President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud said millions of his people are at risk of starvation if action is not taken soon.

    “The devastating drought ravaging many parts of the country continues to take a terrible toll on animals. Many children and aged have lost their lives and now those who were strong enough to endure have started to fall,”

    • January 20, 2017 at 12:54 pm

      All semblance of awareness, cognition and intellect has been deleted from the body politic (people) by the body corporate (planet rapists) .. on purpose, by design, with intent snd the foresight of malice – DUH

      the t’Rump is the culminating turd of ingesting ubiquitous toxic sludge for decade err I mean millennia. I view him (icon of all aligned scum) as a literal event horizon of a massive black hole gravitationally bound to Earth in other words an Extinction Level Event and the beginning of the end of the beginning of the end. Bye bye bipeds

  • January 20, 2017 at 3:02 pm

    I disagree. It is unfair for scientist to continue to keep ‘toeing the line’ in the face of global catastrophe.

    We know that they know what is unfolding. Yet they won’t share it in the public venue where everyone can hear it from the experts themselves, the true nature of what is happening.

    They tone it down, again and again and again, on purpose. They could stop doing this, but won’t. It is deliberate, malicious and intentional, hiding behind career, position and ‘credibility concerns’ and media channel enforced ‘restrictions’. It’s all bullshit. You don’t pretend there is no fire when the place is burning down, you shout out the emergency to all who can hear your voice and damn the consequences. That is not happening.

    They have options to unify and to speak up, which they have not bothered to pursue. They speak amongst themselves and through limited avenues of informing the public (still) and wring their hands at being unable to gain additional public support, but their admissions are what are seriously lacking (what they are willing to publicly admit to). Of course they are to be blamed for this, what they are doing is unconscionable.

    They have to stop being scientists and start being human.

    They are not the only ones to blame, but they are definitely a part of the ones to blame. Science is not doing its job when it passively passes on its life-threatening conclusions and does not raise the alarm that corresponds with this knowledge. It appears to me that they have no idea how to do this, so it is left to others to do – which don’t have credibility.

    Look at it this way – if they don’t do it – who will?

    Why should outside observers be the ones to sound the alarm?

    It’s clear as day it won’t get done, and it’s already well overdue. They should all stop their ‘reticence’ and fear for their jobs, careers and positions and sound the alarm.

    This situation is no different then a medical doctor who has made a diagnoses. He identifies a life-threatening illness, but refuses to tell the patient what he has. Instead, he tells him only what keeps him employed. How many of us would be angry at that doctor for withholding information from us?

    We’ve now lost critical opportunities that could have averted the worst-case outcome which we are now all facing. It’s plain as day that our institutions have let us all down.

  • January 20, 2017 at 3:14 pm

    Newz Flash – hot off the presses – remember you heard it here first : The cow never did jump over the moon and its not actually made of green cheese. And Jack and Jill were not fetching water from the top of a hill (they were copulating). Oh Wow! My world had been so shattered. How can I possibly continue? Will the next story we’re likely to hear be that “The Flintstones” (TV) wasn’t actually a documentary O, Say it ain’t so… but Trump is an illusion and none of this shit is real and Geeezuz died for my original sin so that I might but believe so could suck God’s cock of lies for all eternity FK. Shoot me NOW.

    This has been a test of the Emergency Broadcast System. If this had been an actual emergency we never would have interrupted (told you)

    We now return you to the regularly scheduled programming

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