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As is nearly always the case with my commentary, my latest attempt to awaken climate scientists to their own failures has gone unpublished. This time by Paul Beckwith. He’s apparently decided to sweep comments that he does not like or that point out flaws from his site. As much as I previously respect the man, I continue to find this sort of ‘silencing dissent’ reprehensible and have lost all respect for him.

So here it is –

I posted this comment here in response to the “climate scientist” article – How to fight the Trump administration’s darkness (when it shows up, takes a while for comments to appear), but it’s relevant here too (it never showed up on the Climate Change: Next Generation site either – more censorship).

It’s time for scientist to ACT. Way outside the ‘box’ (sacrifice time, boys and girls).

The stunning stupidity of the Trump Administration et al. will not end for at least four more years (duh!). All we can do (since we continue to feel obliged to follow the rules – even if they are now suicidal rules) is grit our teeth. And remember those that have chosen the path of imminent destruction. They’ll need to be removed as soon as it’s legally allowed (or sooner, should we decide to forgo the rules).

Yes, Trump could change all of this if this clown would pull his head from his ass, but that’s not going to happen. Private industry needs to step up to the plate (including scientists and researchers) and make as big of a splash as they possibly can.

I long ago advocated a consortium of scientist make their demands – and got ignored. Everybody is afraid of losing their jobs (so they sacrifice the planet and human survival on the altar of job protection – yeah, makes a lot of sense).

Since virtually NOBODY is listening to COMMON SENSE, or willing to do THE RIGHT THING, especially now, when it really counts, all we can do is wait it out.

By the way – I have not found any climate scientist that I would call well-versed or practical on “what to do”. You all seem pretty ignorant to me when it comes to activism. Why, I don’t know, but there are a great many people who are really pissed off at you. For real. You’re the experts – and you’ve done far too little. You hold the knowledge, experience, research and results and expected others to take the lead with your conclusions and results. When it didn’t happen, you didn’t do much either.

Why not? Who else are they going to listen to? It’s time you men and women laid it on the line, since that is exactly what is at stake for the entire world. What good does a ‘job’ do when you’re talking about human survival? You people have a lot more influence and power then you think – but you are most definitely NOT using it. You need to start thinking (and acting) outside of the box. A global emergency MUST be declared. Stop pissing around. Stop wasting time. Stop pretending that your job / tenure / position is more important then saving the human race / planet and all other life forms on this planet.

Either that or you experts don’t even believe your own results.

So which is it? Scientific reticence? Disbelief? Concern about position and prestige? If any of this is true – then you just don’t get it yet, and maybe never will.

Hey dude – extinction is forever. That includes YOU and entire scientific community that needs to FINALLY ACT.

Addendum – Some of you are telling us it’s “game over” and yet nobody has even really tried (like they should). Words posted online are not trying. Videos showing climate change are not enough. Actions are required. You have a LOT of power if you’d just DO IT. There are TENS OF THOUSANDS of climate scientists and researchers. You MUST from a cohesive consortium of consistent protest, worldwide (scream, shout, demand). Your voices told the world about the threat of deadly climate change – but the world refused to listen. So now you must take your own steps to ensure the world HAS to listen and act. Only the EXPERTS in this arena will be considered legitimate. It’s time for a global BOYCOTT. Organize it. Fund it. Refuse to obey anything / everything that would prevent this. No more pussyfooting around. Don’t expect a ignorant, stupid American leadership to ‘change’. You have to change – the world, and yourselves. Make a list of demands. Now back them up – with your careers and your expertise.

Frankly, no climate scientist should even show up for work under the Trump Administration (nor should any scientist for that matter). Quit enmasse if necessary. Cripple this country and this Administration. Force the issue to the forefront – we are in a global emergency. Declare it en masse, and back it up with your ACTIONS. Force these dumb stupid fools to pay attention. And if they don’t – then none of us are really any worse off then we already were (including you since your research is being ignored).

It’s been a few days and it’s pretty clear Paul won’t post what he doesn’t like from his readership (and perhaps hits too close to home). Today, I sent him this note:

Paul – explain why you are censoring commentary and suggestions on how to resolve the deadlock with climate change? I saved my (missing) commentary and published this on my own blog for posterity. It appears that you are not interested in solutions that would reveal failures within the climate science community. Or letting others even read about this here.

The idiotic “geoengineering” comment above gets posted (a proven connedspiracy from the nutter community – yes, you read that right) but comments that give climate scientists an action plan do not?

Some of my readers have told me that you are just like all the rest – uninterested in hearing from anyone else. It now appears to be true (and I didn’t believe it). I hope you realize what this means – the world is learning to ignore you because you are ignoring them. We’ve got ideas too, but ignoring us is just stubborn stupidity. Pride is not going to save the planet, but refusal of relevant information most certainly will.

This too was censored (removed). Beckwith is not really interested in anything other then his own fan club. How many times have we all seen this kind of behavior?

So I’m done with Paul Beckwith. He’ll allow connedspiracy theory about geoengineering connedspiracy to be published by an anonymous idiot, but not something that might hit too close to home. He’s proving himself to be just like every other climate scientist that does this type of censorship from readers, only interested in hearing himself speak and nobody else.

It’s important to keep in mind that a refusal to discuss an idea (or even allow it to be seen) is an indication that there is really no desire for a solution that you didn’t think of yourself.

Addendum: Beckwith is now provably silencing commentary on his YouTube channel also. I made two more attempts in the past week to post something on his Youtube channel, thinking that would work. I was wrong. Beckwith hid those comments too, both of them. If you are logged into Youtube – you (the comment author) can see your comments are still there, but nobody else can, either logged in or not, so he’s effectively made the comments completely private.

What this means is he’s creating a entirely false perception by removing public comments that may not support him, his work, accuracy or claims. What the public “sees” is only what Beckwith wants people to see. This is a sign of a small weak man who is afraid to have his work or narrative critiqued (a very poor characteristic for a supposed scientist).

Beckwith has now fully demonstrated his complicity and censorship while creating a false narrative about himself (and his ideas) while pretending to be ‘truly interested’, he’s not. Most likely, he’s just after your money like everyone else seems to be. I’m rather sick of all these frauds, aren’t you?


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3 thoughts on “Scientist Silencing Commentary

  • February 18, 2019 at 3:06 pm

    Yeh, I have tried to make the same point and have gotten the cold shoulder from Paul and Alex Smith. I understand that they are busy and are bothered by lots of quacks and dreamers but still its sad to see no real vision. They may be shills for the powers that be.

    I took the Permaculture course back 1997 from Peter Bane and Albert Bates at Earthaven and The Farm. I knew when I found permaculture that it was the change needed to save the planet. Any thing less fundamental was window dressing and doomed to failure.

    I have developed a very good proposition on permaculture and the debt based monetary scam and thorium energy as well. It is a realistic, doable plan to rapidly scale permaculture and move us to zero growth stable economy. It also has many novel designs that I could develope given the resources. I think I could be a great permaculture designer.
    I would like to send you a copy. You have my email so please contact me.

    • February 18, 2019 at 3:19 pm

      I doubt they’re shills, just like you said, busy with “doing”. But I’ve seen quite a lot of “not invented here” rejections to “outsiders” trying to make contributions within the scientific community. It’s too bad, because I do think that they’ve exhibited a lack of vision and even holistic thinking. We do not have to have the civilization that we have today to “succeed”, we could design something very different if we wanted to. But there is a lot of reluctance to think differently it seems.

    • February 19, 2019 at 11:18 am

      I sent you an email yesterday. If you didn’t get it, check your spam and junk folders. My email is also on the right side of the blog.

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