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Arctic News requested commentators post their ideas on how to mitigate climate change:

What are your ideas for a Global New Deal? Discuss the points below!

So far (several days ago), they haven’t (or won’t) publish my comments. This is typical these days as I’ve mentioned before. If your ideas don’t fit the requirement to maintain the status-quo in some fashion or another, or if they’re too far outside the box, don’t expect them to be published. But isn’t the status-quo the cause of the problems we’re claiming we intend to solve?

This is why I do not believe that science is actually serious about solving climate change. They’re unwilling to do what is necessary, they’re ignoring outside ideas, and here’s the kicker: If the experts are unwilling to get serious, then how can anyone expect the politicians to do the right thing – or even accurately understand what it’s going to take?

The Green New Deal as it is defined today, doesn’t go anywhere near far enough to solve anything.

I kept my unpublished comments, so here they are in no particular order, and this is only a partial list, my Life Project has far more developed ideas.

It’s painfully obvious that we are not actually serious about solving climate change or dealing with this global emergency. EVERY proposal I’ve seen is just more business-as-usual utter nonsense and will not solve or fix anything.

a) There is no such thing as 100% clean, renewable energy. All forms of energy (used by mankind) are derivatives of fossil fuels. Therefore, stop making the claim that this is somehow ‘clean’, it’s not.

b) Global moratorium on growth. Degrowth is far more in line with global objectives to mitigate climate change then more growth.

c) Ban the production of plastic except for critical applications (where substitute materials do not exist). Much better then “single – use”.

d) Embark on a global reforestation project (1 trillion trees), immediately.

e) Ban all reef fishing except for sustenance communities that rely on this.

f) Ban all commercial fishing on all depleted food fish.

g) Enact severe punishment for fertilizer and pesticide runoff into creeks, streams, rivers and oceans. Restrict national and international levels of these toxins to severely reduced limits. Encourage organic, naturally fertilized food production.

h) Prohibit Monsanto, Archer-Daniels and other companies, factory farms from using Roundup and other pesticides globally.

i) Abandon mono-culture farming practices, palm oil plantations, and deforestation efforts to create more farms and livestock ranches.

j) Fund the rehabilitation of the Amazon, Borneo, Madagascar, India and other forests of the world that have been severely depleted or eradicated.

k) Prohibit most international travel and airline flights except where critically necessary.

l) Recall all politicians who refuse to act decisively on climate mitigation, environmental protections and actions to restore Earth systems into balance.

m) Prohibit all lobbyist, corporate funding and donations, and foreign money in all elections worldwide with severe punishment for violators (seize all of their assets and jail).

n) Prohibit the useless production of near-worthless goods and manufacturing contributing to greed, waste, and depletion of environmental resources.

o) Enact global moratorium on population growth with targets set to achieve population reduction of 5 billion people.

p) Ban all exploration of the Arctic for oil and mineral and resource extraction, including fishing.

q) Punish environmental offenders from private citizens to mega-nationals with increasing scales of financial and asset seizure punishments.

r) Enact mandatory climate education within all developed countries of all citizens. Enact mandatory testing of politicians. Enact full disclosure of privately held interests, investments and activities of all elected officials at all levels within city, county, State and Federal government. Enact full transparency laws of all political activities and actions with severe punishments for violators.

s) Withdraw US military support and funding for foreign activities, operations, actions and involvement that do not directly protect US citizens (versus US corporations and interests). Prohibit intervention in the affairs of foreign nations with severe punishments (prison time) for politicians, contractors and military officers.

t) Restrict oil extraction and consumption to essential production, transportation, construction, food production with prescribed limits on other activities harmful to the environment.

u) Fund, research and develop carbon sequestering (basalt injection) on a global scale.

v) Declare a global climate emergency as a world-wide priority for mitigation and adaption. Identify all energy saving activities, all destructive activities, all useless activities contributing to climate change and take steps to stop, curtail and restrict. Enforce environmental restoration, protection and preservation. Enact strict emissions limits and contribution of all greenhouse gasses. Prohibit more fossil fuel extraction and consumption beyond established limits. Invest in non-energy living methods with zero carbon footprint. Prohibit more corporation growth and resource destruction.

x) Build sustainable towns and villages with reliance upon local production and localized inputs for sustainability. Prohibit city expansion and unlimited growth. Create pathways for all cities and towns to become self-reliant and internally sustainable with limited fossil fuel energy inputs (including “renewable energy”). Build localized food production systems for locale population support.

y) Restore degraded habitat, wildlife corridors and uninhabited places. Rebuild wildlife populations by breeding, restrictions on habitat destruction, hunting, fishing and encroachment. Protect insect populations from further decline by abolishing toxins, pesticides, herbicides and destruction of naturally occurring plants essential for their survival. The rest of the natural world will follow (birds, rodents and predators).

z) Stop all forms of human created air, soil, and water pollution, waste, runoff and emissions. Develop and make mandatory recyclable materials for all human activities and production that eventually winds up in a landfill or ocean.


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4 thoughts on “Science Refused

  • February 20, 2019 at 11:44 am

    What nobody seems to “consider” is this – there may be a time (now) where several generations of people CANNOT be allowed to forever destroy habitability of the planet for all future generations. Just like during WWII – everyone was called to duty to support the war effort. That is exactly the same emergency we have today, except now it’s on a global scale and will last several generations.

    Only by restoring the planet through prohibiting more destruction, more growth, more waste, more consumption, is there a real chance at mitigation – and saving planetary habitability for future human generations.

    Like those called up during WWII and those that volunteered within domestic life, we have a duty to protect, preserve, restore and rehabilitate the planet to sustain life (all life, not just humans). But we have refused to do so, believing in our scientists, politicians and media that somehow solutions will be forthcoming.

    It is not true – and it has never been true.

    A world-wide effort is needed to declare a planetary emergency and totally and completely change the status-quo and business-as-usual activities that created, fosters and continues the degradation of the planetary biosphere. The failure to actually address this core issue is what is at fault in the Green New Deal and every other half-baked proposal to mitigate climate change.

    At stake is the survival of the human species and all other life forms on this planet. We are facing temperature extremes that will exceed wet-bulb survival limits of plants and fauna, wiping out our food production and creating massive famines throughout the world, while most species also go extinct from the collapsing food web they depend upon.

    Half-measures waste enormous, critical amounts of time (irreplaceable time) and will not work. Ultimately, Earth’s energy balance must be restored by replacing the missing ice, and reducing global temperatures while restoring natural systems to health. This will require a complete restructuring of human activity and habitation on the planetary surface. The failure to do this will ultimately mean that we will face extinction ourselves from our own hubris, indifference and apathy. Our waste generation must end, our destructive practices must end, our endless growth must end. Anything less is failure.

  • February 20, 2019 at 3:01 pm

    Am I the only one that reads this website and comments?? Again, the author has hit everything that needs to be done. Am I the only one that thinks he is correct?? I personally fight against the demons that haunt me (growth on a finite planet, personal consumption, ignorance that surrounds me, survivability of homo saps, survivability of life on this planet). Does no one but the author understand the science is saying that anything less than the proposed measures doom the planet? DOES ANYONE UNDERSTAND the physics of this?? Energy in from the sun has to equal energy lost to space – anything less cooks the planet.

  • February 20, 2019 at 8:47 pm

    I cannot explain the lack of interest, comments or readers. I don’t remove any comments except maybe 3 or 5 ? over the past dozen years and none for several years now. Pretty much just let people say what they have to say unless it’s a personal attack or spam.

    But I think the evidence indicates the reality that people just don’t care enough anymore to bother or participate. They’ve given up. I’ve seen this same dearth of interest on other very good blogs and sites too who experience the same near-total lack of interest and participation.

    They’re just totally distracted with bullshit now, which they must think is more important. American media has become the bastion of ignorance, deception and lies. Nobody wants to be troubled to really think anymore, or be asked to do anything.

    This means its hopeless to expect much of a public reaction. I’ve seen plenty of evidence of this even when a real crisis hits people personally. There’s not much fight left.

    It’s very strange to be blogging about the demise of humanity and life on Earth and barely get a rise from anyone. It’s as if we want to collectively commit suicide now and cannot imagine anything else.

  • February 21, 2019 at 5:38 am

    I agree with what you say. I still watch the mainstream evening news (a true masochistic experience) to see what is capturing all the interest. Truly just bread and circuses now. Even things like a “Green New Deal” that garner a little attention is woefully WAY too little and too late, (IMHO it would have been a good start 40 years ago). Is this how it appeared to Roman intellectuals in the last years of Empire? But of course we are in the last years of a living planet earth. I look at my own family and see some willful ignorance, hopium, denial, etc. I also have one child that sees the big picture and figures she will have a very short life and so lives in the moment. Can’t say I blame her.
    Keep up the good work. It’s all you can do.

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