Saudi Arabia Funneled Money To Trump

Now we know why Trump is protecting Saudi Arabia: It Sure Looks Like Saudi Arabia Used Veterans to Funnel Money to Trump

According to attendee Gary Ard, the source of these open bars and lush hotel rooms was never directly disclosed, unless it “slipped out later, after repeated questioning or strong drink.” Ard, a Navy veteran from Texas, says one of the organizers who had been drinking at the Trump Hotel “raise[d] up his hands, and he [said], ‘Thank you, Saudi prince!’” (Ard told the Post he quit after his second trip, over guilt at having potentially gathered intelligence for a foreign country. “We’re taking that heart-to-heart conversation [with legislators], writing it down, and giving it to a group of people whom I don’t know,” he said. “And my fear in that is we’re going to create a pool of insight to what congressmen, what senators can be approached, and what their mind-sets are. And that’s completely wrong.”)

Wow. Just wow.

I never believed for one second that Trump gave a damn about America or Americans. But he cares about money, and it’s source doesn’t matter. And he doesn’t think the laws of this country apply to him.


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