Saturday Musings – Part II

Part II

It’s 2019 already, wow. Still here, still trying, still writing, still blogging about the collapse of our world. It’s been great to see some of the latest videos and efforts to get people “aware” of reality, but that has to be tempered with the ongoing rampant stupidity still emanating from the highest levels of government. The U.S. has become the laughing stock of the world under Trump and the damage this moron has created will be felt for an entire generation. A few days ago, the Orange Monkey lied and spouted and spewed about our border security, but it won’t be anything we haven’t all heard before, and it will just as inaccurate now as it was then. I kinda hope he tries the bogus “national emergency” route just so he can get slapped down for putting this country into this position when it hits the courts, which it would. I honestly cannot wait for this clown to be removed from office, because this man does not represent me even slightly.

I cannot point to a single credible “thing” that he has done that has actually helped this country. I just got done helping my kid with the new “improved” 1040 tax form. In case you didn’t know, it’s not simplified AT ALL. In facts, it’s more convoluted, confusing and difficult then ever. All they did was wipe out numerous line items and force you to use alternative worksheets and forms, and it’s really easy to get lost in the endless byzantine “instructions”. Even though their income was below the taxable level, it was still a mess to figure out. I can’t imagine what it’s going to be like for people that actually have to pay taxes or try to itemize. Many deductions are now eliminated, so I don’t see how this revised form and the allegedly “lowered” tax rate is actually going to help anyone. Even though their income was quite low, their getting virtually nothing back.

Government remains bureaucratic, inept, incompetent and indifferent to the average citizen. We’re just cannon fodder and ATM machines. Slaves to the system and the flow of wealth from poor to rich. We can pretend we have a democracy, or a Republic, but in reality, we have neither (we have a corporatocracy). If you’ve notice – government does whatever the hell it wants and pays scant attention to what we want – or even more importantly, what we do not want. They do it anyway. We’re still just peons and serfs, plowing the fields with our labor and supporting their activities with our money. But here we are, much farther down the road before, older, wiser and nothing has gotten any better, none of their promises and claims proved to be true, and we’re all just that much worse off then before.

And so is the world in which we live. We’ve continued to pollute, poison and destroy the global environment, making it toxic, wasted and depleted, while making an endless array of junk the world doesn’t need. But it’s all highly profitable activity and protected by ideologies and laws, so we keep doing what is absolutely insane. In all honestly, the only real joy I have these days when I consider the state of the world, the rampant stupidity and denial, the gross indifference and increasing powerlessness of people that really do care, is to watch and play with my grandson. To see him embrace the world, to laugh, giggle and learn – is to watch life itself come alive. He’s brought an enormous amount of joy into my life and I look forward to every opportunity I have to be with him.

But to the rest of the world, I’m still pessimistic about our chances to do the right thing. It doesn’t seem like we will. We don’t seem to have any control anymore over what is happening. God forbid your home or your country be sitting on or even near plunderable resources… if they are, expect to be invaded by the greedy monsters sooner or later. Or even if you just happen to be in the way of a desired road, pipeline, dam or waste dump. You’re at extreme risk of being considered “expendable”. Either prepare to fight or move or endure the destruction, the choice is yours, but that is the only choices you have.

Most people capitulate and give up in the end. I’ve absorbed countless stories of lives ruined by fracking, mining, drilling or other “essential” activity that causes endless destruction. Polluted waterway are now a way of life in British Columbia as toxic industrial activities lay waste to vast tracts of once-beautiful forests and rivers. You can be hundreds of miles away and still affected by their incredible levels of pollution.

It’s the same everywhere, and it’s the same response everywhere. People try to fight these corporations who hire expensive lawyers and run the people’s movements against them into the ground. Corrupt judges and political appointees and sometimes even (s)Elected officials step in and rule against the people anyway, passing more asinine legislation and “permission to pollute” laws and regulations against the people that actually own the land and live there. Corporations gleefully clap their hands and self-congratulate as they continue to poison the planet. It’s disgusting, horrible, ill-conceived way of “doing business” but it’s ubiquitous and apparently unstoppable.

This is why the future looks bleak. We’re stuck with a industrialized approach to everything. Take more, pollute more, waste more, turning the very atmosphere we breath into a toxic waste dump. The Earth responds and is rapidly heating up in very dangerous ways, melting enormous amounts of ice and affecting the global albedo. Increases in atmospheric water vapor unleash hellashish storms and extreme weather events. Homes are flooded, ice storms destroy power lines, expensive costs for repairs skyrocket. Some people can’t even buy the insurance they need because the insurance carriers simply can’t afford any more claims, let alone find a way to pay for the rising premiums.

So we wind up doing without, bit by bit. I’m getting used to that, but it poses questions about the future. I can’t be alone with this issue, but as we age and watch the world continue to tear itself apart by idiotic human predatory designs, I ponder greatly what it is going to mean to try and survive and just be left the hell alone as the years roll by. I’m not even sure it is going to be possible. Every effort is being expended to ensure that every human, at least every American is swept up into a dragnet of surveillance, monitoring and forced participation. There’s no justifiable reason for this, but it’s what they want – the people who seek the data, the surveillance, the control, the power. Most of us want nothing whatsoever to do with any of it, at least on some level, but the intrusions into our lives are non-stop and constantly increasing.

PayPal really, really pissed me off for the last time, but it’s not the first time by any means. I’ve parted ways with this fascist organization of greed and intrusion and won’t be going back. I miss the days when we were able, hell – “permitted” to live out our lives without somebody trying to stick their nose into our private lives. Why can’t we have that back? Because they don’t want our lives to be exempted from their demands, it’s how they got rich and stay rich, by knowing the most intimate details about you, selling your data and metadata and the details that they’ve carefully culled from your activities and making you a part of their machinations, an “essential service” that few people seem willing to reject. This is why I truly hate social media, it is one of the most dangerous tools being used against people. But this hasn’t stopped billions from stupidly joining up and unveiling their psychological profiles and private lives online.

Remember I did say that people don’t read anymore. No matter what negative reports come out about social media, or how they are illegally operating, how they are manipulating people, facts, news or engaging in mind-control operations (for real), people just don’t care enough to walk away and quit. Social media isn’t a necessity anymore then PayPal is a necessity. They’re platforms designed to engage you, trap you and ensnare you into using their services for “convenience” while at the same time, turning you into the commodity and the information about you into a sellable product to government agencies, advertisers, corporations, data collectors and anyone who can pay their price for the information. It’s a multi-billion dollar yearly business, and few people bother to object.

I’ve thought to write a (long) post about the inherent dangers of social media and how utterly dangerous this is, but hey – nobody would bother to read it. I’ve written a few times about this, but I’ve barely covered everything that I know about how this is being used against people. I have extensive training and skills with relational databases and metadata and how this information is being used, but I’ve come to realize that people won’t change their lazy habits, they’re just not interested. So the world is going to embrace surveillance and mind control no matter what – because we don’t care enough to opt-out and stay out.

Despite stating thatI want to save the world“, the reality is the modern world doesn’t want to be saved from much of anything. We’re not expecting much and aren’t willing to do much either. Most people eye the wealth of the world and want more of it. Others just want to get off the dirt floors they live on and have a better life. Over a billion people still walk miles for their daily water. Few people care about other people that live in such conditions. In wealthy countries like the U.S. and Canada, we just want more comfort and income to spend wherever we want. There is a gigantic disconnect on living standards and expectations, income and opportunity, and what “wealth” really means throughout the world.

While we need both things and money to survive, neither things or money are the real wealth in this world. Possessions and wealth do not make you intrinsically happy or content. They’re artificial substitutes to real contentment and appreciation and being satisfied. But the world refuses this definition for the most part and it’s easy to see why. If you live on a dirt floor, you desire something better for your family and for yourself. But at what point does this quest end? When you own a Lear jet? Or when you can hop around the world whenever you like? Or how about a new car every year?

We’ve allowed our quest for things and money to become the real gods in our lives. This is a very strange way to exist in reality and is foreign to many indigenous tribes that still exist today. Once their actual needs are met, they build relationships with each other. This is where real wealth can be found. Life is short, and it can be very hard for some, and all the wealth and things that you’ve struggled for in your existence are forever lost. You can’t take any of this with you, but you’ve wound up expending the vast majority of your life and time on Earth trying to obtain it, protect it and then get more of it. It’s a crazy, insensitive, empty type of existence. But it’s the path billions and billions of people follow.

Everyone tries to cash in on this methodology of ‘living’ and profit from it. It’s what drives civilization, participate in the method and make your ‘mark’ on life – while you are taxed, extorted, bribed and threatened for a portion of your substance. Governments, corporations, advertisers, neighbors and even friends are all interested in how they can obtain some of your wealth (labor) while you still exist on this planet. They justify their actions as being necessary and for the common good, but if you’re like me, you’ll find that they rarely represent you or look out for your interests. The things that should be free aren’t, and the things that should be affordable aren’t either. They’ve marked them all up just beyond reach without “credit” and made them difficult and expensive to have. So you wind up trudging along on their treadmill like a rat in a cage, surviving only as long as you keep laboring away and buying what they produce at the prices they’ve set. None of this is any accident – it’s deliberate, malicious and totally unnecessary. But it lines the pockets of those who pull the strings and so it goes.

There should be more to life then this, and there should be the opportunity to have a different type of life, but they’re isn’t. It’s illegal to live off the grid and have no address, or to try and forage for a living, or to build a home on empty land. Nope, you have to join up, enlisting your self and service to the common treadmill of life. They’re so adamant against people doing their own thing that they’ve passed an astounding amount of laws and regulations against it, believing that they actually own you and whatever you produce throughout your entire existence.

While I am not advocating homelessness or being a vagabond, what I’m attempting to convey here is the reality that your life is really not your own. You are required by law and punishment to participate and this is getting worse all of the time. It’s their game of life you’re playing (not yours), and it’s totally designed to extract time, labor, wealth and even life-force from you. By keeping you endlessly distracted with entertainment, fake news, social media and endless levels of utterly stupid shit, you’ve forgotten the fact that they are controlling everything about you, even how you think, feel, react, respond and find worth through this life. Your very existence is in their hands. Years go by and if you’re introspective and honest, you start wonder “what have I done with my life?”. You lived according to their dictates and demands, wasting away years and years of existence that you will never, ever get back.

By “they”, I am referring to the system of civilization and society and all of the agencies, enterprises, rules, laws and regulations that has been setup to contain and trap the world’s people into this rat race of competition and profit, no matter where you live or what you do. You think you have ‘freedom’ but you don’t, not even close. You’ve never been free. You honestly don’t even know what it is. You’re not free to do what you want, even if it harms no one. You are only free to participate in what your society allows and has made lawful.

Let me give you a tiny example, relevant and true. This just happened to me. I recently inquired about my “right” to build and own a tiny home and either live there or allow one of my kids to live there. Oh boy, did I kick over a can of worms by daring to even ask this question! The county has all kinds of rules, regulations and permits required for any kind of residence, but despite not having anything in writing on this specific type of dwelling, they imagined that they could interpret their own regulations to mean anything that they wanted it to say. When I pressed them on this issue because it was clearly wrong, they announced that they would arbitrarily rewrite the “rules” to include something like a tiny home. They pretended that they were accommodating me, but what they were really doing was making certain that I would not be exempt (free) from their authority to tax and control.

In other words – they wanted to be certain that I would comply and that they would fabricate the rules necessary for me to do so. The only reason that they would do this would be to suit their own needs, which is taxation and revenue. That want to make sure that if someone is living in an alternative style home, they’re getting paid for “allowing” this.

This can be demonstrated at any level – in the medical field, employment, starting a business or anything you can imagine – especially if it offers you some real freedom. They demand that you comply to their imagined “authority” and insist that you gain their permission first so that they can find ways to extort (more) money from you.

I understand the need to keep haphazard construction and living conditions to minimum standards – but frankly, it’s none of their damned business how I choose to live. It’s my life and my money and how I choose to spend it, where I choose to spend it, and who I give it to, including my time, labor and sweat. But you can’t do anything anymore without running afoul of some bureaucratic nonsense.

Now turn this around for the wealthy corporations that decide to come to your town and set up a toxic industry. They get the local officials to support these projects and enact county ordinances that permit them to do so – despite widespread local resident opposition. When it goes to court, which it inevitably does, they’ll point to the “regulations” and “requirements” that they’ve allegedly followed to poison the air, water and soil within “permissible limits” and ultimately, get these poisons approved to be released into your community – the plants get built and the residents have to suffer through the toxins for decades. Jobs are usually the “incentives” and local officials relish the increased tax revenues, selling off the birth right and future habitability of entire regions of the country for mere money and temporary profits.

This is what I mean when I said we have a crazy, insane “civilization”. Everybody is owned, controlled, manipulated and monitored. You live – and exist, via their permission and allowances. Abusive and toxic practices are permitted as long as the money keeps flowing into the coffers of those that control and make the “rules” including the corporations and lobbyists that wrote the rules in the first place. This is an insane practice, but it’s now the status-quo everywhere in the world. You can’t escape it.

I fear for my grandson and the life he’s going to be forced to live. I’m too wise to the ways of the world and the predatory practices to tell him he’s “free” or “living in the best country on Earth” or any other such utter nonsense. He’s been born a slave just like you and me and his grandpa is going to tell him that when he’s old enough to understand. His life isn’t his own unless he fights like hell to have some distance between himself and those that insist on owning and controlling him. That will be his choice, but by the time he’s old enough to understand, and then old enough to do something about it, it might be way too late. He may never even get the chance.


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