Saturday Musings – Part I

Part I

There are tons of posts on this blog that could easily be recycled. They’re just as appropriate today in our dumbed-down world as when they were first written.

Here’s just two short ones:

Absolutely Useless Crap You Don’t Need To Bother With (and a few things you should be aware of)

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The problem as I see it is people refuse to read much anymore. I recently placed a negative comment on a major media website that reported almost zero “news”, but relied heavily on images with large captions. There were numerous links to videos and of course, the ubiquitous ads for useless crap nobody needs or wants. I know I’ll never hear back from the site owners, they don’t care what people think and the comments are usually just discarded anyway.

Since writing these two articles linked above in 2013, I’ve accomplished quite a lot despite increasing debilities and lack of income. Always do something every day to “help” yourself and those in your life. At the end of the month, you’ll have accomplished a lot even if you’re still broke.

Wintertime here is ice and snow usually, and this year was absolutely no exception. Everything is buried under a blanket of cold and slippery white stuff. My state declared a state of emergency for the recent snowfall. It doesn’t seem like that much to me, but I’m kind of used to snow. I honestly don’t much like it because I do a lot of land related projects and activities, and wintertime puts a stop to these projects. This past fall I heaped together huge brush piles, over a hundred of them, removing hundreds of stumps and stacking tons and tons of forest debris.

It was a big job, and I did it just before the snows fell. I have to burn this debris off but decided to wait until the wood dries out some more before doing so. Clearing land is an enormous amount of hard work, even if you’ve got machines to help. My goal is to downsize my present situation and to do that, I have to go someplace else. My house is just too large now for the two of us, and we want to live even simpler if we can. But to get there, we have to engage in an awful lot of work.

Over the winter this year, I’ve had to plow several times, fix broken vehicles, get a few unstuck, clear some downed trees and ponder the coming year’s projects. There is always a fair-sized to-do list that I maintain and I generally get through everything on the list. Although this year I’m not so sure I can because in effect, I have to start all over again. From scratch. So I don’t know if I can get this done this year or not.

I’m older now, a bit worn down and I’ve still got serious back trouble and need surgery, but it won’t happen because Americans have stopped preparing. That means no income for the past several years when Americans just gave up. Without insurance, it’s all out-of-pocket expenses to me and there’s just nothing there to pay the doctors. I’m seriously confused and confounded by the claims that the economy and rates of employment are supposedly great, I’ve still not seen any real evidence of this in this area, or in my industry anywhere. It’s been bad now for several years, since 2013, so I guess that makes it going on six years now. Nothing I do seems to make any difference and I think other people are in the same situation, and they’ve given up.

Not me. I’m still plugging ahead, doing whatever I can. That is the only thing that stands any chance of success – you keep trying. I’m definitely looking forward to spring and the loss of the snow pack here. Winters can be long, hard and even a bit brutal, but many people know that experience first-hand. If my shop was heated, I could get tons of things done during the winter, but it’s not, which is sort of my fault. Insulating the shop it is doable, but too expensive to consider. My diesel generator broke down and it’s currently in pieces in my shop, but I can’t solve the fuel injector problem so far (needs a new injector pump, or so I’m told). Fortunately, we haven’t had any significant power outages and I’ve got other plans if we do.

Both of my kids have had serious car trouble however, one just ran over a deer and basically totaled the front-end of their car. The car survived, but the deer didn’t. Guess who has to fix that? It’s waiting for repairs under a blanket of snow right now, I’ll have to track down a new front-end and do the install myself. I loaned out another vehicle to them in the meantime and just learned the the 4 x 4 mechanism in the front is broken, so that’s also on the docket for repair, but I can’t do that until spring either. And the other kid needs a new engine installed in their vehicle, so there’s always something around here to do, or fix or build.

I’ve got the skills, but not the money, I’ve got the time, but not the dry warm place to work during this time of year (it’s 8 degrees out). If we didn’t have backup alternatives, we’d have had to just brave the cold and try to make the repairs anyway somehow.

I was recently asked about “prepping” and this is all part of being prepared. Always have a plan B. Always know what else you can do in case something fails or breaks down. Always be ready for that eventuality. I’m more or less prepared to stay home for months at a time if absolutely “needed”, but so far, that hasn’t really happened yet. But I keep trying to find ways to stay home, avoid the insanity of our increasingly stupid and dangerous world and keep my distance from a society that I find more then a little crazy.

I still believe and probably always will that we should have created an entirely different kind of civilization. One that did not rely upon ruthless competition and endless destruction. I know that we were once capable of doing this, but opted not to. It’s no longer clear to me that we have the capability, it’s proving to be incredibly difficult to get people to perform even the most basic tasks at self-preservation, like “reading”. Or taking any kind of actions that would make them more resilient, let alone actually try to work together.

(continued in Saturday Musings – Part II)


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