Salvation At A Price

Here’s another doomsday scenario, except it’s already coming true: Rapture Rescue 911

It was obvious that that rich would try to buy their way to safety. I hadn’t realized that they were doing the things covered in the article yet.

Not hard to see where this will be going. Privatization of salvation for a price, but only until money becomes worthless.

Just think of the possibilities, “full spectrum” service could offer you a ringside seat to Armageddon if you’re rich enough to afford the “view”.


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4 thoughts on “Salvation At A Price

  • November 3, 2007 at 7:31 am

    1. this isn’t targeted at the uber-rich. They’ve had there ‘salvation’ built-in for quite some time.

    2. These scams are targeted at those with far more money than sense. Period. Which does not necessarilly limit ‘services’ to those with significant ‘wealth’.

    3. With so many believing “In God We Trust” (as scribed on to every note and coin), is it then surprising that they equate money with (as) god and seek their ‘salvation’ via faith in money. – Not to me, it isn’t. Insane ‘thinking’ makes for insane doings – every time – don’t cha know?

    4. Gives a whole new meaning to “pay to play” – Pay (not pray) for ones ‘salvation’ and/or ‘pray to pay’.

    5. I ‘luv’ the part (aspect) of pay now (up front) AND pay ‘as you go’ (every month) for perhaps some temporary continuation of not facing the music (facts) – aka ‘paying the piper’. “The American way of life [aka delusional magic maintenance] is not negotiable” but it is however still for sale.

    6. Predating on fear and militant ignorance are the best means by which to seperate abject fools from cash (and/or any other item of ‘value’).

    7. For a one time $100K registration fee and $10K/month maintenance surcharge (in 2006 US$), I hereby promise to permit any member in good standing admittance to my (our) survival bunker (and access to water and food cache) so long as it may last. Additional (customized) services also available (rate schedule available by special request). All rates, terms and conditions subject to change without prior notice. Offer void when overtaken by reality.

    7. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha hah ahhhhhhhhh ha ha ha ha ha …

  • November 3, 2007 at 10:06 am

    Just wondering, do you think people believe that money will still buy you something(like safety) post collapse?

    Since the people in the article are planning for a disaster, they must anticipate a you-are-on-your-own disaster, but think it will still be business as usual post collapse? Odd.

    Makes me wonder who their target demographic is.

  • November 3, 2007 at 10:17 am

    dokijo – not sure who your talking to, but yes, people still believe this. Read this article for proof: Charles Merrils Fears Market Crash.

    Merrill stated in a Palm Springs interview with Michael L. Grace, “There is going to be a major stock market crash, so protect your assets. Buy physical gold and hide it.”

    Stupid, I know. But evidence is everywhere the people still believe money is their answer, because they wrongly believe that there will also be a recovery, and life will return to “normal”.  The advice given above is dumb as hell, I won’t take a million dollars for my food storage during the crash.  You could buy it right now for a million (send me a check), but not when the crash hits.

    Gold is useless as a practical investment that can actually be used to keep you alive.  So is money.  If I have what you need (food, water, medicine, shelter, whatever), but you don’t and have only gold to offer me, why would I give you what I also need in exchange for your shiny glitter?

    Gold bugs aren’t too bright.  Gold, or any form of money (cash, bonds, stocks, etc.) are useless in a collapse.  And a lot of people are hanging on to their useless “wealth” in the belief that somehow it will “protect them” as it does now, during times of abundance and plenty.  Those times are OVER.

  • November 3, 2007 at 10:42 am

    Another thought: the “crash”, “collapse”, “depression”, “recession”, etc., that everyone fears is being grossly underestimated, just like our planetary damage. Assessments are constantly being updated to reflect the growing danger of something absolutely catastrophic.

    This blog is one of the few places on the Internet that tries to call it like it is. I’m not trying to toot my own horn here, not interested in that. But the crash watch covered here is stating flat-out, it will be very, very bad.

    Too many converging issues are headed our way. We may survive one or two, but not five, six or even a dozen of them coming one after another and even simultaneously.

    There will be plateau’s (we are in one right now) that will make it “seem” that we dodged a bullet, but its temporary and illusionary.

    The collapse is just getting started. Before it’s over, billions will be dead. Wealth and the very concept of wealth will be rewritten a dozen times.

    It is the lack of practical thinking (common sense) about what it means to “live” and what it takes to live that is going to be the (physical) demise of most humans alive today. They wrongly believe that they can buy what they need, whenever they need it. This is totally false.

    When money becomes useless, they will discover that their needs cannot be met. Having failed to plan ahead and understand the practical realities of daily survival and what this really means, they will die.

    All modern paradigms are now falling apart. Modern living, abundance, wealth, security, retirement, career, you name it, it’s OVER.

    Humanity has screwed the pooch, our institutions are failing due to our shortsightedness and wasteful, corruptive ways. Collapse will “reset” the clock on the remaining humanity that chances to survive. Those who (presently) believe that “wealth” in whatever form is going to survive intact through all of that are seriously deluded.

    I’ll get off my soapbox now, hope you don’t take any offense to this, but I’m really commenting on some of the really stupid articles I’m seeing promoted. These people are nuts, deluded and deceived, they have absolutely no clue at all what’s really headed their way.

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