Sacred Cows Make the Best Hamburger

I am no exception when it comes to having pet beliefs and viewpoints. While writing this blog, I’ve had opportunity to discover many things that shattered my own worldview. Many other thoughts were already held and solidified as I continued to research various issues.

I thought I’d post some of them here, because they were really head turners for me. Here are some of the things I’ve discovered:

The Pacific islands that tossed out their missionaries reverted back to self sufficient lifestyles. Islands that didn’t, remained dependent upon imports and lost their independence.

Agriculture of any type is non-sustainable.

Agriculture led to the development of civilizations.

Civilization enslaved the human race and called it freedom.

A mass society is not sustainable, ‘to maintain itself, it must expand. With expansion comes a myriad of horrors, including empire-building, colonization and ecological destruction.’

The ‘Green Movement’ isn’t green at all. It’s not even a movement, but a profit campaign.

Humans don’t own the planet — or anything else.

Only some of the things here should be temporarily used by humans.

The only truly sustainable life is a nomadic lifestyle.

Peak oil is really peak energy.

There is no such thing as cheap energy.

There is no free lunch. EROI is no exception.

Increasing complexity is not advancement, it is increasing destruction.

Modern civilization only exists because of increasing rates of depletion and destruction.

Depletion rates are now so advanced, that the survival of the human species is at stake.

Humankind managed to live on the planet for more then a million years without civilization.

Civilization enables enslavement.

Primitive living was neither nasty, brutish or short.

Nasty, brutish and short describes modern civilization.

Ownership is not freedom.

Humans do not have a ‘manifest destiny’.

Humans do not have an ecological ‘privilege’.

All humans once knew how to truly live.

Humans are not the problem – human systems are.

The Earth provides everything that we need without our ‘assistance’.

Empires don’t last, they crumble from within.

Nature has the final say.

Biodiversity is required for the survival of human life.

Biodiversity ensures survival, sustainability and sustenance.

Living on the increase, and not the decrease, is the only answer needed.

“We must stop stealing from our children and we must stop now” – Jane Goodall

Root causes are all of the following; agriculture, civilization, money, technology, superstition, religion, and war.

Mankind has not advanced, but regressed, exchanging free food for hard labor; free housing for unaffordable housing; abundant housing for housing shortages; tax free for incessant taxation; free rent for high rent; tenency for ownership; a gift economy for a cash economy; a leisure week for a work week; spiritualism for materialism; spirituality for immorality; evolution for disolution; healthy food for sickening food; healthy living for obesity and heart disease; the solar cycle for deadlines and timeclocks; daily vacations for paid vacations; every day for week days; leisure time for no time; seasons for weekends; rainfall for sprinklers; forests for lawns, clean air for filtered air; natural vistas for city lights; healthy forest for clearcuts; meadows for mind-numbing cubicles; forest trails for pavement and roads; family and tribe for psychiatric counseling and divorce; family homes for convalescent homes; practical survival skills for no skills; honor, dignity and pride for promotion, paycheck and golden parachutes; vision for television; intellect and intelligence for credentials and degrees; experience and wisdom for promotion and advancement; environmentalism for capitalism; cooperation for coercion, and harmony for extraction and depletion. There were no cities, no jails, no prisons, no fences, no roads and no pollution.


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3 thoughts on “Sacred Cows Make the Best Hamburger

  • January 19, 2007 at 6:11 pm

    nice effort –

    as a biologist/agronomist, I concur with the perspective that ALL ‘agriculture’ enterprise – including so-called permaculture – is biologically nonsustainable long-term. The larger the scale/scope, the more rapid and catastrophic the collapse.

    For levity:
    Life’s a beach.
    Then you die.

    In the meantime, strive to keep sand out of all orifices.

  • January 20, 2007 at 5:12 am

    “Civilization enables enslavement”?

    I would rather say “Civilization requires enslavement.”

  • January 20, 2007 at 8:30 am

    Both are true, but civilization must come first. Without civilization, no enslavement is possible, you’d be free to wander off and live, not mentally and physically dependent upon society.

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