Here are the Rules, same as before when comments were allowed.

1. No flame wars. Opinions are valued, mud slinging among commentators is not. Disagreements can be constructive if you add some meaningful input or information to your position.

2. Do no promote your religion here. This isn’t your private theological soapbox, it’s not even mine.

3. Off-topic commentary should have have some relevance to the main post. Nothing is more discouraging then to have the main post simply ignored.

4. No promotion for competitors products without prior approval. This also applies to websites.

5. No champions. There are a lot of great writers, analysts and researchers out there. We can all learn from them. Just bear in mind that this blog is not about them (or me either). It’s about finding new ways to live and how we can cope with the changes coming our way.

6. Don’t make me come on here and clean up a mess you created. This is the reason I’ve had to post these rules. All comments are moderated.

7. This is not a forum. Sorry, but the software is not designed for this type of interaction.

8. Don’t ask or post questions or commentary that should not be posted or asked. Use some common sense. This blog is read by thousands, including those who don’t like what’s being said.

9. Do NOT add my email address to your mailing list without asking first. Your email is NEVER shared.

10. Don’t argue. Sorry, but argumentative email is routinely trashed. Hate mail gets your IP banned. I simply won’t and don’t put up with it at all. I do a lot of reading and writing and sincerely appreciate useful links, information, commentary and discussion. Arguments aren’t any of these things.

11.  Most people can easily avoid rule violations by using some common sense and decency, some just can’t seem to to help themselves. Some think that “anything goes” on the Internet. Not so — not here, don’t try it.

12. This blog is not a private playground, yours or mine. Even playgrounds have rules. It’s not a democracy either. The topics posted here won’t make everyone comfortable. The topics are intended to inform and to make you think. More importantly, they are intended to stimulate one to act, to take charge of and responsibility for your very survival.

Think. Act. Live. The Internet is NOT real life. Shut the computer OFF and GET GOING with the things you need to do for your future. This is why this blog (still) exists.


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