Row, Row, Row Your Boat — See If It Floats

Here is a (current) example of how dishonest our electoral process is:

Ron Paul, the Texas congressman who unsuccessfully sought the Republican nomination for president, has been said to resemble Gandalf, the magician from the movie version of “The Lord of the Rings.”

Republican officials seemed to make Paul’s supporters magically disappear during Wednesday night’s roll call vote, in which the GOP convention officially nominated John McCain as the party’s presidential candidate.

During the hour-and-a-half voting procedure, convention Secretary Jean Inman recorded each state’s votes. Even though several states cast a portion of their votes for Ron Paul (among them Alaska, Oregon, Washington and West Virginia), none of those votes were repeated aloud by the secretary, and therefore they were not confirmed by the chair.

According to the Oklahoman newspaper, two delegates from Oklahoma also cast their ballots for Paul, but the microphone was cut off before their votes could be recorded.

The result of the roll call vote — before it was made unanimous by acclamation — recorded five votes for Paul, while a news reporter counted at least 15.

“There were several discrepancies,” said Drew Ivers, Paul’s delegate coordinator. “The RNC was roughshod, a little careless. They weren’t as respectful as they could have been. I don’t think that’s very professional, and it’s not a good reflection.

“They had five ladies keeping the score, plus the chairman, so they had six people and still couldn’t get the numbers right.”

The convention did not reject all dissenters to McCain’s nomination. Two votes that the Utah delegation cast for Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, were promptly repeated and recorded in the final tally. Ron Paul Disappears

One of the reasons alternative party candidates NEVER get any widespread support is because of a complicit media maintaining the status quo. In the words of Eric Larsen:

The unspeakably grim and unforgivable point is this: That with the likes””quislings all””of Matthew Rothschild, Amy Goodman, and Greg Palast² representing the nation’s “progressive” or “adversarial” or “liberal” journalistic or intellectual establishment, nothing has been effectively done to resist, undercut, challenge, slow, or stop the neocon-corporate-autocratic-oligarchic takeover of the United States of America, the reduction of it””at best””to a surveillance state, and the continuation of the elites’ long-planned effort, by military, financial, and genocidal means, to establish and subsequently control a single world government.

Even the liberal press misses it — repeatedly. The recent arrest of Goodman is a prime example of how utterly useless protests and marches and demonstrations and all the ranting and raving that goes on (including on this blog) really is.

We have indeed been sold down the river by ALL OF THEM:

For lack of a free progressive press and intellectual establishment; for lack of an adversarial progressive press and intellectual establishment; for lack of an honest progressive press and intellectual establishment; for lack of a non-criminal progressive press and intellectual establishment, and for lack of a non-treasonous progressive press and intellectual establishment””for lack of these things, we, as has the world, have been sold down the river, and have been delivered, through fraud of many kinds including again the spectacle of criminal and fraudulent campaigns and elections, into the very arms of Satan, even if Satan appears to be a slim, handsome, mild-mannered, socially dedicated and oratorically gifted young fellow like””well, like Barrack Obama. Report On Obama

Meanwhile, in the real world, massive ice melt in the Antarctic continues with giant sheets of ice breaking off (really). But we’re being entertained with beauty pageant pictures and “clouds of rhetoric” to keep us preoccupied from our predicament.

Row your boat, see if it floats. I bet it won’t.

I’ve gotten a fair bit of response to the Thought Crimes post in private email, here are some of them:

Greetings Admin,

You state you would like to know why there is no resistance to this type of tyranny. And in this example I am in complete agreement. The answer is really quite simple. We, as an entire society have been programmed to accept it! As an “old ” man, I clearly recall what I was taught in school (a real agency of the government), “The police are our friends and we all need to OBEY them”. And “If you are in trouble or need help, call the police. They are here to HELP you” (This is what they should be doing, but…). Does this sound familiar? Now in school the programming has been modified. Now in addition to the “police are your friends” children are actually taught NOT TO FIGHT BACK. In my day, my father taught me to deal with a schoolyard bully with physical force, right then & there. School officials came down harder on the bully than a child resisting the tyranny. Now the schools all preach the non-violent method of “conflict resolution”, or tell the authorities and let them handle it. These messages have also been drummed into the entire population by the mass media. Also look at who is getting kicked in the teeth. The “Fringe Groups” are always the first to feel the sting of the jackboot! But remember, there is always a NEXT group to be targeted. So now, when the police start abusing groups of people for political reasons and there is no resistance or even an outcry, just think of what type of programming we have been subjected to.

The entire idea of Thought Crimes has made my blood boil. The actions in this example have been covered in many Supreme Court decisions. It falls under the precedent of Prior Restraint. The police cannot take preemptive action to prevent a crime. A group planning a non-violent, “peaceful” protest are exercising rights protected by the Constitution. Thought Crimes are the next step from the Hate Crime laws. The Hate Crime laws were “sold” to the American sheeple as a method to give extra protection to unpopular minorities. Really what it did was give the government a way to make thoughts a crime! Now, why stop with Hate Crimes? There are a lot of thoughts the government would love to control. Remember, “I’m from the Government and I’m here to help YOU!”

To be free, our society needs to prosecute EVERYONE involved in these kind of raids. The police that conduct them, the judges that sign the warrants, the prosecutors and “shadow people” that request the warrants. Our own government has established in the Nuremburg War Trials that “following orders” is not a valid defense. Everyone involved in the raid has a DUTY to uphold the Constitution. Prosecute them all, sue them all, tie them up with litigation until their grandchildren grow up. Use the system against them (oh, how that pisses them off!).

Somewhere I read about an idea to have the First Amendment printed on tee shirts, front & back. Then when the thugs come to rough protesters up they literally have to trample on the Constitution. Another idea to ponder is, during a demonstration, when someone begins to destroy property (agents of the govt.?). Why don’t the protesters grab them, rough them up (a lot) then hand them over to the cops. The protesters get good PR for ejecting troublemakers, agent provocateurs get instant “rough justice”. A win, win situation.

Not a bad idea — if you support the idea of reinforcing the system (something I don’t like). I am not interested in getting in on the so-called “good side” of these thugs at any cost. I just can’t bring myself to do it. We are polar opposites, I inhabit a world they despise and are actively trying to destroy. I won’t help them, period.

More reader input:

This past spring I e-mailed some news about mass protests to a blogger or two that I read daily. These bloggers purport to be anarchists, and I thought they would want to know about a huge rally planned for Washington, for example. The response was pretty tepid and long the lines of, the system is too locked down for protests to do any good. As a child of the sixties who would more than welcome an uprising, I was really disappointed. I talk to people around here where I live in Arkansas and the feeling is that the weaponry the Empire has now could obliterate large numbers of protesters, nothing doing. The sense of it all with people I talk to is pretty defeated. People cite the sixties as a time that had lots of dissent and protests and brave young people taking to the streets and all for…nothing. Nothing changed. It all got worse, in fact. It all became what it is today. I believe the power elite has studied very carefully how to control and manipulate a large population. They have been doing this since early in the 20th century at least. I believe the whole right wing Christian thing, the rapture, all of that was seeded by the elite as a way to encourage a culture of passivity and wishful thinking. Jesus will come, we don’t need to do anything. I think the power elite has been working behind the scenes in a hundred directions like the religious angle and many others to fragment and emotionally disempower the populace. A culture of stupid fun, hedonism, anti-thinking, beer-guzzling, car race watching, sports obsessing, vanity/fashion/celebrity obsessing, anti-anybody not American, lottery winning wishfulness and on and on has been culivated and nurtured by the power elite.

Nobody I know, mostly boomers that is, wants to stick their neck out. To even think about doing so is regarded as NAIVE. I have asked people, where is your rage? Would you join a militia? Aw, that won’t do any good! “They” will just wipe us out with a gazillion times more sophisticated weapons than we have. But that is just the excuse. The real reason is in their eyes…they gave up long ago. Their spirits are broken. They know this country is toxic soup but they don’t understand how or why it happened and have no confidence anything could be done to win. Like you said in a recent post, why go into a war unless you know you are going to win?
I had an idea a while back to start a hard copy, snail mail chain letter writing campaign, send out hundred of letters to be copied and sent out to thousands and then millions advocating a national strike. If we can’t win by fighting back, we certainly could just refuse to participate by the millions. Stop going to work, stop paying bills, stop paying taxses, stop buying our stupid “consumer goods.” Just stop. Support each other and help each other and STOP. They can’t arrest people, or maybe they can and would, for not going to work or paying taxes and electing to starve vs. supporting this insanity. But they could not very well put millions and millions in detention! The system only continues because of all the busy worker bees keeping it going! The work feeds the system and keeps the behemoth alive.

The biggest drawback to this that I see as I already said is that the elites have been very effective at divisiveness period and at divisive politics which has created almost a sports team mentality among some demographics, an us vs. them, having little to do with the real, actual life or death issues facing us and that exhilarates an awful lot of people with the possibility to self-righteously hate others and be “better” and morally superior.

It couldn’t hurt to try a mail campaign to encourage a national strike. But I would need to get out of my chronic depression over what an evil world this is in order to work on it. Which points to another debilitator, chronic epidemic MEDICATED depression! Not saying I won’t or can’t, just saying in all honesty I struggle with sufficient motivation to overcome my own feelings of hopelessness and I am sure a lot of other people do too.

If you believe the System can be reformed, go for it. I’m absolutely convinced it cannot be fixed, and should not be fixed because it is more then just rotten to the core, it is a pervasive evil. A world that demands of you, as a human being, what it has no right to demand (your life, your liberty, your labor, your money, your support and even your death) is not a system that I believe should be maintained, and therefore, I cannot support the idea that reforming this system is worth doing.

Some blog responders here have suggested that we outlast the system. This is one approach, but it won’t exactly work. Not in the real world. On paper perhaps, but you’re not “outlasting” them now, are you? Not really, they already own your soul in a myriad number of ways. What this really means is to “endure” them, while they take more and more away from you, and hope that you can somehow survive it long enough (old age perhaps) and remain intact enough that you will have lived a “good life” and passed on a few things to your progeny.

But, what are we really passing on? The problems we have today, all of society, is the inheritance of the next generation. Who’s responsibility is it to deal with this? Theirs? Ours? How about both? Life belongs to the living, not the dead and it is the living that inherit all that there is. This is a pretty simple concept, but it is also one that many people try to escape from (including me). We hope to not have to engage the enemy in this life if “we can help it”.

More readers write:

I don’t have to tell you about the folks who prefer denial over reality and truth. Many blogs readership is down and I don’t think people want to believe it. I had a conversation with a person I have known since junior high- and she is so far in denial that she won’t even put a tomato plant in the backyard. Those of us who see the writing on the wall still read. It is fucking scary to say the least- but it’s our life now and as you said- we have to decide how we are going to live it. Just know that your words- and hopefully mine- will give others who
believe strength to continue to resist or live or whatever. I felt like a crazy person until I found your blog- it was recommended in my google reader 😉 the leviathan got something right for a change. 🙂 thank you for being who you are and for continuing to blog when you don’t have to.

Even my own readership hopes to escape the wrath to come, but I want to point something out here: You won’t be able to. This is a pipe-dream, a fantasy reality that hopes you will be left alone long enough to die in peace.

Let me qualify this by saying that I well realize the futility of trying to convince someone of something against their will. This is however, what this blog often tries to do, the words I write are meant to convey personal action in your life, because words are always insufficient if they are not backed up by real life. They are after all, just words. But words that do not truly represent anything are utterly meaningless, like the words politicians spout off to get elected. They NEVER keep their promises and NEVER meet their own words that they so readily bandied about.

It is really important to understand this. Our heads are filled with so much garbage and useless knowledge and words that are slung about with no real meaning and absolutely no real effect. This is why nothing changes in this country — it is just WORDS that are being slung about. Nor do the lives behind those words REFLECT THOSE WORDS IN REAL LIFE all too often.

In essence, we are seeing volumes of useless words being volleyed back and forth tit for tat and we all know it. We’ve all done it, all of our lives and we have come to accept this as the normal course of events from everyone else too.

Words are cheap — but real life is not. Words pad our lives with comfort and give vent to our anger and our displeasure, but they are after all, still just words. It is when words change lives that words become powerful, until then they are words that can be ignored or obeyed or even go on at they very often do, unheard.

Return now to the recent blog activity (reader comments) on tyranny and resistance. This blog has limited readership and an even more limited registered user base (on purpose) who are permitted to record their comments. But even from this limited base, the sum total of the reader comments received is “we cannot fight back”. These are words, representative of how people feel and believe, and in this case, examples of real life. Nobody is really fighting back (except with words, consider the lawyers and lawsuits and protest and marches and megaphones, the weapons of choice are words — and they do not work anymore).

First off, this is hugely significant. If it bears true across America (and I think it does, as evidenced by the apathetic response throughout America to ongoing tyranny), it means that we have in fact, given up. Some, believe endurance is called for, in the hopes of outlasting the bastards somehow. Others believe that embracing the status quo is better (none here that is). But both positions and those that fall in between essentially agree that we are licked, beaten and lost already.

I disagree. In fact, I could not disagree more because it goes against everything I have ever learned and studied. First off, it is IMPOSSIBLE to subjugate a entire population. There is always those in the midst of complete compliance who will resist. Even in maximum security prisons, a totally controlled environment, resistance lives on. It is also true of every society that has existed. Dictatorships, monarchies and would be Presidential pretenders do not have complete and total control, and they never, ever will. Resisters are not always evident or your often not even allowed to hear about them, but they are there.

The Soviets discovered this in their own country, as they did in Afghanistan. Their superior weapons and surveillance society did not deter these people from resistance, it only made them stronger. But here in America, the general consensus seems to be that it can’t be done (a sign of acceptance), or even shouldn’t be done, when it HAS been done, throughout history, in every country on Earth.

It IS being done, because this is what some people are willing to do. It is not making the daily news, except when you read about a raid or a murder or an arrest or a coverup for some group or individual, always painted in the negative light of criminal behavior (to get you to automatically support the State) and the “justified” actions of the State.

Collapse adherents hope to outlast the State if they can. We do not know if this is possible, but we do know that the tyranny that that State now represents is on a very definite upswing. And we know that it will in all probability, get much, much worse. We’ve got a long ways to go before we’ve “seen it all”, as already evidenced in other countries.

Here in America, the facade of freedom has blinded the eyes of almost everyone, who mistakenly believe that mall shopping and a cold Budweiser beer equates to the greatest country on Earth. These people are beyond all help and understanding, leave them be to their delusions (and apathy). They actively support the tyranny by being brain-dead stupid, unwilling and unable to open their eyes and assess what is happening to their country, right in front of them.

Surviving the State is a key component to surviving the collapse. How do you suppose you will survive the State tyranny? I’m serious here, so bear with me. By disappearing? By acquiesence? By compliance? By what method, exactly? Please read that again slowly.

No one situation is the answer of course, but what do all of these responses actually represent? They all represent acceptance. And that is also the blog comments that have been recorded on the recent thread, they all represent acceptance in one form or another, because they do nothing to stop or prevent tyranny, they only seek to avoid it as long as possible, and thereby, pass on the responsibility to deal with it to someone else. Is that right? By refusing to take part in dealing with it (I’ll get to that meaning a bit later on), we are passing the buck on to someone else (our kids, certainly — great parents we’re proving to be).

Perhaps that is “good enough” for most people, but is it? That is certainly not how we all got here a few centuries ago, or then again, in this generation, perhaps it exactly how we got here. It is how we have come to be at this juncture today, because we failed to intervene when we should have and inherited the corrupted, vile mess we have today.

I’ve made the point before that no legislative body or it’s agents has any more authority, moral or otherwise, then you do, a natural person. This is a true statement of fact. These entities may assume that they have more, and act as if they do, but they do not and cannot.

This is more then a matter of law, but a matter of true justice and moral authority that is not codified in the corrupt annals of modern law that self-perpetuates the lopsided status quo of today. The reality is, humans are equal, ALL humans, whether “badged” and “certified” (licensed and stamped and mass produced) or simple, natural persons. No authority exists that has more authority then you already do and have always had.
Society is layered, subjecting itself and its members to laws and agreements, contracts and moral behavior. And it works too — as long as it is fair and just, reasonable and equal. When it fails in any of these regards, it becomes abusive, tyrannical, unjust and downright evil. This aptly describes all too often of what we have today, but remember, this is neither “lawful” or a moral system anymore, it is corrupt, imbalanced and partial to favor only select groups and (monied) individuals.

This is why there is so much injustice in our world today, we have forgotten our own authority and have delegated all of it away to other entities (had it stolen is another way to describe it) and have utterly abandoned the concepts that all authority flows from the people, having always been in the possession of the people (and not to put too fine a point on it, always will be of the people). I do not care what country you live in, whether a monarchy or a democracy (or a failed Republic), this is how authority works, it flows from the people first. The people possess the authority and always have, but nobody wants you to know or understand this.

I’ve often heard and read the arguments that Americans are still “free” in comparison to other countries. Not only is this not even remotely true anymore (look it up, the USA consistently ranks around 20th or worse), it is absolutely meaningless what freedoms (or not) might be found in another country.

Such comparisons are meant to engender a sense of “we’re still better off” by pointing out the discrepancies, but do not have any applicability in real life because you don’t live there (simple). The issue of whether WE are free is the only issue that bears any relevance, and the only way to determine this is not by comparison to other countries, but by what freedoms we actually still have, if any.

It is true however, that one man’s freedom, is another man’s tyranny. In America, one man has the freedom to terrorize you, stomp your cat, beat your pregnant wife and go home afterwards and enjoy a Budweiser and a football game, while you lay shackled on the floor of a prison cell inhaling the smell of vomit and urine, guilty of absolutely nothing at all.

The Cato Institute just reported that upwards of 40,000 home raids now occur every year in America. To many Americans, this is still their definition of freedom — as long as it does not happen to them. The IRS is busy seizing 5,000 properties and business a week. Home evictions are dramatically. Up to 2.2 million Americans now rot in prisons and jail cells. Being arrested in your home for a thought crime has become a reality.

To many Americans, this is their definition of freedom — as long as it doesn’t happen to them. And this brings me to the point of tyranny, collapse and survival and you.

There are those that believe that a system that permits these excesses can be reformed. They, like their predecessors, are still trying to fix it — despite many, many years of repeated failures.

Personally, I do not agree with this view. The system represents a “game”, of rigged rules and biased responses (whoever has the money is permitted to win). There is also a preponderance of evidence extending over several decades (at least) that meaningful reform this is no longer possible or even permitted. Those that seek to fix a faulty system by working within a faulty system are already doomed to fail, and the evidence of this is everywhere you look.

Nor do I personally believe that reform is even desirable anymore either, since the system at fault is inherently highly destructive (and always has been), unresponsive, insensitive and totally callous to life and living in a healthy, humane and sensible environment. Our world today is a direct reflection of all of this and represents in vivid detail why the present system is no longer suitable for sensible and sane people who seek peace, justice, fairness and equality. Our present system is inherently against all of these things (although hidden from casual observation), and cannot be reformed to suddenly embrace them. If our system today was for all of these things, then we would certainly have them all by now, when we obviously do not.

The tiny victories that some municipalities have achieve at internal reform, are grossly insignificant and do not go remotely far enough to stop the overall tyranny and rot, which marches ahead unabated. Whatever reforms we’ve seen, they are temporary at best, we continue to lose ground and slide ever farther downhill. Remember Real ID, that was supposed to be DOA? Well, it’s back in full force as an example.

Gradualism, or incrementalism is how they continue to accomplish this, bit by bit, and the people do not seem to care or notice that they are being boiled to death by slow degrees. So when they start arresting masses of people in their homes for thought crimes, the people do nothing effective to stop it (and don’t even know how anymore) except mouth off with more useless words (again and again, ad nauseam).

You cannot work within a system that is irrecoverably broken and inherently against life itself. The continual slide into the abyss despite the billions of dollars spent to stop this is sheer proof of this, it is not because of a “lack of trying”, millions try or have tried or died trying.

A system that cannot be reformed and moreover, does not respond to reform is absolutely useless. There is too much vested interest in gaining more power, more control and staying the status quo then being responsible or accountable to the people it proposes to govern and control. Those that are responsible (the men behind the curtain) for this remain untouched (but not untouchable, we know who they are).

Therefore, I am an advocate of stop trying to fix what is unfixable and to abandon all such ideas as complete waste of time and effort. It is a lost battle already and cannot be won.

However, I do not advocate giving up (acquiesence or apathy) either, as this is actually much worse then struggling to fix a broken system. Apathy abdicates all responsibility and moral authority to the very system that oppresses you, giving it more power. Acquiescence is similar, a despicable condition of deplorable human behavior that simply gives up.

The only answer is to stop supporting the system altogether (and stop trying to fix it). Anything that actually helps to destroy it is actually in our favor. Anything that weakens it is in our favor (all forms of resistance). But acquiesence is not in anybody’s favor, and only helps to perpetuate the tyranny and increase control by increasing its resource base (you).

This is not giving up, not at all. This is the form of resistance that is needed. It is active, costly and not without risk. It is not passive or indifferent, but actually the opposite. It is also the key towards collapse survival from tyranny. Tyranny is not just going to “go away” even in collapse, it is going to worsen (just like it is now, as we continue to collapse). Therefore, the collapse may well need our help to prevent tyranny from coming against us too much or too soon or too close. It is highly unlikely in my opinion that simply hiding is going to be enough (all you will need to do). If you want a better world, you’re going to have to take a part in it at some level, just remember that it doesn’t have to be this world.  Otherwise, you’re going to have to accept (acquisence) with whatever you get.

The arguments against removing this system include the argument that removal of one system only means that it will be replaced by another. While this is true (it is human nature to establish government and control at some level), we already know this will happen and it is exactly what we want. It is far too much to hope for that nothing will replace the vaccum created, and is not even remotely realistic (but a nice dream).

I really don’t expect to float this boat to be honest. The concepts here are deeper then most people seem to be willing to examine and the words I’ve shared are far too shallow and light to cover their depth. I’ve said several times that we have not yet suffered enough to even want the changes we actually need for our own good. I don’t think we’ve even suffered enough to seriously contemplate what changes we actually need either or how we even propose to get there while our world collapse down around us.

The present system, with all of its points of control and manipulation upon our thinking, being and living is all-pervasive and within its environs, we don’t even think clearly. The glass we see through is dark indeed and the images are murky and indistinct. But even so, we inherently know that we can indeed do better then what we have done already.


admin at survivalacres dot com

8 thoughts on “Row, Row, Row Your Boat — See If It Floats

  • September 6, 2008 at 12:09 am
    OK – as I read it, nothing we can do is adequate; but if we do nothing, that is inadequate…so what do you propose we do?? You go on these philosophical tirades, but offer no solutions. Are you just venting your frustrations? I guess I just don’t get it. Dumbos like me can’t fix the world, just try to survive what’s coming.
  • September 6, 2008 at 6:44 am
    “The only answer is to stop supporting the system altogether (and stop trying to fix it). Anything that actually helps to destroy it is actually in our favor. Anything that weakens it is in our favor (all forms of resistance). But acquiesence is not in anybodyâ’s favor, and only helps to perpetuate the tyranny and increase control by increasing its resource base (you).”

    Thanks Admin,

  • September 6, 2008 at 9:15 am

    sarge – Nothing you do in the system is worth doing anymore. Repair, resolution, restoration, et al., because it only continues to perpetuate the status quo (tyranny, capitalism, etc.). These efforts are all worse then inadequate, as evidenced by where we find ourselves today, they are actively working against us and the entire planet.

    Anything that continues to support a system that embraces death, destruction, slavery and human misery, along with the planet raping, environmental destruction and ecosystem genocide should be stopped.

    That’s what we “should be doing”. The solution is obvious. Stop trying to fix it. Stop supporting those who are claiming they can fix it. Stop funding those who claim they can fix it, all you’re doing is supporting it. Stop voting for those who claim they can fix it. Exit the system entirely (step 1).

    Then tear it down by whatever means possible. Weaken it, refuse it, run it into the ground.

    But importantly, stop acquiescing (accepting) the status quo, because it is wrong, destructive and the harbinger of death for us all. I have spent years documenting this issue — we are in a death spiral for the entire planet, but there is a solution, destroy that which is destroying us.

    The present system is not life (and never has been) — it is planetary DEATH. It serves only those who seek power and control over all else (peoples, animals, environment) and has already brought us to the brink of self-extinction as a result. The next several years will more then demonstrate this as our planet spins wildly out of control within the environment.

    Why go on supporting any of this, at all? Why not stop? Secondly, why not tear it down and destroy that which is destroying us, our home, our lives and all possible future humans and animals and the planet might possibly have?

    Acceptance is the worst of all possible choices. It is the “slow collapse” scenario, permitting our overlords to do as they please as long as they want, ensuring the absolute and total destruction of the entire planet and the death, destruction and enslavement of the entire human race.

    Hiding is a form of acceptance to all of this. Yes, we will need to survive, a theme I’ve often written about, but what will we inherit if we do nothing? What will our children inherit?

    I can hear it now already — “Daddy, why didn’t you stop them?”. “Because I was afraid son, and I wanted to survive”. “But Daddy, there’s nothing left!”.

    We must realize that we are not the ones that matter, I do not care if you have any kids or not. We are going to pass this world on to somebody else, the next generation, and it is our responsibility to ensure that we have done our part.

    It is not our survival then that is important (and never was), it is theirs, whoever they be. What are we going to give them? The inheritance of all of our problems and pollution? Or the even the willingness to even try for a better planet and a better world?

    We are sending a loud, clear message by simply running away and hiding. I only advocate this for surviving as you step out of this system and a means of existence, but I do not believe this is all we should do. Not even. We need to do a whole lot more, it is imperative that we do so.

  • September 6, 2008 at 10:41 am
    I have heard that the strategy of the police state has shifted slightly. If they have a population that largely ignores them and simply does whatever they want such as growing their own food, building their own homes, educating their children as they see fit, and forming local communities and alliances, they authorities are getting no push back which they can then label as terrorism or some such nonsense. So, the acts of agent provocateurs will increase, the pressure to obey increasingly niggling laws will increase, and you will see your tiny little social rights footprint made smaller and smaller. You will be told you can’t collect rainwater for human consumption, you can’t build a composting toilet, you can’t sell your produce, you can’t raise farm animals on your property, you can’t walk here, talk here, or stand here. The goad prods and prods, attempting to incite a reaction. THEY WANT A RESISTANCE MOVEMENT. All fascists movements started with an imaginary or incredibly overblown enemy which was used to first frighten then provide pretext. As ordinary, good people became angry, they reacted. They protested and when the police waded in with truncheons, they were outraged and reacted with counter-force. THIS WAS WHAT THEY WANTED. Now they have the excuse they were always looking for. The media then hypes the “anarchists” who set trash on fire!!!

    oh, mY, GOD!!!!

    Trash on fire!!

    But then, the police state overreacts causing a counter-reaction and the process of brutal suppression and reaction go into a death spiral. The only way out is through a magnificent and dark cleansing of the body politic. This means millions upon millions dead. Economies exhausted. Societies humbled. Then begins the great forgetting as we once again cycle through the madness. Since we never address the core issue, we never get off the karmic wheel.

    There is a way out, but I suspect it will come only after one final cleansing.

    And, even then, the chances are slim.

  • September 7, 2008 at 8:34 pm
    Thank you so much admin for this revealing and insightful essay. While I am doing all I can to resist, I also understand that I am part of the system I’m resisting. I also realize that while I am attempting to build the necessary skills to survive, I cannot simply go along to get along. One must resist, head, body and soul.
  • September 8, 2008 at 7:40 am
    Beautiful post Cherenkov, and spot on.

    Turning on (to a better way), tuning in (to see the madness), and then dropping out (of the system) seems like the only option, but it’s not really doing anything but buying time. The system still needs boogeymen to frighten the masses and substantiate its existence and you will still be it.

  • September 8, 2008 at 2:46 pm
    “It is not our survival then that is important (and never was), it is theirs, whoever they be. What are we going to give them? The inheritance of all of our problems and pollution?”

    “Anything that continues to support a system that embraces death, destruction, slavery and human misery, along with the planet raping, environmental destruction and ecosystem genocide should be stopped.”

    Admin, I truly appreciate this post. This is what drives me to resist, refuse, revolt… and basically withdraw my consent from the system.

    (long time reader, first time poster)

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