Ripple Effects

This is a must see photo gallery of the “ripple effects of the Macondo Massacre now taking place: Ripple Effects

Just remember, that this is just what we can see above the water. The disaster taking place below the water has got to be orders of magnitudes worse.  Most of the oil still hasn’t been even “found”, it’s drifting in huge plumes, some say “lakes” out there offshore, deep in the water.  But it’s not going to stay there forever, nor will it leave the seabed and the entire water column unharmed.

I told you this would be tried — and here it is:

BP bailout proposal coming soon (June 12, 2010 – OpEd News)

When the full damage of the oil is calculated, and the full payment of restitution is required and the full consequences of lawsuits are understood and the monetary consequences of such enormous personal and economic misery are realized, BP will tell us that we face the choice of BP going bankrupt and being unable to pay its debts or receiving a government bailout so it can meet its obligations from the damage it has done.

Prediction: Before the rooster crows another 60 times, BP will be seeking a government bailout. If you thought the Wall Street bailout debate was nasty, wait until you see the BP bailout debate.

Nobody on the planet should support this insanity, but of course, American politicians WILL.

This will be a good time to wean Americants off the oil-teat. Let BP fail (they’re going to anyway) and start this oil-gluttonous country on the path towards oil-independence.


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