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11 thoughts on “Revealed: Exxon Mobil’s lobbying war on climate change legislation

  • July 9, 2021 at 2:23 pm

    I’m always a little suspicious of stuff authored by Michael Snyder, but there can’t be smoke without fire:

    ‘The Mystery Plague That Is Killing Countless Birds In 9 States And Washington D.C. Has Gotten A Lot Worse

    ‘….Experts have never seen anything like this before, and they are in a race to try to find some answers.

    Whatever is causing this, it appears to be affecting a wide range of species…

    Several species of birds have been affected by the mystery illness, according to the University of Pennsylvania: blue jay, European starling, common grackle, American robin, northern cardinal, house finch, house sparrow, Eastern bluebird, red-bellied woodpecker, Carolina chickadee, and Carolina wren.

    And at this point, the “mystery disease” appears to have spread very widely….’

    Could the cause of the widespread death and destruction be industrial humans, by any chance?

    The omnicidal, suicidal madness continues.

    I note, every time I go to the supermarket the price of a few items has gone up.

    Hmm? Methinks we are in deep shit now.

    Back to the personal preparations.

    Keep up the great work, S.A.

    By the way, I see that the level in Lake Mead has dropped a little more.

    • July 9, 2021 at 3:09 pm

      Yes, Snyder is a snake, definitely one of the liars out there, sold his soul for $$, spreading lies and fears like the rest of the hucksters and fraudsters years ago. I simply never read any of his material or others like him, no need to be misinformed and misled, part of the crowd of ignorant fools that give out bad advice (yeah, I really don’t like the guy, had my run-in with him years ago).

      The problem with these hucksters is they seek to capitalize on every opportunity to turn their fear-mongering into profit-making while giving out the wrong analysis and the wrong advice. They’re part of the right-wing bullshit plaguing this country with rabid stupidity and stupidstitions. “Prepping” used to be something that only conservatives (rapists) did; Christians too (more planetary rapists); then it become vogue for other groups of people, now it is recognized that everybody should be at least a little prepared. But they’ve taken over the true narrative many years back – I told one writer who did finally give up that “survivalism” was “dead”. He did not believe me, but I was right. It was completely co-opted by the fraudsters and turned into right-wing rabid bullshit with endless bad advice and stupid ideas. I spent many hours writing about this sort of thing in an attempt to change the course, I doubt it did any good.

      Now (finally) a few recognize climate change as a reality, but none admit to civilization being the root cause, or advocate for a true change of course. Most still believe in “weather modification” and other stupid connedspiracies that have no basis in facts or reality. They make up endless shit about how we’re all being manipulated by microchips and vaccines and there’s going to be a massive population cull “any day now”. Same shit, same stories, different decade. Snyder was one of these idiots posting connedspiracy and conjecture, nothing he ever said ever came true, but he’s still out there, still dangling false flags in front of idiots and still doing it for $$.

      The dead bird story has been around for a little while. Didn’t post it, it’s tiny compared to what is really unfolding in the animal kingdom. Billions of deaths happening right now. Heat, toxins, habitat destruction and no way to escape, of course they are going to die, just like us. Over a thousand dead now from the most recent heat wave. Another heat wave this weekend coming, but probably not as bad.

      There’s going to be a large food price increase August 1st. As usual, people don’t pay attention to what matters, when it matters, so will be caught flat-footed, again. Rooted in place, deer in the headlights, idiots wondering how this could have all happened. Our species is just stupid. Build a totally artificial construct for living while killing off the planet and then act surprised when it starts to fail. What did they think was going to happen?

      Everyone ignored all the sound advice from the indigenous that’s been around for hundreds of years (they were too busy practicing genocide). Then they ignored all the sound advice from environmentalists and scientist that’s been around for a least a hundred years. Then they ignored all the sound advice from climate scientists that’s been around for fifty years. Then they ignored all the advice from consensus groups that claimed the planet was dying for dozens of years. And now it’s all happening, just like they all said it would one day. Bunch of dumb mother fuckers too stupid to get out of their own way.

      People around the world should be enraged, but no… their rage is focused on the stupid, inane, profane and asinine. They manufactured their “rage” into something else entirely, white privilege, “stolen” elections, anti-vaccine movements, Trump cultism, racists asshats, gun violence and anti-environmentalists movements. They were all played, right into the hands and pocketbooks of the industrialists and planet-wrecking industries that funded these movements. What a bunch of dumb fucks, morons to the bone.

      Meanwhile, the real world careens to one disaster after another as the planet dies a little more each day. The ice is almost gone, the fish are almost gone, the mammals are dying, the amphibians and avians are dying, the shell fish and coral reefs are dying, the oceans are turning too acidic for life, the atmosphere is becoming too toxic to breath, the trees are being cut down even faster and the planet wasting continues unabated. Do they fucking notice? No, of course not, they’re too busy expressing their white rage and ‘conservative values’ while spewing talking points by the Great Trump beast.

      You do know that the United States is completely fucked, right? Anyone paying attention here knows this through and through. The unrest, injustice, anger, violence, and built up rage is ratcheting up higher and higher. No place in any of this is the desire to actually fix what is wrong. They can’t even see it, don’t recognize it and have absolutely no idea how to resolve it. All they want is MORE. More for them and their privileged group, and a “fuck you” to everybody else.

      There is no concept of economic or environmental justice happening here. It’s all smoke and mirrors. As things continue to fall apart, so will the planet that supports us all. People will soon be at each others throats, fighting over what’s left, too stupid to pull back, calm down, reassess and rebuild what is necessary, or even to make proper preparations to survive what is coming. Billions will die, but America in particular is going to go up in smoke and flames.

      The “right” stupidly thinks this will be their ‘opportunity’ to ‘get their country back’ which is code speak for destroying the planet even more while oppressing every other group on the planet. Those days won’t be returning, it will be them that will feel the giant boot heel of becoming a minority in a declining world.

      Anybody that keeps claiming we’re going to work together and work this all out hasn’t been paying attention. Hopium isn’t being smoked here.

      • July 11, 2021 at 1:59 pm

        Thanks for that clarification of Snyder. Yes, yet another opportunistic arsehole, out to profit from fear-mongering.

        But as you say, everything is being progressively killed off by industrial humans, either directly via guns, poisons, traps etc. or indirectly via destruction of habitat and general degradation of the environment, all against a backdrop of massive overheating and toxicity everywhere.

        The good news is, the economic system is shaking itself to piece via fraud and incompetence and the destruction it wreaks on both the natural world and the synthetic world.

        The scumbags who are in control are still able to keep a large portion of the masses distracted and amused via corporatised sport and junk food. But even those are starting to lose their appeal, as the prices get too high.

        Here’s something to do on a planet that is being ‘killed’ by outlandish levels of consumption: party on like its 1969!

        ‘Virgin Galactic Unity 22 Successfully Reaches Outer Space’

        • July 11, 2021 at 3:14 pm

          I do not personally think this ‘achievement’ of flying high by private industry is anything to cheer about. In fact, it is just another inevitable sign of death and destruction. Spending billions on R&D, wasting enormous amounts of resources, to put a tiny few people up high in the sky, ie., ‘space’ allegedly, hallmarks nothing at all except self-delusion at its finest.

          What has been achieved by this grandiose scheme? Space will never be within the ‘reach’ of the average wealthy American, let alone 99.99% of the rest of the world. The expenditure of funds, fuel, resources and materials to achieve this flight – literally to “nowhere” at all is nothing more then a publicity stunt. Whatever for?

          Nobody is going to go ‘live on Mars’ or the Moon that isn’t backed by hundreds of billions of dollars in technology and investments. Even if five people set foot on one of these orbital bodies around the Sun – they can’t actually live there without importing EVERYTHING required from a dying Earth to make it so (for a few months, at best). The focus of the world’s government and rich ‘investors’ isn’t to solve Earth problems (where we all actually live), but to pretend that this asinine space race by private investors is “where the future is”. No, it’s where they’re gambling the world’s future. They are all dead wrong.

          This kind of useless distraction and waste of money and resources is why failing Earth systems won’t get properly addressed by anyone. Fantasy flights and in-person cameo appearances are just a stupid wasteful distraction to real life-threatening problems plaguing the Earth. Consider what devastation and destruction was wrought to wrestle the enormous amounts of raw materials required to blast off into empty space and you will see the sheer foolhardy nature of these ‘adventures’. These are just uber-rich expressions of unmitigated greed and indifference.

          Maybe Branson or Musk will be hired to place space mirrors in orbit to protect the planet from our destructive practices. But even this, or any other form of geo-engineering would just open the gates from even more environmental abuse and emissions. “See, we fixed it – go ahead and pollute some more!”. Humans are dumb as fuck.

          We’re down to a few dozen years (at best – or much sooner) before global temperatures will become UNLIVABLE for billions of humans while the uber-rich garner fame and fortune pretending to offer phony “hope to mankind” for a high-tech future that will never, ever happen now. Is THIS how we want to spend our final years? Playing Icarus? Building more futile infrastructure that only damages the Earth even more?

          Seriously, nobody is getting off this planet alive. Nobody. We’re all going to die right here, in a hellish fire, there will be no ‘escape’ to the heavens by anyone. This is just madness by insane men unchecked, money and greed and self-aggrandizement run amok. I won’t cover this story at this time, no need, plenty of example of rampant human stupidity still embracing the same lies as before to choose from.

          • July 11, 2021 at 3:54 pm

            Absolutely right, S.A!

            But for the scientifically illiterate, financially illiterate and ecologically illiterate -99% of the populace of ‘advanced nations’- the planet-destroying practices of the so-called elites sound impressive.

            For anyone with a few clues, they are both absurd and outrageous.

  • July 12, 2021 at 1:51 pm

    And so now the chickens are really coming home to roost. And it’s not even the height of summer in the Northern Hemisphere yet.

    What’s August going to be like if it’s this bad already?

    ‘Bootleg Fire In Oregon Uncontrollably Doubles In Size Amid Megadrought


    MONDAY, JUL 12, 2021 – 02:20 PM

    Large swaths of the Western half of the US experienced triple-digit temperatures this past weekend, with intense heat expected to continue through mid-week. As the West baked, a huge wildfire doubled in size in southern Oregon, continuing to threaten major transmission lines that feed power into northern California.

    California and other surrounding states are plagued with a megadrought, continuing heat waves, water shortages, fears of rolling blackouts, and an early fire season that could be one for the record books.

    The fire in focus Monday is the Bootleg Fire in southern Oregon, approximately doubling in size in the last 48 hours to more than 150,000 acres.

    The U.S. Forest Service published an incident report from the weekend specifying, “firefighters, emergency managers and other public safety officials faced the fifth day in a row of extreme, intense fire behavior on the Bootleg Fire, as hot, dry, windy weather persists in the area.”

    The Bootleg fire began in the Fremont-Winema National Forest near the Sprague River last Tuesday. Nearby residents in Klamath County were told to evacuate because of imminent fire danger.

    On Sunday, the wildfire continued to spread and was zero percent contained. Extreme hot temperatures and a megadrought appear to be what fuels the fire.

    According to NBC News, “the fire interrupted electrical lines that transmit power from Oregon to California. The state lost thousands of megawatts of imported power and struggled to maintain operating reserves as temperatures soared into triple digits in parts of the state.”

    Last week, the wildfire prompted California Gov. Gavin Newsom to issue an emergency proclamation to free up additional energy supplies.

    On Friday, the state’s grid operator, California Independent System Operator (ISO), was very close to triggering rolling blackouts to thwart a collapse of the power grid.

    Now ISO has issued a five-hour “flex alert” beginning at 1600 local time Monday and urged consumers to “conserve as much electricity as possible” to avoid outages.

    With Bootleg Fire barely contained and a heat wave to persist through mid-week, it appears the fire has more to spread, potentially affecting transmission lines to northern California.’

    One of my favourite films is the early 1960s science fiction romance ‘The Day The Earth Caught Fire’ …caught fire because arrogant humans of militaristic governments messed up the natural order of things.

    Meanwhile, in 2021 the talking heads are talking about the potential for 4.8% per annum inflation (devaluation of money in the system) which probably translates to 10% per annum devaluation of money in the real world.

    Just to add to the woes, I see the Europeans and Aussies have made a mess of Covid control, while in much of the rest of the world people have given up any pretence of control, and chaos is on the rise.

  • July 13, 2021 at 1:48 pm

    I see it’s getting worse fast (as expected): rather concerned for your safety, my friend, SA.

    ‘Nearly 60 wildfires were burning across 10 states in the parched American west on Tuesday, with the largest, in Oregon, consuming an area nearly twice the size of Portland.

    The fires have torched homes and forced thousands to evacuate from Alaska to Wyoming, according to the National Interagency Fire Center. Arizona, Idaho and Montana accounted for more than half of the large active fires.

    The fires erupted as the west was in the grip of the second bout of dangerously high temperatures in just a few weeks. A major drought, exacerbated by the climate crisis, is contributing to conditions that make fires even more dangerous, scientists say.’

    And for a bit of comic relief- well black comedy, really- the saboteurs, criminals and clowns that constitute the NZ government continue to speak with forked tongues:

    ‘In the same year that the government declared a climate emergency, imports of an especially dirty type of coal from Indonesia topped a million tonnes for the first time since 2006.

    Last year, 235 kilograms of overseas coal was imported for every New Zealander in order to power homes and businesses. This is also only imported coal; the country also produces coal domestically.

    Ninety-two percent of the imported coal was from Indonesia, and the vast majority of that was a low grade, high emissions type – sub-bituminous coal.

    “Not only are we burning more coal, [but] it’s the dirtiest coal. And it comes from Indonesia where the conditions and the mining is appalling,” Cindy Baxter, an environmental campaigner, said.

    In recent years, low lake levels meant our biggest electricity generator – hydroelectricity – has produced less energy than normal. Natural gas supply has been inconsistent. Coal has been increasingly used as a fuel of last resort to keep the lights on in our homes and businesses.

    It’s also the world’s worst fossil fuel, emitting far more greenhouse gases than any other. It produces carbon dioxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen dioxides, particulate pollution and heavy metals.

    Coal imports from Indonesia in 2020 totalled 1.084 million tonnes, or just over one billion kilograms. Australia’s the only other significant exporter of coal here, sending over about 10 percent of Indonesia’s total, 95 million kilograms.

    New Zealand’s imported more than a million tonnes from Indonesia only twice in the last 20 years – 2020 and 2006.

    Almost all of it last year – 910 million kilograms – was sub-bituminous coal which must be burned in greater quantities to achieve the same energy output.’

    • July 13, 2021 at 2:02 pm

      Nobody is actually serious about doing the right thing. Recent online interaction on another site demonstrated this in spades. Guy was bragging about how he was going to fire up his V8 engine, then light the barbeque. Might as well toss his kids on the grill, because that’s what everyone is doing.

      It’s sad, pathetic and virtually hopeless. Morons don’t get it.

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