Retired General Michael Flynn Calls for Martial Law and A New Election

Convicted felon retired General Michael Flynn is now calling for martial law and a new election to be conducted. Yeah, that Michael Flynn, whom was convicted of lying to the FBI and then recently “pardoned” by Trump.

Proving himself the ever-useful idiot, Flynn is now advocating that the 2020 election be nullified and limited martial law be enacted, followed by a “new election” to ensure that his boss is preserved in office (somehow). Putin is really putting the screws on, apparently.

I do not recognize America any more, not even in the slightest corners of my mind. The people here have utterly lost their minds. Clinging to the most insane, ridiculous and stupid connedspiracies imaginable, millions are now openly advocating for a full-blown fascist takeover of the country.

Let me make this perfectly clear: If there was any real credible evidence that the 2020 Election was fraudulent, I’d support an honest investigation. But of all the articles, stories, claims and allegations that I have seen all over the damned StupidNet – NOTHING of substance fits the requirements of “evidence” that would have had any effect upon the election results. Hearsay is NOT evidence. Unsubstantiated claims of wrong-doing is not evidence either. Bogus “statistics” and fabricated stories isn’t evidence either. Claims by disappointed voters is not evidence. NONE of the election officials in their respective State’s agree that there was any fraud.

The Courts have examined the so-called evidence brought by the numerous lawsuits and rejected all of it. The very people who are in charge of our judicial system and the upholding of American laws certainly know what constitutes real evidence – and so far, to date – it’s all been tossed out for “lack of evidence”. But that has not stopped the asinine connedspiracies from growing more and more shrill by the hour.

Michael Flynn is going to go down in US history as a patsy for Donald J. Trump, of that I have no doubt whatsoever. This is Trump’s modus operandi – always get someone else to do his dirty work, that he can easily distance himself from and sacrifice whenever it suits him.

I’m constantly amazed a how many Americans refuse to do their own thinking, instead stupidly parroting something they’ve absorbed on the StupidNet as if it were gospel. Well, it’s not. It’s mostly just garbage and full-on stupid connedspiracies and outright lies. Facts do matter. Truth does matter. The difference between what is real and what is not, matters. You can go here as one source to find out which of the claims are true (most are not). I read this source daily, among many others. And I also fact-check all the other stories I read. This is an essential step so you don’t get suckered into all the rampant lies, distortions and fabrications that permeate the online world.

But this hasn’t stopped the stupidity from escalating, not at all.

The calls for violence, insurrection, civil war and the murdering of other Americans that do not support Trump have reached a truly insane level among Trump’s supporters. Why they cannot comprehend this manipulation of their minds by this evil man is best left to the psychologists and mental health experts, but there is zero doubt that these deranged fools now present a clear and present danger to themselves and everyone else. This country is going to need some SERIOUS mental health intervention in the years ahead. Whether that happens, or it all falls apart remains to be seen.

Unfortunately, the cowardly Republicans are largely silent on the growing calls for fanaticism and martyrdom. I suspect the real reason is they are afraid to challenge Trump (still) and having hitched their political future onto the flapping coattails of madness, they know that they are just as guilty as Trump is. They are the enablers, after all, of Trump’s madness. They’re refused to stop this lying madman for years now, and even supported him when all the evidence pointed to his guilt when he was accused of wrong doing.

Which now makes them all traitors to the Constitution of the United States. The sheer failure to protect America from enemies, foreign and domestic. The man in the White House is the Traitor In Chief, seeking to disrupt a lawful election that saw him losing by a huge margin to the winner. Unable to accept that lawful defeat, Trump has gone on one temper tantrum after another, illegally inciting Americans to violence and war. And his cohorts in the Republican Party have miserably failed to put a lid on this dangerous rhetoric. A few have tried, but if you’ve noticed, they’re mostly alone.

This is why invoking the 25th Amendment even post-election is now essential, but of course, it will not happen. We do not have bravery and courage and backbone in our government officials, we have nothing but cowardice, infighting, political partisanship and greedy hands greased with billions of dollars in illegal funding and bribery. You pay to play in Washington, and if you want something done, cough it up.

The supposed “rule of law” and even the Constitution has been broken for decades now, actually for nearly 200 years. Most people don’t know this fact and today, give lip service to the concept that we are being governed lawfully, or that what is now law, is actually Constitutional. I’ve written on this topic several times before, but my point here is this: Do not expect a lawful, moral, or justifiable Constitutional solution to the present predicament. We’re going to pass through this insanity without the leadership we need, without the lawful protections we deserve, without that common sense and restraint that is so essential. Look no further then to the cowards in government that have abdicated their responsibility and lawful authority to put a stop to this madness.

The Mad King rants again and again, literally hourly now and still, nothing is being done to silence his lies. The media is still miserably failing Americans by broadcasting his endless bullshit. Just because he is President for a few more weeks doesn’t mean he “deserves” to rant and rave and stir up hate and violence. Just the opposite is true – he deserves to have his platform delisted and prevented from causing serious and deadly disruptions to the country he was sworn to uphold and protect.

Everyday is a day of dread and failure now in America. The other shoe has dropped as we have all feared it would, the King has gone absolutely insane and is dangerously seeking to incite other complicit fools to engage in deadly and dangerous rhetoric. It’s just a matter of time now, when you consider what this madman has already incited in others resulting in many deaths and shootings in the past few years, and what will now happen here. Too many take his madness as a divine call to arms, a holy war to “cleanse” America of detractors and non-supporters. And nobody is stopping them.

America is descending in madness, a Stockholm Syndrome on a massive scale. We’ve been held hostage by this lying idiot and his victims have come to identify with his cult of personality and claims of victimhood.

This is a very dangerous time for America, the worst I have ever seen or feared to see. I am of the opinion that it will still worsen as the madness feeds upon itself, escalating into chaos.

I hope I am wrong. I desperately hope that I am wrong, but I fear that I am not.


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