Repeating Recent Mistakes

This is an important read on what happened with the U.S. COVID-19 pandemic response, and how it so miserably failed the country: Michael Lewis’ ‘The Premonition’ Is A Sweeping Indictment Of The CDC

Not only did the CDC and the political hacks (Trump and Redfield and many, many others) fail us – they failed the world, triggering millions of deaths from the pandemic. Because of the U.S.’s position in the field of medicine, what the U.S. did (and didn’t do) would have rippled through the world. Which is exactly what happened.

Please read it, because this has ENORMOUS implications for what I’m going to tell you next: The exact same failures, including the politicization are unfolding right now with the U.S. response to climate change and the future survivability of this planet.

We are in actuality, making exactly the same mistakes and can expect the same miserable results, but this time, these are extinction level mistakes that we will never be able to recover from.

Neither government or industry is listening to the best minds that have understood the problems we are facing on an overheated planet. Instead, they are grasping at straws, effectively “changing light bulbs” to try and address global warming and its effects. Only ‘moderate’ voices are being heard, which is a huge mistake. Only minimal changes are being proposed, another huge mistake. Only incremental changes delaying effective actions are being considered. Only approved assessments are being used (such as the b.s. being published by the IPCC using dated and limited data sets).

Its obvious that humanity is poorly designed to deal with existential threats, and the social structures and systems we’ve devised are no better. We do not know how to deal with severe threats like this and can only imagine ourselves making incremental steps towards a perceived goal. None of our institutions can rapidly evolve themselves fast enough to act decisively, and none are under any kind of umbrella type of control. Different agencies and institutions, and of course, private enterprises are free to act independently (or refuse to do so) fairly often. Resistance in the courts, in the Senate and through the manipulating media compounds the problem, with enormous levels of disinformation and lack of understanding.

For these reasons (and many more that I’ve shared before), we will likely miserably fail.



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