Religous Fervor

There is an insidious danger lurking in the world today that is hell bent on a path of destruction and death.

The religious right of the twenty-first century America is anti-American, inherently violent, and a cruel, tyrannical, punitive, force of death and destruction. In its mindset, adult human lives do not matter because the human condition itself is inherently evil resulting in eternal and everlasting punishment in hell unless its members are redeemed in a prescribed manner by the fundamentalist God/man/savior, Jesus Christ. Moreover, with an embarrassingly adolescent flamboyance, Dominionists shamelessly rape, pillage, and desecrate the earth because in the first place, their Bible has given them authority over all things human and in the second place, their “imminent” apocalyptic rapture, transporting them from the human “veil of tears” to live happily ever after in heaven, entitles them to do so. – The Religious Right – An Anti-American Terrorist Movement by Carolyn Baker

To a great many Christians, the world is a place to be conquered, allegedly for Christ, although you wouldn’t know it from their behavior.

Their latest foray in the world of global politics has given us all an example of this conquering spirit at any cost. Among them, is Pat Robertson, who is now calling for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Robertson believes that such action by the United States is both timely and necessary, somehow the divine right of the “Christian” United States. Never mind that Chavez is not guilty of anything towards the United States, but Venezuela does just happen to be sitting on a large reserve of oil (they are the fourth largest exporter to the United States).

With Chavez killed by US forces, then the way to “democracy” can be paved in this South American country – at the point of a gun (which, if you’re paying any attention at all, is how the United States always does it). For two thousand years, the world has suffered under this exact same mentality, which has caused the deaths of hundreds of millions of people.

What is so sickening about this attitude of Robertson’s, is that it is also held by a great many Christians who believe it is their divine right to dictate to the world national policy – by force. They utterly fail to realize the complete hypocrisy of their position. Unfortunately for America, this view is also held by the Bush Administration. Democracy need be forced upon sovereign nations – or else. It’s also good for business (many of these wackos are involved in the defense industry). It’s also quite helpful if these nations are rich in resources which can be later plundered to benefit the conquering. A blind eye is not-so-politely turned when genocide occurs within nations ruled by brutal dictators which don’t happen to have abundant resources.

The hypocrisy of the Christian Right and the fundamentalist coalition within the Bush Administration cannot be ignored any longer. They envision a scorched earth, cleansed of unbelievers and heretics, prepared for Christ’s imminent return (a promise that is somehow always being postponed). Muslims, Hindus and non-believers alike are second-class citizens, worthy of less compassion, less understanding and less tolerance then their so-called brethren. They are simply taking up space and valuable resources. Yet even amongst their own Christian “flock”, the number of cases of incest, rape, murder, theft, spousal abuse, drug addictions, runaways, and other social ills is consistent with the rest of the unwashed heathen. The moral high ground with which they so sanctimoniously claim is strangely absent.

Robertson’s tirade against Chavez has hardly gone unnoticed, although Chavez himself claims he has never heard of the man. I wish I hadn’t. A little research demonstrates that Robertson is a grandstanding fool of a man who will say anything and do anything to gain an audience. His rhetoric aside, he has incited what has been simmering in this country ever since the Bush junta stole the Presidency – a religious jihad against “all enemies of Christ”. When asked about the teachings of their Christ (it’s not the Christ teachings I know), adherents to the religious superiority of the fundamentalist position retreat to accusations and finger pointing. Their defense is the ills of the world are to be blamed upon the heathen “non-believers”, thus avoiding all personal responsibility and accountability for their own actions (or inaction as the case may be). After all, it is easier to attack the messenger then defend their message, especially when their message is so demonstrably wrong.

It is disturbing to realize that many of these fundamentalists actively support the war and approve of using nuclear weapons (unprovoked) against further targets, such as Iran. This brand of Christian love is quite dangerous to the human race and the stability of the world. If left in power, the fundamentalist movement will undoubtedly seek to broaden the so-called war on terror to encompass even more people who happen to disagree with them here in America. It is already a “terrorist act” to speak out against the war, how long will it be before it is decreed a terrorist act to speak out against the fundamentalist and their holy jihad? Are Christian gulag’s for the unbelievers far behind? Will they too employ torture and rape, all in the name of Christ? According to reports out of Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay prison, this has already occurred, with Christians claiming that they are performing their torture “in the name of God”.

It’s not as far-fetched as some may think, the crusade that Bush speaks of is nothing less than a Christian right at war with the entire world. The support that George Bush has received has largely come from this gullible group, which sees nothing wrong with invasion, torture, lying and deception in order to achieve their objectives, the subjugation of everything. After all, anything in the name of God is permissible, right? You’d have to think so, after witnessing the last few years of America’s involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan and the latest plan by Cheney to attack Iran with nuclear weapons. This asinine plan is okay with most fundamentalist, because preachers like Robertson are telling them that they are the only true rightful inheritors of the earth – or what’s to be left of it. Killing millions of people and destroying the environment is utterly meaningless to them.

This is why, in part, that these fundamentalist pose such a danger to the entire human race. They do not believe they have any sort of responsibility or accountability for their actions. Whatever they do, it is sanctioned by God himself, who is on their side and theirs alone. Their God is a god of war, death and destruction, wiping out all disagreeable life forms and poisoning the atmosphere and the soil for tens of thousands of years to come.

This irresponsibility stems from one primary source (although fostered by many secondary sources) and that is the bible itself and its gross misinterpretations and outright fabrications of its teachings. Because they are “not of the world” and are “not to love the things of this world” (usually quite widely ignored), they do not believe that they should even care for the world or the things within this world. With their heads in the clouds and their feet planted on the ground, they stumble about seeking the will of God causing great havoc and destruction wheresoever they go. This has been going on now for nearly two thousand years and countless millions of lives destroyed, all in the “name of Christ”. Christ would be appalled at the callousness of our modern Christians today.

But wait – there’s more! If this doesn’t work out “as planned”, they have a Plan B, which is the ultimate backup plan which they all know will be implemented – supposedly any day now. This plan includes a miraculous rescue from above, the “Rapture” of the believers and hell-fire and brimstone for those ungodly heathen left behind, who will then suffer through a terrible time of tribulation of death and destruction and ultimately, the death of all life on earth (literally every living thing). They gleefully admit this as being the fate of all mankind. Once again, they hope to force” their views on the unbelievers – or else.

This is the source of their views with everything that goes on in this earth. They believe that they and they alone, understand the plan for mankind, which ultimately will reject the “will of God” and will be forced to submission, humility and defeat and the death of quite literally billions of people and every other living thing. They themselves will be “rescued from above”, in a twinkling of an eye, when the fullness of time comes, because man will have finally reached the end of his journey and will then be forced (there it is again) to meet his maker and give an accounting for his every action.

Strangely, the fundamentalist doesn’t seem to fit into this final accounting scheme very well. To hear them tell it, they will give an account for their “testimony to Christ” – but be exempt from the brutal killings, mass murder and global destruction which they supported, funded and actively participated in.

Sound far-fetched? I know exactly what I’m talking about – as I used to teach this very same doctrine for over 20 years. It wasn’t until I finally figured out that Christians (including me) have been lied to and misled (deliberately) did I figure out what was going on. A great deal more research showed me just how very far off the mark that this all was – including the so-called “last days” teaching and the rapture. I utterly reject such meaningless dribble and lies, knowing that these deceptions are being used today to mislead and deceive millions of people. I won’t even call them “well-meaning”, because most of them are not. Many Christians support torture, death and destruction if it promotes their cause, utterly forgetting the commandments of God, or claiming their beliefs and actions are somehow exempt. I don’t buy it – not for one second.

What I see happening right now within America I perceive to be exceedingly dangerous and deceptive. A deliberate series of lies and deceptions has been foisted by the Christian right, who believe it is their solemn duty to protect and serve the President and Israel – at all costs. Because Israel figures so prominently within the bible, fundamentalists believe that anything that Israel does (including the World Trade Center attacks) is okay by them, because God holds a special place for Israel in his heart. Dominionists, Millenniumist and Messianic believers alike believe that whatever the governments of these two nations do – it’s God-ordained and sanctioned by the Almighty Himself – therefore it must be okay.

Somehow, even though this is still being taught, they forget that a great deception is to be foisted upon the world in the “last days”, deceiving even the very elect. It simply never occurs to them that the deception would only be meaningful in the context of the bible, to be upon the believers, since the rest of the world is already condemned. Why deceive those who are already bound for hell?

A present day example of this deception is already occurring, with the blood thirst quest for global dominion by Christian fundamentalists and the corresponding deaths of uncountable millions. Forgetting the teachings of Christ, they seek to exert themselves by any means necessary and establish their own kingdom on earth. After all, if Christ hasn’t come (yet), then they will do the job “for Him”, perhaps “softening up the world” for His arrival.

At the heart of this attitude, is a god-like complex whereas these believers believe they can become like God, or to hear them put it, kings (or priests). Lording and ruling over their “subjects” are part of the package (it’s in the book, check it out). Building their kingdom upon the bones literally) of the unbelievers is their divine right and with God on their side, how can they lose? Subjugation and a formal dictatorship is their mantra, which is why they support Bush and the Neo-cons – they fit exactly into the plans of the fundamentalists.

But who’s playing who here? There is evidence that the Bush junta (and Israel) is deliberately
trying to bring about Armageddon by following the loose outline found in the bible.

Unfortunately, it may not work out the way that they have planned (it won’t, at least not according to the way they have interpreted their bibles). From a “prophetic” standpoint, it’s provable (but they won’t hear it, so skip this part if you are already in disagreement) that their interpretation is dead wrong. Moreover, it is also provable that the Bush junta is losing steam and the backlash to the Republican right and the Christian fundamentalists will be severe indeed, although it is quite possible that yet another election will be stolen.

While I do not know what will happen, I do know that what they are expecting certainly won’t happen. That may sound confusing, but the future isn’t going to be what they are expecting. Quite simply put, there will be no rapture, i.e.., no rescue from above (I wonder how the Bush administration will explain that one), nor will they establish dominion over the earth. It ain’t going to happen Sally. In fact, their entire scheme is already falling apart and more and more people are slowly catching on to the fact that everything isn’t right in Disneyland. This is both good and bad news, because when a people lose their moral compass (even if it is pointing in the wrong direction), then the corresponding vacuum and displacement that occurs can be even more frightening then before.

The years ahead will be fraught with danger and even more death and destruction as the desperation of the fundamentalist movement and the Christian right seek to establish their frightening vision for the world. But the world will not tolerate much more of this (and rightfully so) and the backlash will be horrible indeed – for all of us.



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