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This blog is overdue for a index listing the problems with climate scientists, their predictions, and the future state of the Earth. Of necessity since my blog posts often cover many other details within each post, I’m listing just a tiny few of the many posts that caught my attention using a blog search for the term “reticence” – something that I’ve included in my articles when dealing with climate dishonesty:

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And from clear back in 2007 – Living In An Apocalyptic World

In truth, there are probably hundreds more articles here that deal with these specific topics. The problem here, at least on this blog, isn’t information, it’s too much information. In an era when people refuse to read anything longer then a dozen characters, articles don’t get read, but headlies do. There is nothing I can do about that. My headlines are sometimes (but not often) satirical, but more often they are intended to get someone to read the contents.

I remain 100% convinced (still) that the vast majority of people are utterly unprepared for what is unfolding around the Earth. Having their attention distracted an endless cacophony of voices demanding their attention, they are totally unprepared for the collapse of civilization from deadly climate change. Instead, of the few that did prepare, most of these people picked the wrong reason (and therefore, the wrong preparations).

Rather then reiterate once again what has already been said, use this blog as a resource. Turn of the television, turn off social media, stop surfing around, and start reading. The Category column to the right can help you pick out relevant topics, or use the search bar, or the Tag Cloud. Don’t keep sitting on your ass and pretend that there were not people out there issuing the warnings you needed to here. We’ve been here all along, mostly ignored for years and years, plugging away, sometimes quitting in frustration, but always coming back to do it all over again.






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  • May 13, 2021 at 1:08 am

    For what it’s worth, I have commenced a critique of the local council’s so-called plans for the future with this:

    Mutually-exclusive statements and mutually exclusive concepts.

    “There has been a lot of rain, and that explains why the ground is so dry.”

    That is clearly nonsense because it contains mutually-exclusive concepts; one concept excludes the other.

    Much less apparent to most people is the fact that ‘sustainable development’ is also nonsense, and consists of mutually exclusive.

    The reason for this is that development (as normally understood in industrialised nations) consists of using fossil fuels to alter the state of a pre-existing thing, whether it be a piece of land or a building, and change it to some other state or thing, generating carbon dioxide emissions in the process.

    Sustainable means that which can be continued indefinitely (or so far into the future as to make no difference).

    Since the use of fossil fuels is unsustainable (due to depletion of sources) and since the generation of excessive quantities of carbon dioxide is unsustainable (due to the Planetary Meltdown it has triggered), it naturally follows that development is, by definition, unsustainable.

    Indeed, the very reason humanity is in the energetic and environmental predicament it is now in (unable to access easy-to-extract fossil fuels and suffering the effects of highly-elevated atmospheric carbon dioxide levels) is because of development.

    Describing something or an activity as sustainable when that thing or activity it is not sustainable does not make that thing or activity sustainable.

    Indeed, to describe something as sustainable when it is not is dishonest.

    Cultural misinformation and erroneous cultural norms

    Just as the tobacco industry spent billions of dollars promoting misinformation about the ill-effects of tobacco on health, the fossil fuel sector spent billions of dollars promoting misinformation about the effects its products were having on the environment (in order to keep consumers in industrialised nations locked into their use).

    So powerful has the indoctrination via misinformation been, many people people in industrialised nations still believe they have the right to use fossil fuels as much as they desire, and for whatever purpose they desire, e.g. motor racing, jet-boating, joyrides in aircraft, tourism etc.

    • May 13, 2021 at 7:34 am

      Very accurate. Speaking the truth is more noble then propagating lies.

      I’ve seen many, many comments that deride people that try to address the ridiculous misconceptions about ‘development’. Development will never be ‘sustainable’. Development always means the destruction of something, a ‘taking away’ and often, replacement of what was there with artificial materials. The expenditure of fossil fuels, resource extraction and waste pollution to practice ‘development’ is generally unconsidered and overlooked. Now, the entire biosphere has been affected, virtually every square inch of the Earth (oceans included) as humanity ‘develops’ its civilization more and more, taking away everything that was once there and leaving what is artificial behind. Where humans don’t live, we just leave behind a damaged or even fully destroyed landscape or ocean floor. ONLY where humans have not dared to travel (much) is there anything natural actually left, but even these areas are polluted with toxic poisons, microplastics, polluted air and human garbage. It is utterly insane. Humanity is constantly, actively, maliciously destroying the very fabric of life the sustains life itself throughout the planet.

      I’ve been thinking about the Fermi Paradox lately. I’m giving serious consideration to the fact that Earth may be the ONLY habitable planet with advanced intelligent life. Science computes (using many, many assumptions and guesses) that there should be billions of possible inhabitable worlds that would have biological life potential. However, this doesn’t mean this is true. Earth inhabits a very narrow habitable zone in our own Solar System. None of the other planets do (and never will). Earth also has gone through some rather incredible changes that allowed life to form and continue to exist for millions of years. Humanity itself has a two million or more year history. There had to be “just right” the required chemical composition for life to form at just the right time too. The ingredients for habitability, including oxygen, radiation, magnetism, composition and so on had to be perfect. The distance from the star had to be near-perfect, including even the orbit of the planet (and it’s tilt). Volcanism and it’s cycles had to be perfect too. All these things had to come together at just the right time to allow life to evolve, and then advance from simple tiny organisms to multi-cellular life to advanced life forms.

      Without all this “perfection” at just the right time in Earth’s history, none of the biosphere would even be here. Which means that similar “perfect” conditions would have to have occurred elsewhere too for ANY kind of life to exist, including all the elements required for biological life. And nothing too catastrophic could happen in that planet’s history (extinction level events such as asteroid strikes, planetary tilt, solar radiation and so on) that would wipe out the fledgling life.

      The odds that Earth is alone in the galaxy are quite possible, and I think it’s even possible that the Earth and it’s life forms are alone in the Universe is also quite possible. Science computes this differently, but their assumptions are not based upon known evidence, they’re rather arbitrary assumptions they’ve plugged into a simple formula. This is called the Drake Equation, and it was developed in the early ’60’s. Since then, science has advance tremendously, include Earth science and exobiology and astronomy and so on.

      The problems with the Drake Equation are well known: Criticism related to the Drake equation focuses not on the equation itself, but on the fact that the estimated values for several of its factors are highly conjectural, the combined multiplicative effect being that the uncertainty associated with any derived value is so large that the equation cannot be used to draw firm conclusions.

      I could add much more, but to attempt to be brief – we SHOULD consider Earth as the ONLY habitat in the Universe that can sustain life for humanity and the entire range of fauna that exists (or ever will exist). Therefore, we should treat the Earth with deep respect and recognize our fundamental need to not damage this planet. The notion that humanity can survive “elsewhere” is both technically and practically absurd. At best, a tiny colony would only survive as long as the cheapest part and life sustaining resources (air, water, food, bacteria, domes) don’t fail. Trillions will probably be spent proving this fact while ignoring the escalating and exceedingly dangerous problems facing Earth created by humans. Attention to this predicament is profoundly lacking. Distraction from our peril is profoundly huge. We’d be FAR better off as a species if we addressed Earth’s human problems FIRST.

      Earth is now undergoing an extinction level event (ELE) brought about by humanity and the development of this type of industrialized civilization. The mode, method and functions of this civilization has brought about catastrophic and deadly changes to the Earth of such a degree that future survivability of the entire biosphere is now in clear jeopardy. Immediate remedial actions and fundamental changes are absolutely essential if humanity is to have ANY chance of survival. “Cultural misinformation and erroneous cultural norms” must be abolished and replaced with the critical knowledge and practices that would reverse the course of our habitat destruction of Earth’s biosphere.

      My point in sharing this is to state what should be clearly obvious, and that is the Earth is humanities ONLY home, the ONLY place where we can truly EVER hope to live and to survive and we are rapidly destroying the very fabric of life that once sustained our species and every other life form that we are intricately depending on to survive. There is NOTHING that can replace this, no where and no how. No “technology” of ANY kind can replace it, ever (they are mutually exclusive). It does not exist.

      Humanity will likely never reach the stars even if we did survive our present folly and the Earth’s destruction. Multi-generational ships would be required, which are a technological fantasy only fit for fiction.

      THIS Earth, THIS habitat, THIS biosphere, THIS existence is all we have – and likely, all humanity (each human that will ever live) all we will EVER have, which makes this predicament that much more urgent. Virtually ALL the stops need to be pulled out, every obstacle eliminated, IMMEDIATELY (in my opinion) to try and reverse, preserve and put into practice truly sustainable means of living, repair the damage and allow the Earth to eventually heal itself from our enormous and deadly impacts. Only the Earth has this capacity (and has done this before) to do so. We have to stop contributing to the problem right away, otherwise our life expectancy as a species will be very, very short, perhaps 100 years or so.

      The final survivors will be exhausted, starved, probably dehydrated and infighting as they struggle to escape hellish temperatures underground. Billions will have died (99.4%) by then, and desperate (futile) attempts to create habitats with artificial underground enclaves will be all that’s left. Everyone prior to their deaths will be in anguish about why we didn’t make things right while we still could have.

      Whether this is within a 100 years or even 500, it doesn’t really matter. The future is bleak as hell as we remain totally distracted from the unfolding reality ahead. NOW is the time to act with utmost urgency, and there are a few voices within the scientific community that are saying this.

      • May 13, 2021 at 9:38 am

        I believe the bleak future you have outline will arrive long before ‘within a 100 years’ (which is the kind of time frame I had in mind when I wrote Burn Baby Burn 20 years ago). I believe aspects of the bleak future are arriving right now, and that the number of people caught up in the meltdown of the environment will increase substantially from now on.

        Here is some grim reading for anyone with the stomach for it:

        ‘This Week’s Drought Summary

        This U.S. Drought Monitor (USDM) week saw deterioration in drought-related conditions on the map across areas of the West, including California, Oregon, Washington, Utah, and Montana. Moving into dry season, California is expecting drought impacts to intensify during the summer months as snowpack runoff is forecasted to be below normal and reservoir storage levels at the state’s two largest reservoirs (Lake Shasta and Lake Oroville) are at 48% and 41% of average, respectively. In response to the deteriorating conditions, Governor Newsom expanded the coverage of his recent drought emergency declaration to include an additional 39 counties statewide. In the Southwest, Lake Powell is currently 35% full and Lake Mead is 38% full with the total Lower Colorado system at 43% full (compared to 52% full at the same time last year) as of May 10, according to the U.S. Bureau of Reclamation. In New Mexico, the state’s largest reservoir along the Rio Grande is currently at 12% full. In Arizona, the Salt River Project is reporting the Salt River system reservoirs at 79% full, the Verde River system at 32% full, and the total reservoir system at 73% full (compared to 98% full a year ago).’

        Most people seem oblivious to the world around them or actively avoid reading/looking at anything connected with reality.

        On the matter of life on other planets, it is conceivable that there is life on other other planets. But there cannot be any ‘advanced’ life forms that have developed technology because in doing so they would have annihilated themselves via disruption/destruction of their life-support systems, just as humans are in the process of doing right now on this planet.

        I have said it before and will keep saying it: our so-called political and economic leaders are sacrificing their own progeny’s futures on the altar of business-as-usual; if they are under the age of 60 they are sacrificing their OWN futures on the altar of business-as-usual.

        The current generation of industrial humans is the first in human history to wittingly destroy its own future.

        Now if that is not utterly bizarre, what is?

        • May 13, 2021 at 10:55 am

          I admit to not knowing ‘when’. Years ago I predicted this time frame would be much sooner, happening in this present decade, but as time went on, I realized it wasn’t going to happen as soon as expected. Die-off is already occurring from climate change, but not as fast as I once predicted. So I’m more cautious now with this. Die-off won’t occur all at once in any case. I suspect we are on that upward ramp of the curve where it will just keep increasing year-by-year.

          By 2100, I do not expect there to be hardly any humans still alive. Between now and then is just 79 years. This is why it is imperative that actions be taken immediately (we have to try). My grandkids will be expected to live through hell, which they won’t be able to do. Nobody will.

          Emergency drought measures will need to enforced quite soon (weeks away).

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