Reboot: Beating My Head Against A Wall

(Written June 23, 2009. It’s not funny how some words remains just as true as when they were first written – it’s an indictment of our irresponsibility and refusal to change – Admin)

Americans…. have chosen the path of “strong” denial. The United States is the leading cause behind many, many wrong-doings throughout the world. Quoting myself, I said: “This blog had focused on a wide variety of these issues, including war, terrorism, torture, pollution, environmental destruction, economic collapse, climate change, peak oil, tyranny, oppression, “big brother”, privacy, capitalism, imperialism, domination, genocide, materialism, consumerism, evaporating freedoms and lost liberties. My goal was to awaken the sleeping sheep of America to their common predicament, and to the root causes of many of these issues.”  Many different bloggers are also still focused on the same issues. And yet despite the billions of words now broadly played across the Internet extolling and exhorting our views, news and opinions of these facts and events, we have singularly failed to actually change what I have come to call the final outcome.

Stephen Lendman has done a masterful job of documenting many of these issues as a gifted writer.  I highly recommend you read his blog daily.  There are many other sites that could also be recommended.  A good review for denialist on global climate change can be found here.

Our downfall as a nation is no accident. We know how this happened and why.  Yet despite this knowledge and awareness, the downward trajectory of this country remains the same.  The growing grassroots movements and widespread discontent and unrest we are now witnessing is not going to stop it. All they want is what everyone seems to still want, which is a return to a “business as usual” model of preeminence, privilege and excess and material consumption.

This cannot happen, if for no other reason then resource limits have now been reached.  What you don’t see yet is a demand to change this country into a truly ethical and sustainable civilization. This is because the people still fail to understand that this is the only possible future worth fighting for, if there is even going to be any future.

Our backs are up against a immutable wall of growing tyranny and oppression. The changes we desperately seek are now outrageously being labeled as “terrorism” by a out-of-control government and unethical politicians and trigger happy thugs.  We’re fighting against bad press, bad media, bad science, bad faith and whole lot of bad people who are seemingly hell-bent on destroying all that is beautiful, true, worthy and just.

The sheep are confused, and tend to side with the strongest force, either out of fear or ignorance, but the result is the same.  A strong theme of rank denial is running absolutely rampant through the rank and file of our largely ignorant populace.

I’ve flat-out had enough of this. I am absolutely sick to death of the embellishment of ignorance. Americans have learned to triumph the mundane, inane and absolutely ridiculous. The grotesque fawning over pop stars, dead or alive is always a current example. Ignored are the real issues of genocide, oppression, destruction, manipulation and distortion of truth and justice.

The Internet and all that it contains is a fantasy world, where you can be or do anything that you want. You can deceive yourself into believing that you’re “making a difference” by sending a form letter, writing a check or staying “informed” through a myriad of websites full of infotainment and information. Missing from this equation is the entire real world of life and death, the suffering and struggling that goes on each and every single day to simply retain the most basic right of all, applied to all things on planet Earth — the right to exist. This is a basic right to all things, the right to exist without coercion or exploitation. But it is not a right that is recognized, honored or respected — or even acknowledged.

Americans simply do not care enough to stop any of the genocide going on all around them and throughout the world, which they are in fact largely responsible for through their standard of living and expectations of wealth.  Denial and disbelief is far, far easier living then truth, knowledge, facts, or the real science that shows the folly of our ways.

Americans, by and large are quite content to literally do nothing at all about any of these issues, foolishly afraid for their own privileged and pampered positions, jealously guarded by a global empire of military domination and exploitation. The oppressed and exploited are not even factored in, because they are considered irrelevant and unimportant. We do not even recognize them to be worthy of life unless they model themselves after us.

This American apathy to truth, knowledge and awareness has reached a critical crisis level in this country.  Throughout the world as ecosystems are rapidly destroyed and we have consumed our way completely down the food chain, rampant raging denial remains the true course of business within America politics, industry, religion and the people themselves.

The danger we are now in is very clear. The United States of America is a leading destroyer of the Earth and all of the beings of the Earth all over the world, and it is Americans themselves who remain arrogant and apathetic towards these results.

It is here within this country that must be changed the most if any change anywhere is going to have any true and lasting effect for the planet and its people. Efforts to embrace real change here however, have failed widely. This blog had been focused on these issues for several years, and received scant attention. It is very clear now that blogging cannot possibly change these outcomes. Advocacy of a much stronger sort is required.  But this will not be found online or in the written word. Expecting Americans to undergo the dramatic and drastic lifestyle changes that are now required cannot be confined to just mere words and the implied “hope for the best” that this usually entails.

I have written before that suffering must come. Without this, we will not know the true depths of our own depravity and inaction that has caused the destruction of our planet.  The great tragedy is that we will have brought down all of the other nations and peoples of the Earth with us.  We alone are not totally responsible, but we do bear the lions share of responsibility. Therefore, we should have been the world’s leader in preservation and conservation and the adaption of a truly sustainable lifestyle, but instead we were met with denial, refusal, ignorance, bad science, religiousity and widespread  stupidity.

This seems to be a uniquely American trait.  This may be because we are actually a young nation, or because we are so easily manipulate and led by a lying government and deceitful media.  Whatever the case may be, as a so-called “civilization” goes, we are very poor replacements for the former inhabitants of America who were truly wiser then we; understanding that living in cooperation with the Earth and the environment was a truly ethical manner of living and the only possible sustainable lifestyle there ever was.

We may yet destroy ourselves and all life on Earth, but I am unable to stand in silence behind a keyboard and continue to watch this happen. We cannot replace mere words written on a computer screen as a substitute for true lifestyle changes. This is our own fault and folly, to believe that we can actually make a difference with just words. If that were true, it would have happened already all over the world, as billions upon billions of words were written, shared and consumed. To continue to believe that we need even “more words” and then change will happen (somehow) is absolute folly. I will not stand for this a moment longer.

It is quite odd that we wage this war online, when in the real world it is happening right outside our doors. For us to continue to believe that we can make a difference here, on the Internet, is truly absurd beyond belief. Many will argue that education and information (here) will make the change, but I beg to differ. There are reams and reams, entire mountain chains of facts, figures, evidence, pictures, videos and information regarding these issues from highly credible sources, and it has NOT made the change. And it never, ever will. We need to face the facts.

In less than seven months in office, failures have produced fiascos and disasters while economic conditions continue to decay. Sooner or later there are consequences. Pursuing imperial aggression “in a time of economic depression is self-destructive, self-isolating and doomed to failure.” Using vitally needed resources for conquests and occupations, slaughtering hundreds of thousands doing it, forcing millions into permanent displacement, and ignoring essential homeland needs removes any possible doubt about America’s moral credibility. It also begs the question of how much longer people will tolerate it and what next when they won’t.

Therefore to continue to blog about these issues is in fact a total waste of our time. The battle is outside of your door, it is most definitely NOT online. Your life and that of your family hangs precariously in the balance and the life of all future generations to come. And unless you get off your ass and do what it takes to put a stop to this growing insanity, it will continue and it will doom all future generations to an unbelievable hell on Earth.  This IS the path we as a nation are on, and it will happen unless YOU stop it.


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