Reality vs Dreadful Fantasy

A likely accurate projection of what Americans are facing from Salon.

I can’t think of a good answer to 71 million who voted for Trump either. There was more then enough evidence to categorically and forever reject this narcissistic asshole. But 71 million did not.

Very strange. So here is a reminder of Trump’s activities:

Lest We Forget the Horrors: A Catalog of Trump’s Worst Cruelties, Collusions, Corruptions, and Crimes

So far, I’m convinced that we cannot get 71 million Americans to READ. This poses a particular thorny problem. The failure to read leads to a failure in comprehension, ‘alternative facts’ and imagined fantasies. So stupid me, I figured when Americans started to die in large numbers, that would surely wake them up (eventually, I’ve predicted on this blog that it would actually take millions of dead to wake up America).

Well, here we are, a quarter-million dead and nope, they’re either not reading, or not comprehending what they read, or continuing only inhabit their information bubble where they are more then welcomed by their fellow zombies. Glassy eyed, drooling, ranting and raving… or just steadfast refusal to READ anything outside of their comfort zone.

Oh well, in any case, I’m not alone in my puzzlement and disappointment, there are quite a few of us that honestly thought America would learn a lesson here.

About the election: the ONLY party that I’ve seen attempting to cheat has been the GOP. Lindsey Graham has been outed for trying to get Georgia to toss out legal votes. He made calls to Arizona and Nevada to do the same thing. Let’s see if criminal charges are on the table – I hope so, ’cause I really dislike this scumbag.

Now Trump has fired yet another non-loyalist who has rejected Trump’s connedspiracy theories. Trump’s modus operandi has always been to shout the biggest lies the loudest and the keep doing it the longest, trying to wear down the naysayers who disagree with him. He pulls this stunt in the courts too – which have continued to reject Trump’s claims of election fraud. So far, Trump has not found a single court that agrees with him, and with good reason – the claims are BOGUS BULLSHIT.

I really wish the Secret Service would lock this babbling fool up someplace and lose the key. January 20 cannot come soon enough. Trump has tapped that bumbling idiot Rudy Giuliani to assist flailing legal effort as members of his legal team quit or refused to proceed with baseless allegations.

It’s always a shit-show around Trump. Always. Nothing EVER goes right with this clown. President-elect Biden still has been refused any cooperation with the pandemic response ‘team’ put into place by Trump amid dangerously escalating numbers of cases and deaths. Trump has made zero provisions for a transition of power to Biden’s team, demonstrating to everyone just how much of a selfish prick he really is.

I had a thought on why Biden’s team cannot speak to Trump’s pandemic people – because Trump knows he’s got a massive clusterfuck on his hands and doesn’t want this truth to leak out. If Biden’s team gets to look at their plans, research, projections and whatever else they have (or have not) done so far, they may just find out that Trump and his team have diddly squat, and that would be more bad publicity for Team Trump.

I know that Trump’s “health plan” is actually a blank page, despite his incessant lies that he’s got a plan. Nobody ever saw it. No details were forthcoming. In fact, during his campaign, Trump never committed to anything. There was no plan, no agenda, no policy, it was just the same rhetorical blustery bullshit that put him in office in 2016 – and 11 million MORE Americans went along with it.

It still boggles the mind even weeks later. I’ll probably never get over this.

A few thousands of these clowns showed up for the “march” – take a look at this level of stupidity and ignorance:




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