Real ID with Guiliani

Chertoff isn’t the only Nazi around:

And in other news, Vermont town votes to arrest Bush & Cheney.

Of course, this stuff is all totally meaningless.  Guiliani isn’t going anywhere, he’s not even a real candidate for the (s)Election 2008. And Vermont isn’t going to do anything about Bush & Cheney.  Nobody is.  We’re stuck with these evil twins at least until 2009.  Some say longer, I sure hope not.  But I doubt very much the next idiot in chief will do any better.  It’s like we’re on a fast track to hell, and I think we are.

I don’t know what this mean: Chavez Encourages Latin America To Yank The Plug On The US Dollar

Spend ’em if you got ’em is what I suggest.  Money is soon to be near-worthless anyway.


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