Real Humans

Over the past few weeks, I have read a dizzying array of negative news articles depicting the state of the world and the ongoing collapse of civilization. I have deliberately refrained from posting these, because there does not seem to be any further point in stating the obvious.

To me anyway. But perhaps not to all of you. If so, the usual ongoing doom and gloom we’ve all come to expect continues unabated. Gold has topped $900 a ounce, meaning that stagflation is nearly here. The US police-state is still charging ahead with a vengeance under the ongoing pretense of “protecting Americans“. Bush keeps lying about Iran, repeatedly, trying to start a thermonuclear war. Food prices continue to skyrocket, as military troops are now called in to protect supplies.

The Antarctic ice is just as much trouble as the Arctic. Serious oil and energy shortages are occurring worldwide. Internal dissension and disagreement about the meaning of the 2008 (s)Election continues unabated. New microchip implants are planned for all prisoners.

It is evident, that what the third world and ‘second’ world nations are experiencing, will happen here too. The bullying of the United States to any country that does not submit to its will is also happening here too, to Americans. Yet Americans are still seemingly asleep in their gilded cages, uninterested, uncaring and certainly, unwilling to change in meaningful ways.

So, what do you do when your world becomes too big, too complicated and too interdependent to ‘manage’? When denial of root problems remains the unspoken topics of the century?

You dream of sailing away, or building a fortress-like bunker to outwit and outlast your fellow Americans. Or you engage in the favorite pastime of most Americans, fantasizing about your next consumer-oriented ‘essential purchase‘.

I cannot be the only one who realizes the underlying horror to all of this. As that last link shows, the “big choices” are simply not available to us anymore. This is truly horrifying beyond any words that I could possibly share. We are locked into this techno-gadget-consumerist culture of mind-bending proportions. Our entire lives are dictated to us to be economic slaves addicted to the fantastical whims of the markets and media.

Are we even human anymore? Or just mindless uncaring zombies that consume, fuck and pollute? If our lives are really the sum of these actions, what are we?

I don’t suppose I really want to know the answer. But I am deeply troubled by our common dilemma. In my mind, we have indeed become something less then human. We are robotically controlled voracious condsumers addicted to cheap energy and cheaper thrills, unable anymore to even take care of our own selves.

I know how it happened, because history records this horrifying truth and how we have arrived at this precipice of hell. But despite this knowledge, why do we still insist that this is where we should continue to live? When it is so self-evident that we are truly killing ourselves and the planet which sustains us?

The addiction to civilization is a cancer that destroys our real humanity from within. Years and years go by while it works its ugly dark magic upon the human psyche. At the far end of this personal journey comes the shocking, sickening realization that you really are sick in your soul, lost in the byzantine maze of civilization and ‘success’. We become reptilian, slothful and uncaring, basking in the temporary warmth of our ‘successful’ lives.

Modern civilization is an aberration, and not something that humans have evolved to. Nor are we even genetically or physically deposed to live as modern humans. We certainly can know that our planet cannot tolerate it, and upon reflection, neither can we. Our artificial caricature of ‘life as we know it’ will end, sooner or later, as we consume our way to the bottom of the food chain.

Eventually, our ‘realness’ as humans will become known to all, even our own selves as reality punctures it’s way through our disbelief and hunger cramps our bellies with something real. And then we will know what we really are, and what we have always been, and what we will always remain.


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12 thoughts on “Real Humans

  • January 15, 2008 at 1:34 pm
    How depressing. Called Lifeline and told them I was suicidal. They transfered me to someone in Pakistan. I told him I was suicidal and he asked me if I know how to drive a truck.
  • January 15, 2008 at 2:44 pm
    I blame it on certain religions that have made (brainwashed) us think we’re special…
    we’re not special, as someone put it awhile back: we are earths bubonic plague.
  • January 15, 2008 at 2:53 pm
    Oh, we ARE special. Special as in Special Education. An entire species that rides the short bus…
  • January 15, 2008 at 3:36 pm
    very nice, “insult” reptiles, suicide, call-center workers, truck drivers, educators, ‘special people’, plagues and short buses all in one short thread. At this rate, we’ll run the gamut, span the globe and wrap this whole fkning show up in no time at all. Nice job.
  • January 15, 2008 at 4:27 pm
    It was fascinating to read the “Essential Purchase” link, as the writer apparently still doesn’t “get it”.
    How many people have purposely pledged to stop “buying stuff”, except food they cannot grow and other necessities such as medicine which has no herbal counterpart? I don’t know anyone but surely there must be someone, somewhere who has essentially stopped suffering “Affluenza”.
    I’m sitting around wondering which will come first–martial law after another false flag op, or environmental collapse.
  • January 15, 2008 at 7:50 pm
    Well then, here’s something on the hopeful side:

    “They began like conventional rebels, arming themselves and seizing six towns. They chose that first day of January because it was the date that the North American Free Trade Agreement went into effect, which meant utter devastation for small farmers in Mexico …

    Their rebellion was also meant to take the world at least a step beyond the false dichotomy between capitalism and the official state socialism of the Soviet Union which had collapsed in 1991. It was to be the first realization of what needed to come next: a rebellion, above all, against capitalism and neoliberalism. Fourteen years later, it is a qualified success: many landless campesino families in Zapatista-controlled Chiapas now have land; many who were subjugated now govern themselves; many who were crushed now have a sense of agency and power. Five areas in Chiapas have existed outside the reach of the Mexican government, under their own radically different rules, since that revolution.”

    I find this awesome.

  • January 15, 2008 at 8:13 pm
    lynda, Many of us no longer suffer from Affluenza. (actually, I am the only one I know) Those of us who actively do not participate instead suffer (for lack of a better term) from the barbs, poor you looks and quiet whisperings of the brainwashed masses. My own wealthy relatives have told me to stop this foolishness of living to live and join corporate america. Don’t be an ass. They ask, what is wrong with you? He has no ambition. He is a loser. In eastern countries ascetics are revered. Here they are reviled.
    It is easy (to me) to own nothing and want nothing but the basics. No debt and no assets makes it quite easy for me to sleep at night. How many wish their Liabilities minus assets equal zero instead of a negative number.
    I can choose to take months off at a time and I do. Wandering the country meeting new people and learning survival stuff.
    I hike for months in the summer but I do it alone because the American Dream has got every one I know. No one can take time off. Mice on debt wheels.
    Well, now the collapse will become obvious to everyone else
    as they get thrown out on the streets and watch their pensions evaporate. I do feel bad for them. Poor blind, foolish sheeple.
    I dream of my next Essential Purchases. Guns and storable food. Boy, when I get some money that ‘s what I’m gonna’ buy.
  • January 15, 2008 at 8:27 pm
    PS My last big purchase was Steger Mucklucks, which I got for work trade. I highly, highly recommend them. I got the Artic ones.
  • January 16, 2008 at 2:09 pm
    That was an uplifting article. Damn I feel better. COLLAPSE! Kind of the flavor of the time, so much in vogue now. I’ll have to get out my history books and see when and where the last real good collapse took place.Was it the death of dinosaurs? Some cataclysmic event? Was it Atlantis (literally)Sumeria? Minoa? Rome? Incas, Mayans, Aztecs? Europe? Russia? The great depression? Someone put a historical collapse into context and relate it to current conditions please.

    Certainly a major event or events will happen sooner or later ( I feel in our lifetime) that will put out a lot of lights and lives. Is it going to be economic? Pandemic? Nuclear? Weather? UFO invasion? Killer solar radiation (the sun is getting fired up)? The passing of Planet X? Our solar system entering the galactic center in 2012? Going to be hit by an asteroid or comet? So many possibilities and each one requiring modifications of planned preparedness. Best to stay cool, calm, collective and adaptive. Plan A and Plan B
    Basically that means water and food. You can make shelter just about anywhere if yours is compromised so plan on a second place and a way to get there. Your original hideout may get wiped out…….ooooops

    I’m of the notion that while we watch patiently as the global markets send us into a recession and perhaps a depression with soup lines growing as they are today in New York City and many other places (something no ones tells you in the news)something else is growing and will happen that will surprise the world and catch billions unprepared. What that might be I do not know but I do have that hinky feeling as I know millions do also. So the word “collapse” in any context other than economic, to me means pretty damn bad, darn near cataclysmic!

    Any thoughts? No worries or complaints here. It is what it is!

  • January 16, 2008 at 2:22 pm
    Been thinking of going to the four corners area and live amongst the Hopi or Navajo if they’ll take my sorry ass….anyone wanna go? Seriously, I’d rather live with indiginous peoples anywhere than with sheeple everywhere.

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