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I just wanted to tell you that I thoroughly ‘enjoy’ what you post up – the TED talk rattled me for days, the projections from 2025 (great!).

We (South East Australia) have been through a 10 year drought and (our town)  had some pretty spectacular fires (300 houses lost; heard the State of Emergency siren for the first time in my life as they cut into TV, radio etc) a few years ago, so I can sympathize.  By the way, I think your Greenhouse and Root Cellar are fabulous! – a great positive adaptation, regardless of the other posts.

I have learnt an enormous amount over the last 4 years associated with gardening and landscape projects and I have been thoroughly enjoying it on the way through – I now prefer to eat veggies from the back yard, they taste better! Family members are indulging my eccentricity because they like the excess veggies and eggs also.

I also wanted to thank you because your blog helps keep me focused on what needs to be done/what I need to learn etc whenever I look at the people around me and what they choose to focus on.

Thanks again,
(name withheld):

Thanks!  Always glad to hear from “offshore” readers!  I checked that map graphic the other day, people from all over the world are checking in at least once.

I’m getting ‘rattled’ too, at times, as I consider the ramifications of what the science is now telling us.  Putting all the dots into place keeps painting a grim picture. Of late, I’ve been looking for techniques for carbon capture, or something to offer us some real hope.  Science say’s “it can be done”, but it’s not being done.  Additionally, there is little incentive (still) to change the root causes of our ongoing decline.  Until that changes, then nothing is going to work.

Another reader asked for a quickie promotion of his new book: The Western Front  (part 1, Kindle edition).  I’ve not read it myself, but it’s VERY affordable.  You can read the first 4 chapters here at his website.   (links to chapters are on the right side menu).


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