Raping The Planet

Unlike some, I follow financial news at a distance. It doesn’t particularly concern me, I’ve no stocks, no investments, no retirement, no IRA or anything at all that might be affected by the vagaries of the financial markets. I’m totally on my own. But I’m human, and just like you, I’m still affected by what happens in the financial markets. However, there is absolutely nothing I nor anyone can do about what happens.

Reuters published a story which I find very strange indeed, “U.S. holiday shopping season best in six years: report“. Seriously? Everything I’ve been hearing and reading (with no deep understanding) is this season was pretty terrible. However, Reuters details exactly who benefited – Amazon, Kohl, Macy’s, Nordstrom, Target and Walmart. There were increased sales at Home Depot and Lowe’s.

Perhaps that explains it. Only the giant corporations cashed in. The Wall Street Journal also reports a boom in sales. So apparently the doom I’ve heard about is from the little guys who can’t compete like me. Rampant consumerism and credit card debt might be fueling retail sales, but how can this be a good thing?

The Netflix documentary series, Blue Planet I, and Blue Planet II reveals more evidence of global decline in wildlife, habitat, marine life and rising levels of pollution and warming. Nobody thinks about this – but that’s actually what is really fueling consumerism. The rape of the Earth.

As species go, humans are pretty stupid. We’re convinced that we can constantly take whatever we might want and damn the consequences. This attitude shows up in everything that we do. How and where we construct our cities and towns, how we make our living, how we dispose of our trash and byproducts, how we generate enormous mountains of waste when we produce exclusive human products, how we level forests, raze mountains, dig gigantic holes, and poison the soil, air, water and even space with toxins, debris and chemicals so that we can build trinkets and toys, just to throw it all away, over and over again. This is what people are ‘investing’ in. This is what drives the markets. This is what creates economies. The rampant, non-stop destruction of the Earth.

Netflix also has a documentary video called Pygmies. A rather brave team of just four, then just two wanted to go to the Congo and film the Pygmies. However, they could not get permission, nor could they find a guide who would take them. The entire country is ruled by warlords and gangs, who are deeply embedded with the mining companies exploitation of the country. The Congo has the only source of minerals for cell phones and laptops worldwide. If you own either of these, you’re holding in your hands conflict (blood) minerals.

Despite not knowing the language, not knowing the territory, or even grasping where they were going, they set off on their own, literally risking everything. Eventually they found the Pygmies and were welcomed into their village and permitted to stay and participate in their daily lives and rituals. This had a profound effect upon one of these two men, who upon coming back to civilization, narrated that he would give up his running water, his well stocked fridge and his comfortable life for just one more day with the Pygmies. What he found there among these Stone Age people was startling.

There is no violence. There was no war. There are no conflicts. They shared everything. Whatever disputes or disagreements that they have – they solve by dancing. Everything is solved by dancing. They are among the happiest people on the planet, but are constantly being encroached upon by criminals, timber companies, miners and even cannibals who think that eating Pygmies will endow them with their spirit, skill and ancient knowledge. Because of this, they’re soon to be lost, another tiny indigenous tribe driving to extinction as the world rapes its way closer and close to their remaining habitat and destroys their ability to live.

The mining and timber companies will do business with anyone, giving the warlords weapons, ammunition and military equipment in exchange for access to the land. Rampant corruption, murder, extortion and death rules these regions. Yet ‘somehow’ despite the so-called protections, legislation and bans, all of the Congo’s extremely valuable resources (the richest in the world) wind up in the hands of the people in virtually every country of the world. In America. China. Russia. Europe. Everywhere. The Congo itself remains war torn, corrupt and engaged in constant state of civil war. They know they’ve got enormous wealth under their feet and towering into the sky, and yet their completely incapable of keeping hardly any of it.

This is nothing new. This is the activity that has been going on for centuries at the hands of greed. It happened here in America as the indigenous were wiped out in favor of railroads, timber companies and mining interests. It’s still happening in Canada, South America, parts of Europe, Madagascar, all over the African continent, vast portions of Mongolia, China, and even still here in America. Here, they’re just opened up vast tracts of land to fracking and oil extraction. The insatiable quest for “resources” continues unabated. God forbid anyone, indigenous or not, be happening to live there or nearby. You’re not important, but the resources are.

I’ve lived long enough now to witness from a distance a lot of this. In the past half-century, the world has accelerated its pace of rapacious destruction at a mind-blowing rate. Much of the world’s population is actually ok with this, but frankly, I am not. I do not accept the notion of endless growth or even endless development. I remain convinced that we could have, should have built an entirely different kind of civilization that did not exploit our greed and indifference. That retained our humanity, our compassion, our concern for one another whoever we might be.

Many people believe that this is naive, but they would be wrong. That type of existence still exists in remote locations in the world. No, I don’t want a return to the Stone Age, what I wanted was to retain our humanity. We did not need to exploit everything. We did not need to put a price tag on everything. We did not need to control, manipulate, exploit and profit everything and everybody.  But we did and still are doing all of this and much more. We fabricate enemies, large and small, and depending on your skin color, we even engage in wholesale murder with faketriot justifications. If your ideology does not match ‘ours’ – we just might leave you alone, but then again, maybe not. We might murder you anyway. But we’re all in competition, having adopted the wetiko way long ago, the cannibalistic spirit which embodies greed and excess.

This problem is being collectively acted out on the world stage. Humans are destroying the biosphere of the planet upon which we all depend for our survival. Wetiko is at the bottom of the seemingly never-ending destruction we are wreaking on this biosphere.  … Our species appears to be enacting a mass ritual suicide on a global scale.

… at a certain point it develops enough momentum to become self-generating, attaining a seeming autonomy, like the Frankenstein monster. This pathological fragment can subsume the wholesome parts of the psyche into itself such that they become its slaves.

… To the extent we are unconsciously possessed by the spirit of wetiko, it is as if a psychic tapeworm or parasite has taken over our brains and tricked us, its host, into thinking we are feeding and empowering ourselves while we are actually nourishing the parasite.

… If we are not aware of wetiko’s covert operations within us, it is as if an alien, metaphysical “other” has colonized our minds and set up a seemingly autonomous regime, a “shadow government” within the psyche (outwardly reflected by the “shadow government” in the world), so that we become oppressed within the domain of our own being. The wetiko virus paralyzes the ego into an immobilized, powerless state, in which the life force and energetic potential are vampirically drained away. Zombielike, we are pushed around like figures on a chessboard, played and manipulated like marionettes on a string. We are held in check by these impersonal, intangible forces, which, unbeknownst to us, are gaming us from a hidden position within our own unillumined psyches. As compared to existing “by virtue” of something, the wetiko bug can only exist by the “lack of virtue” of our own obscured and unexamined minds.

Dispelling Wetiko: Breaking the Curse of Evil

Whether you look at the ‘markets’, or the shopping statistics, or the way in which we live, it all exhibits the same psychosis. We call this ‘civilization’ but in all honesty, cannibalism is a much more appropriate term. We are devouring our substance, the very fabric of the earth that keeps all life alive on this planet. And most of us, the vast, vast majority of us, simply do not care. They’re totally blind to this reality. Indifferent, even angry at those that would bring any of this up. They want their cannibalism. They need to feed their greed. And so they react, with violence, anger and hatred towards anyone who would dare challenge their feeding trough.

I get very little support for the work I do here. Charles chipped in to help and I can keep this blog going (of which there was grave doubt), thank you Charles (France). I also heard from Jeremy (England) who sent an email, so that’s two “foreigners” who have found some value here. But no Americans. Not a single one has contacted me in a long, long time. Alex Smith of Radio Ecoshock wants to interview me. He’s Canadian. And so was Doug, who wrote back in June. So where are you America? Are you so far gone now that you don’t even recognize the plight that you are in? Are you so disconnected now from the real, unfolding, terrifying reality that you are just totally numb?

My country totally appears to be lost. The psychosis here is unbelievable. I don’t know who is out there anymore that has broken free from the rampant insanity that has taken over this country. Hell, maybe I’m one of the last ones here. That would be truly tragic, because we’re all in this together.


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